Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Now everyone in Texas can carry a loaded gun in public! Everyone.

 Cripps. MS-13. Proud Boys. Everyone means everyone. Thank you Dennis Paul and Greg Abbott for putting guns on the street with Permitless Carry legislation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Texas Republican Party issues statement on racist comments by Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick

In response to the racist comments made by Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick switching the blame for the COVID outbreak in Texas from Mexicans to African Americans the Texas Republican Party has issued the following statement:

Monday, August 23, 2021

A FAQ on the permitless carry of loaded firearms

On Sept 1, 2021 Texas becomes another state that has passed "Constitutional carry", which means anyone can carry a loaded pistol or rifle in public much like the Cartel does in Sinaloa Mexico. In plain, easy to understand, semi literate English, what does this mean for you, your family, and your neighborhood? Here is a FAQ to help you understand what Governor Abbott has passed.

If you have further questions contact State Representative Dennis Paul in Clear Lake. He is one of the sponsors of the bill. (281) 488-8900

Can I carry a gun in public? Yes. 

Does it have to be concealed? No. Open carry means just that, carry it in the open for all to see.

Can it be loaded? Yes.

Do I have to have training? No.

Do I have to have a license to carry? No.

Can I carry even if I am a felon? Sort of. Keep reading.

Can I carry a loaded assault weapon into a restaurant or store like Walmart? Depends. The store or restaurant must post a carefully written sign prohibiting open carry of firearms. If they have that sign, put your gun away or go eat somewhere else.

Someone is walking around in my neighborhood dressed up like GI Joe carrying a loaded assault weapon. Should I call the police? You can but why? He is exercising his Governor given rights to carry. There is nothing a police officer can do.

Ok, but shouldn't I call the police just to make sure he is not a threat? You can but what do you want the police to do? Police are not allowed to question the individual. They are not allowed to ask if they have a permit, a license, or training because they are not required to have a permit, a license, or training.

Ok, but what if he is a felon? How would you know? The police can't ask the individual if they are legally prohibited from carrying a firearm. If the individual is breaking the law by threatening someone or shooting someone then the police can take action. So wait till you or your family members are threatened or shot before calling the police.

So, if I see a gang member walking around my neighborhood with loaded weapons I can't assume he is armed and dangerous? You can assume all you want. Governor Abbott gave everyone, including gang members, the right to carry loaded weapons. Bloods, Cripps, Aryan Brotherhood, Proud Boys, MS13 all have the right to carry a loaded weapon in public.

Well, at least they can't walk around carrying machetes. Actually that is not true. A few years ago Governor Abbott signed a bill to allow citizens to carry swords, knives, and machetes in the open. 

What idiots thought of this idea? You know the answer to that.

Welcome to Texas. Bitch.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Back to School! Back to the ER.

Thanks to Greg Abbott for his incredible leadership at our time of need. Good luck to all of our teachers, parents, and students. Let's hope your thoughts and prayers can overcome science and protect you, your family, and friends from spreading COVID.


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Group sues Texas Senator Ted Cruz for defamation of character


Austin Texas. After learning of Ted Cruz sending his children to a private $30,000/year school which requires masks for all students, teachers, and the administration, the following Texas organization has issued the following statement:

The State of Texas has a proud history of being a bunch of hypocrites including Christians claiming to endorse the "sanctity of marriage" yet have been married and remarried multiple times and politicians claiming to be Christians yet endorsing separating children from their parents. But no one, let us stress, no one is more of a Texas sized hypocrite than Ted Cruz. No one is more of a sniveling coward like Ted Cruz. His hypocrisy makes true hypocrites silly.

Because of this, the members of Society of Hypocrites of Texas (SHIT) have decided to file suit against Ted Cruz for defamation of character. The hypocrites of our state such as every Republican and most Christians are ashamed of his hypocrisy. It make our members look bad.

Let us be very clear. We are not going to take this shit from Ted Cruz.

Monday, August 09, 2021

Raising Campaign Cash: Greg Abbott

Photo by Texas Monthly
Well, if there was any doubt who Greg Abbott serves....

In 2021 alone Greg Abbott raised nearly $21 Million from 16967 donations. 95% of this amount came from just 269 donors who donated $5000 or more for a total of $19,846,290. Only $1,026150 came from 16,698 donors with donations of less than $3500 amounting to just 5% or his total. 75% of all donations, $15,731,764 came from just 65 donors of $100,000 or more.

# of DonorsTotal DonatedPercentageDonation Minimum
16967$20,872,440100%More than $1
16698$1,026,1505%Less than $3,500
269$19,846,29095%More than $5,000
65$15,731,76475%More than $100,000

$4 Million came from just 4 donors.

