Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issues uniforms for poll workers

April 7, 2020 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued the following statement in response to vote by mail in Texas for the June runoffs

The great state of Texas is under attack by an invisible enemy causing our great economy to collapse and interfering with our elections. In response to those who want to implement vote by mail for all voters I have decided to issue safety equipment, a uniform fashioned by NASA, to all poll workers in order to safety conduct elections at voting centers across the state.

Each worker will be provided a form fitting personal protective equipment. This will protect each worker from spreading the virus and from contracting the virus. Each piece of equipment will have a breathing filter as well as a diaper fashioned from NASA technology and a holding tank for poo. Not only will you be protected you will also be able to do your work looking like an Astronaut.

We hope this will encourage all poll workers to come to work during early voting and on Election Day

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Sanders losing lacks luster

The results of the past elections and the polls for the upcoming primaries and caucuses are pretty clear. Sanders has lost significant support from 2016.

In every single primary, caucus and/or poll Sanders has lost ground except for Louisiana 0, District of Columbia 0, Virgin Islands +11 and Puerto Rico +4. Even in the states he has won he has lost ground New Hampshire - 34, Nevada -1. In states that he won in 2020, he lost or is expected to lose ground such as Colorado -23, Minnesota -31, Oklahoma -26, Vermont -34, Idaho -36, Washington -39. His lack luster performance is losing.

Here are the results of the primaries/polls. He might win Indiana but other than that every remaining state is Biden's. The numbers in red represents the difference from 2020 and 2016. 0's are in green. An increase in his percentage from 2016 is in black.

State2016 Results2020 ResultsDifference
New Hampshire6026-34
South Carolina2620-6
Super Tuesday
American Samoa2511-14
March 10
North Dakota6453-11
Democrats Abroad68
Northern Marianas6528-37
Late March
Noth Carolina4022-18
New York4140-1
Rhode Island5444-10
West Virgina4638-8
Virgin Islands122311
Puerto Rico37414
New Jersey3634-2
New Mexico4840-8
South Dakota4938-11
District of Columbia20200

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Kathaleen Wall. The perfect (R)

Kathaleen Wall is a perfect representative of the (R) party.

Wall is a wealthy candidate for Congress in CD22. She is in the runoff and is trying to out (R) her opponent. She doesn't live in the district, but she didnt live in CD2 either when she ran in 2018. After spending $6 Million of her own money she came in third place in the (R) primary. Now she is running on her own money spending $3.2 million and is in a runoff to represent the (R) party in CD22.

As I have said in a previous post, the (R) could easily stand for Rotten, Reckless, and Racist. Kathaleen is running hard to represent the (R)s with her latest ad kissing Donald trump's ass and referring to the Coronavirus as the "Chinese virus". Kathaleen was endorsed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott so I am sure he is very proud of her and her donations to his campaign.

If she becomes the (R) to advance to the general election she will face Sri Preston Kulkarni and in a district that is one of the most diverse in the state. Kulkarni issued the following statement:
“Irresponsible, race-baiting comments like these from Kathaleen Wall are unacceptable and dangerous to TX-22’s large Asian American and Pacific Islander population, who are intimately aware of the FBI warning about the recent surge of hate crimes against their community,” Sri Preston Kulkarni said. “A crisis like a pandemic isn’t a license to demagogue your neighbors -- just the opposite. We should be coming together as one community to tackle this virus and its challenges. While we’re running a campaign to build bridges across our community, Kathaleen Wall is doing all she can to be the poster child for the same divisive politics that people hate about Washington.”

Kathaleen should win her primary because she is the best as being a true (R). This is who she is. This is what her party has become. Rotten. Reckless. Racist.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

When we turn our backs on god

Yesterday Trump gave up the microphone to the CEO of My Pillow a company that makes, well, pillows, soft, beautiful pillows. He quickly turned it into a rant claiming the Coronavirus was a direct result of turning our back on god. He said:

“God gave us grace on November 8, 2016, to change the course we were on,” he began. “Instead the nation had turned its back on God and elected Donald Trump one of the gdamn worst excuses for a human being."