Pitcock ,James1,000,000.0006-24-2021Williams Bros. Construction
Porter ,Michael & Mary1,000,000.0006-25-2021Retired
Troutt ,Kenny1,000,000.0006-30-2021Mount Vernon Investments
Warren ,Kelcy1,000,000.0006-23-2021Energy Transfer

Friday, August 06, 2021

Letter to State Representative Dennis Paul on the death of his friend Scott Apley


Saturday, July 31, 2021

How businesses can save Texans from COVID

With the delta variant making a huge comeback in Texas businesses need to decide if they can survive another shutdown. Most will not. Some such as the homebuilding industry and Amazon will thrive just like they did during the first shutdown but many small restaurants will not. This is what Texas businesses need to do to prevent another shutdown and a run on the medical community.

Churches, restaurants, work and others have the absolute right to protect their customers and their employees. They can require either a vaccination, testing, or working from home. Don't look to Governor Abbott to help survive this health crisis. Everyone is on their own.

Airlines. If you want to fly, show your proof of vaccination. Otherwise drive. You have a choice. Once we have crushed the virus, come back and fly!

Sporting events. Every sporting event should require a proof of vaccination to receive a bracelet. Those without a bracelet will be required to mask up for the entire game. They will also be escorted out if they do not. If a fan doesn't want to help solve this problem and keep other fans safe they can stay home and watch the game on TV.

Schools. All teacher should be vaccinated or they can teach from home until the pandemic is over. All students must be vaccinated or they can stay at home and learn remotely from the comfort of their own home.

Restaurants. If you are vaccinated then dine in and enjoy a safe environment. If not, order take out and continue to support your local businesses.

Work. Come to work if you are vaccinated or continue to work from home.  

Churches. If you want to worship at the church show your vaccination card. Otherwise watch the service at home. (and send your donation via PayPal)

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Eric Dick complains about.....wait for it.....deceptive media content. LOL

Eric Dick, who chairs the Harris County Department of Education, is whining about "deceptive media content". This is laughable. Truly laughable.

Dick has a preliminary hearing scheduled at the end of this month in front of the Texas Ethic Commission for his deceptive media content. As you might remember Dick paid for a mailer to the African American community during the 2019 City Council runoff. This mailer did not have the required "Political ad paid for by..." statement. It also looked like prominent Black elected officials such as former President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and others were endorsing his run for Houston City Council. 

Not only did they not endorse Dick or any candidates on the mailer, some of the candidates specifically asked NOT be be included in the mailer. It was deceiving, dishonest, and illegal. So for Dick to be whining about a number of articles from the Southeast Texas Record, a publication focusing on the legal community, is just rich. According to Dick:

But what about the second form of deceptive media content: erroneous and biased reporting? This solution could come from ordinary people like you and me. News agencies like Southeast Texas Record and David Yates that publish false, dishonest, and biased stories can be called out. Furthermore, we may assess our involvement in spreading misleading information on social media and take serious steps to prevent it.

That really is rich coming from Dick who will be facing the Ethics Commission next month.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

George P Bush's ass kissing ends in an ass kicking

Mexican Americans do not like ass kissers, a "Lambiache". There is nothing worse than a kiss ass like Ted Cruz, or Ken Paxton, or George P Bush all trying to lick Trump's ass in order to gain favor or in Bush's case, an endorsement. It didn't work.

Yesterday Trump endorsed the indicted Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General. Paxton's ass kissing was what legends are made of. He led the suit to overturn the election which was quickly thrown out. He led the fight to curb mail in ballots and drop off ballots during COVID crisis. For this he gained favor. According to Trump:

Ken Paxton did a much better job sucking up to me and kissing my big fat ass. Bush was bush league.

Bush, on the other hand, was dealt a fart in the face even after making cute little coozies and posting a selfie sucking up to Trump on the phone. It's embarrassing and it was all for naught.

So in the race for ass kisser, Paxton advances to the finals with Greg Abbott.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Raising Campaign Cash: Paxton, Bush, Guzman for Attorney General

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is behind the republican butt kissers for Texas Attorney General.

Bush raised $2,264,137 from 1114 donations. 73%, $1,650,000, came from 78 donations of $10,000 or more. 99% came from 299 donations of $1000 or more leaving only 1% of all his donations coming from donations of $500 or less. $300,000 came from 3 different donors, Trevor Rees-Jones, Arnulfo Eduardo Trevino Garza, and HH Tripp Wommack III.

Paxton raised $1,819,468 from 503 donations. 86%, $1,572,000, came from 46 donations of $10,000 or more. 99% came from 125 donations of $1000 or more leaving only 1%, $23,536 of all his donations coming from donations of $1000 or more. $500,000 can from 2 donors, $250,000 from Douglas Scharbauer, and $250,000 from the Republican Attorney General Association. Darwin Reason and Kenny Troult each donated $100,000.

Eva Guzman raised $1,051,723 from 234 donations. 85%, $892,500, came from 24 donors of $10,000 or more. 98%, $1,027,700, came from 75 donors of $1000 or more. Texans for Lawsuit Reform donated $200,000.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Houston City Councilman Greg Travis calls for "Teacher Cams"

Houston City Councilman Greg Travis has a lot of time on his hands since he quit all of his committee assignments, leaving the work to others on Council. Texans have a name for this. Deadwood. Excess baggage. Expendible. Lazy bastard. 

With time on his hands Travis uses his official twitter account for extreme far right partisan politics. Some called for his removal after posting racist comments. Others called for his removal from his committee assignments but he voluntarily removed himself before shooting his mouth off. His latest tweet calls for installing cameras in classrooms to spy on teachers.

Travis will complete his time on Council as deadwood or will quit like the twitter coward he is. Until then he will continue to try to sow division instead of unity or solving problems. He will continue to disrupt just like his buddy, loser trump.

Monday, July 05, 2021

Allen West. Q sent him to run for Texas Governor

Former military, former teacher, former Congressman, and former Chair of the Texas Republican Party, nut job Allen West has thrown his hat into the ring for Governor against billionaire Huffines, and Trump ass kisser Greg Abbott. Abbott's ass kissing has earned him the endorsement of trump.

West was forced to retire from the military after an incident in Afghanistan. He spent a year as a high school teacher then served only one term as a tea party congressman. He moved to Texas where the Republican Party endorsed his losing credentials and elected him as the Chair. That lasted less than a year. He is now running for Governor.

I would bet he will run far right of Abbott moving Abbott even further right in order to lock in the Qanon vote. Not quite sure how much further the state can go. before Texans wake up thinking they are in a Mexican city ruled by a cartel. Maybe both will run on open carry for high school students in their high school. Who knows. 

It should be fun to watch.

Friday, July 02, 2021

Another Trump brown nose enters the race: Galveston County Judge Mark Henry

There is nothing worse or more embarrassing than a ass kisser, especially in Texas. Galveston County Judge Mark Henry joins the race and sticks his nose up trump's butt in a way that would make any Texan blush.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry has committed $6.6 million from county funds to building the border wall that won't be built in order to please his shadow president and Governor Abbott who also has his head stuck up trump's butt looking for votes. According to the Houston Chronicle:

The order also dedicated up to $6.6 million, or 10 percent, of the funds allocated to the county through the American Rescue Plan to help with the construction of a permanent border wall once a plan is finalized, Henry said. Additionally, the order established a task force that will coordinate with the state Department of Public Safety to determine how law enforcement can best help at the border.
Texas has a long history of calling out kiss asses. We ridicule them. We call them suck ups, boot lickers, brown losers, and more. Now the once great Republican Party is racing to kiss the loser's ass in order to gain his support. What a bunch of cowards.

Henry joins Governor Abbott, Texas Attorney General Paxton and Land Commissioner Pedro Bush in the race to kiss ass.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Fighting Dog Club voice support of Abbott's veto of bipartisan bill to protect dogs


Wednesday June 23, 2021
Fighting Dog Clubs of America

Caset Texas. The Fighting Dog Clubs of America with over 20 organizations in Texas which raise and trains dogs to engage in rough "play time" has issued the following statement in support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott's veto of the bipartisan bill protecting abused dogs:

We proudly stand with Greg Abbott's veto of the bipartisan bill protecting abused dogs. Our dogs are chained up for good reasons. Most are trained from the day they are born to be mean and to defend themselves. Chaining a dog to a tree helps us accomplish this goal as well as protects the public from this rabid animal. We thank Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his courage in vetoing this bill that would make chaining and abusing a dog a felony. 

We hope the Governor will accept our invitation to throw out the first puppy at the opening dog fight here in the back woods of Caset Texas. Beer and hot dogs will be served.


Friday, June 11, 2021

The race to kiss Trump's ass: Abbott, Paxton, Bush

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is making the race to kiss Donald trump's ass interesting and competitive. 