That isn't exactly what he said but you get the idea of what he should have said. Why he would be invited to the Rose Garden to spew this crap is beyond me but that is what trump does. He knew this gdamn idiot would put his beautiful, soft, pillow down to protect his knees while kissing his holy ass on national TV. This was all orchestrated.

This is what he does. This is who he is.

Friday, March 27, 2020

What's next for the Trump virus?

I can see the writing on the wall. Trump can't lie his way out of this medical crisis. The science just won't let him. The republican governors across the country are betting this virus will "miraculously" disappear as Trump has wished. It will eventually catch up to them. And us.

Trump isn't providing the protective equipment, the respirators, the tests as he has promised over and over again. He is now telling states to fend and fight each other over the equipment that is needed. There is no leadership at the national level. Nothing. His staff,  experts, and republican buddies are silent, cowering behind Trump afraid to speak up and tell the truth all the while people are dying and the virus is spreading.

Trump is on course to just let the virus run it's course. I expect the following tweet in the near future:

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

At least we aren't talking about.....

Well at least we aren't talking about:

  1. Impeachment
  2. Russia interference into our elections
  3. Ukraine
  4. Stormy Daniels
  5. Trump's tax returns
  6. North Korea
  7. Trump's wall
  8. Kids in cages
  9. Trump's golf trips
  10. The $1 Trillion deficit
  11. The debt
  12. Deteriorating relationships with our allies
  13. Trump's racism
  14. Racists in America
  15. Mass exodus from the Administration
  16. The "deep state"
  17. Tax cuts for the rich
Feel better?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Protecting yourself from the Coronavirus if you are a moron

It's not hard folks. Here is a simple, easy to understand guide for morons on how to protect yourself from contracting and spreading the Coronavirus.

  1. Stay the fuck home. It doesn't mean hide in a closet. Just stay home. Take a walk if necessary. Go buy groceries, but in general stay the fuck home.
  2. Don't touch your fuckin face. Seriously keep your gdamn hands off your face.
  3. Don't touch any fuckin person. Leave them alone. Stay 6 feet away. Dont touch anything they have touched.
  4. Wash your fuckin hands. You are an adult. We shouldn't have to be telling you this.
  5. Act like a fuckin adult. Seriously. This is a disaster. A health and financial disaster. We need you to act like it is fuckin serious because it fuckin is.
  6. And dont listen to fuckin trump. He is a moron. An honest to god fuckin moron.
So to sum it up, dont touch your fuckin face, stay the fuck home, and dont listen to fuckin trump. #BeBest.

BREAKING: TX Gov Greg Abbott calls for sacrifice of Lt Gov Dan Patrick

March 18, 2020 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued the following statement in response to Lt Governor Dan Patrick's call to let the Coronavirus to run its course to save the economy.

The great state of Texas has one of the best economies of the world with a combination of low taxes, few regulations, and the great spirit of Texans. Unfortunately the Coronavirus and the reckless use of government overreach the economy has ground to a halt with Texans being directed to stay at home until the virus has run its course. 

With this assault on our great economy Lt Governor Dan Patrick has offered himself and millions of senior citizens up for sacrifice to the Coronavirus god in the hope of saving our economy for the younger generation. 

With this in mind I call for a public offering of Dan Patrick to the god of the Coronavirus. He will be sacrificed on the South lawn at dawn. In lieu of a smoldering volcano we will use a Hibachi grill, one made right here in Texas!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Wonder what the (R) stand for? TX State Representative "Little Baby" Briscoe Cain

Little Baby Briscoe is at it again showing everyone what the (R) stand for, and it's not "Republican".