According to the Houston Chronicle Abbott has vowed to spend Texas tax dollars to complete Trump's wall that Mexico was to pay for. To hell with providing healthcare, or affordable home insurance, or reliable electricity. Abbott has his eyes set on Trump's ass and the White House and he is at the perfect height to do so.

George Pedro Bush. Bush was on some right wing radio show stating that he was the best ass kisser in Texas and the only Bush that Trump likes. That is correct. Trump loves the ass kissers and Pedro's dad, grandfather, and uncle Bush had more dignity than to publicly kiss anyones ass.

Ken Paxton. Ken has tried to skip the line to trump's ass but each time he gets crapped on. This week was no different. Paxton made unsubstantiated claims about his efforts to limit mail in ballot during a pandemic was responsible for Trump's win in Texas. After that little ass kissing Paxton found himself being reviewed by the Texas State BAR

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Who is the biggest republican kiss ass in Texas?

 They are lining up behind Donald trump's big ass.

George Pedro Bush. So far Pedro is leading the pack with his lips firmly planted on Trump's ass. Unfortunately not only is he kissing up to trump to court his racist base, he is isn't very good at disguising it. He not only is a kiss ass, he looks like a kiss ass, he acts like a kiss ass. A Texas sized kiss ass at that. Pedro is far behind others and needs to kiss trumps ass to catch up to the others, like Ken Paxton.

Ken Paxton. Ken may be an indicted crook but he ain't no dummy. He has worked hard at kissing up to Trump by leading a lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act and to overturn the election that Trump lost. He has spent a considerable amount of tax dollars to do so and he is expecting Trump to endorse him over the younger kiss ass Pedro. 

Greg Abbott. Greg has had his lips so attached to trump's ass that the jaws of life would be needed to remove his head if Trump decided to stop too fast. He is leading the way to make it harder to vote for minorities and he followed Trump's irresponsible reaction to the COVID pandemic which ended the lives of thousands of Texans. Abbott has an advantage over Pedro and Paxton since he is at just the right height to continue his ass kissing.

There are more and they will surface as soon as a real conservative republican challenges them in the primary. Real conservatives are hard to find now a days. There are more conservatives in the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. They are now just a party of Qanons.

Texans don't generally like ass kissers, brown losers, suck ups.....unless they are in the Republican Party.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Just how stupid are Texans?

#NoPlaceButTexas. Literally.

According to the Texas Tribune:

Lawmakers are close to passing bills that would allow companies to seek billions of dollars in state-approved bonds backed by charges on customers’ bills to stabilize the state’s distressed energy market.

So, let's recap. In 1999 Texas deregulated our electricity market with the promise of lower rates for consumers. 20 years later Texans froze for 3 days without electricity and water. Over 200 Texans died because the free market wanted to save money and refused to pay to upgrade and protect the grid and production.

And now the Texas legislature is about to pass a bill that would require this free market to fix their mistake and....wait for it....the very same Texans who lost loved ones in the freeze and those who had no drinking water or electricity for days are going to pay for it. Yep. We are paying for it!

I'm not sure who are the bigger idiots. Is it the elected officials who passed this bill, or is it the Texans who froze for three days and will continue to vote for these elected officials who passed the buck?

Well, Texas is right about one thing. We do things bigger in Texas. Bigger mosquitos. Bigger guns. And bigger idiots.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Texas Sized Kiss Ass: Texas Land Commissioner George P Bush

In Texas there is nothing worse than an ass kisser, a boot licker, a suck ass especially one that makes it so obvious he has his lips sewn to the butt of whoever he is trying to impress. It's embarrassing to all except for the ass kisser. According to the Urban Dictionary:

A Kiss ass is commonly known as a person who will go to many lengths to look impressive, good, and worthy towards another person or group of higher social standing.

This is usually due to their need to ascend in the ranks of their workplace, school, or society in general.

Texas Land Commissioner George Pedro Bush joins Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and every republican elected official as another Trump suck ass. Pedro is running for Texas Attorney General and he needs the blessing from Trump. Ken Paxton kissed trumps ass by filing lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act and legal action in support of the Big Lie all hoping he would get a pardon for the various felony indictments. Instead trump crapped all over him and left him to fend for himself.

Pedro has seized the opportunity and has firmly planted his lips on trumps butt hoping to secure his endorsement over Paxton in the upcoming primary and he is pretty proud of it tweeting to his followers as he sucks up to trump. His parents should be so proud. (they hate trump) His grandfather, George Bush Sr, is probably turning in his grave embarrassed that his grandson would stoop so low just to win a primary. Bush's family asked trump not to attend Senior's funeral.

It's embarrassing. Truly embarrassing.