I've said it before. The (R) stands for Racist. It's what the republicans have become starting at the top of their party. Baby Briscoe is just following his daddy trump and making racist comments even towards a fellow Asian American Representative. Baby Briscoe is a senior attorney at Fulton Strahan Law Group. When Baby Briscoe made a threat to Congressman Beto O'Rourke his law firm was flooded with calls for his resignation. From KHOU:

Incessant emails, phone calls and voicemails have been inundating Kevin Fulton’s law firm, Fulton Strahan Law Group, since early Friday morning. Fulton shared with us just a few of the 804 voicemails left in less than two days. 
“We had to shut the phones off. They took my email address and signed us up for a bunch of different newsletters and spam and porn sites, everything they could find, trying to shut down the email system," Fulton said.

Making threats to candidates might not be enough to fire someone in that law group.  Maybe racism is. (R) Racist.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Socialist judges in Harris County under fire: DaSean Jones

One of the reasons we need to rid our party of the socialists who run as Democrats.

Harris County Judge DaSean Jones has come under fire for releasing a suspected murderer. Jones is one of 2 socialist who ran as Democrats and won. The Harris County Sheriff was not very happy about this decision. From the Houston Chronicle:
The judge did not reduce the bond as Cruz had requested, but let him go without paying his original $60,000 bond upfront, instead he asked for a 3.5 percent payment to pretrial services.
The members of the Democratic Socialists of America saw an opportunity after the 2016 election.
Democratic Socialists of America Organizer Christian Tyler was quoted in the article saying: "We can defeat the Democratic Party locally to crush it nationally which would hopefully lead us out of pre-party formation and into something like the [British] Labour Party."

Judge Jones is a member of the Houston Chapter of DSA. So is his wife, Audia Jones who ran for Harris County DA and lost by 40 points. A socialist on top of the ticket gets wiped out one on one but Judges in 2018 benefited from straight ticket voting. Straight ticket voting will not be available in Texas for any future elections.

The socialist running for DA in various counties in Texas are advocating for what looks like bail forgiveness instead of bail reform. They have found a nitch market running as Democrats in deep blue areas much like Alexandria Cortez Ocasio did. Luckily most are losing in fact 73 of 80 lost in 2018 a banner year for Democrats across the country.

Judge Jones should be one to target in 2022. We do not need socialists running as Democrats.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Profiting off of a crisis. No place but the GOP

I would be shocked to learn a republican is profiting off a national crisis but under the leadership of this morally bankrupt president, it may just be the no

Senator Richard Burr, a republican who chairs the Senate Intel Committee, sold up to $1.5 million of stocks just prior to the market crash and after he received information concerning the severity of the coronavirus crisis. It gets worse...he was caught in a recording warning his closest donors and friends about the severity of the virus just two weeks after he sold his stocks. And it gets worse. From CNN:
A week before his stock sell-off, Burr authored an op-ed with GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee titled, "Coronavirus prevention steps the U.S. government is taking to protect you." Burr has also worked on legislation aiding US preparations for pandemics for years.
So, while he was warning his friends and dumping his stocks Senator Burr was telling America their government was on top of situation. From his op-ed:
The public health preparedness and response framework that Congress has put in place and that the Trump Administration is actively implementing today is helping to protect Americans. Over the years, this framework has been designed to be flexible and innovative so that we are not only ready to face the coronavirus today but new public health threats in the future.
In short he said "Everything is under control. President Trump is taking care of you. Now watch me dump $1.5 Million in stocks."

Even Tucker Carlson from Fox News has called for Burr to resign. When the morally bankrupt Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, says it is wrong, it must be fucking criminal.

Rotten bastards. Both of them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Your Revolution is over

Yesterday's primary results should signal an end to Bernie sander's revolution against the Democratic Party.

Sanders under performed in every primary and caucus so far. The most shocking is Washington where he won with 72% of the vote in 2016 and lost with 33% in 2020. To be fair Washington was a caucus state in 2016. Even in his own state he lost 34 points from 2016. Last night he continued under performing in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona losing all three.

It's clear Sander's revolution is over. It time for Sanders to call it a day, endorse Biden, and help take out the trash in the White House.

State2016 Results2020 ResultsDifference
New Hampshire602634
South Carolina26206
Super Tuesday
American Samoa251114
March 10
North Dakota645311
Democrats Abroad68
Northern Marianas652837
Late March