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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Constable Chris Diaz's cousin quits the race for his seat

NOTE: The Harris County Democratic Party has changed their mind. The unqualified Jerry Garcia will still be on the ballot and the votes will be counted.

I've reached out to Constable Diaz but did not hear back from him.

Constable Chris Diaz had a strange challenger, his wife's cousin, Jerry Garcia. What made it even stranger Garcia had absolutely no experience in law enforcement. None. Zero. Zip. And to top it off the other challenger to Constable Diaz was also named Jerry Garcia! The second Garcia is actually a Lt in the Constable's office. He has a lifetime of law enforcement experience. He is well qualified for the job unlike Diaz's cousin.

Unqualified Garcia wasn't actually running. He had no website. He wasn't going to raise money. He didn't appoint a treasurer. He wasn't campaigning. And now, he has quit the race but not early enough to have his name removed from the ballot. Any votes he receives will not be counted but mission accomplished! Confusion has been created on the ballot.

Strange? Coincidence? Or was this a coordinated effort to confuse voters by Diaz, his cousin, and his wife? Not quite sure how we could determine this. Maybe a civil suit could do it?

Both Garcia's will be on the ballot. The qualified Garcia will be on the top of the ballot as Lt. Jerry Garcia. Go vote for him if you live in that district.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Harris County Constable Diaz draws a challenger: His Cousin.

From Linkedin
When another Democrat challenges a Democratic incumbent they need to answer a simple question. Why? Why are you running? What has the incumbent done, or not done to compel you to put your family on hold while you run for office?

Harris County Constable Chris Diaz is in that position with 3 primary challengers, one being a family member, his wife's cousin. It makes you wonder what Constable Diaz has done wrong enough for his own family member to run against him. His cousin, Jerry Garcia, must know something  about the Constable because he has absolutely no business running for any office.

Jerry doesn't have a history in law enforcement. At all, as in zero, zip, nada. He has spent a career in safety currently at Bludworth Marine. He also doesn't have much of a voting record, voting only once in the last ten years. He isn't politically active, a political unknown. He doesn't have a treasurer, a website, a Facebook page, or even twitter. He didn't even post a working number on his application to the Secretary of State.

He is completely unqualified and unprepared to run for Diaz's job. So maybe during Christmas dinner Diaz might have a chance to look across the table and ask.


Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Democratic Primary wrapup. The good. The bad. The ugly.

Well that was fun?

The Good.
Democrats came out to vote in record numbers to take their party back from the socialists candidates running as Democrats. As I have said in the past, we need to stop non-Democrats from running in our Party.

MJ Hegar and State Senator Royce West will be in a runoff. MJ recieved 22% of the vote with Senator West with 13.8%. Cristina Ramirez received 13.7% of the vote and missed the runoff.

Sri Preston Kulkarni will represent the Democratic Party in CD22 after beating Pearland Councilman Derrick Reed, and hammering Nyanza Moore. Sri is a great candidate and his campaign will be one to watch. Reed should consider running for another office. He is an impressive candidate. Moore should go back to Fox News.

New comer, Christian Menefee, squeaked out a win to move onto the general election by 50.17% for Harris County District Attorney. DA Ogg, Sheriff Gonzalez, and Ann Bennett, easily won.

The Bad.
Three of our outstanding Judges, Weiman, Kirkland, and Moore, were defeated. It boggles my mind why anyone would have challenged these individuals and why anyone would vote to replace them. They are great judges. They earned their positions on the bench. They were doing a great job and representing Harris County very well. Why would anyone challenge someone like that?

And The ugly
In the race for Harris County Constable, the cousin of Constable Chris Diaz Jerry Garcia, did his job by taking 10% of the vote. Jerry Garcia, who has absolutely no experience in law enforcement, quit the race right after sealing his name on the ballot. The other Jerry Garcia, a life long law enforcement official still beat Diaz by 39-34. This is so dishonest. Diaz should do the honorable thing and concede the race. In the runoff there will only be one Jerry Garcia on the ballot. I wonder if Diaz cousin will endorse him?

Is there more to report? Probably. Maybe later.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Primary Runoff. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly

The primary runoff was delayed from May to July because of the COVID crisis. Greg Abbott wanted the virus to be completely out of control before he let us vote. He did a fine job with over 10,000 new COVID cases on Election Day.

The Good
MJ Hegar won the primary for Uniteds States Senate and will face John COVID Cornyn. MJ is different. She is exciting. She is a combat veteran. She took the same oath that John Cornyn took but unlike Cornyn, I believe she would honor that oath. Senator Royce West was close behind MJ. He also would have been a great nominee.

Chrysta Castenada is our nominee for Railroad Commissioner. Chrysta is an excellent candidate for the position.

The Bad
Democrats lost big with a win by Tamika Craft for the 14th Court of Appeals. Tamika was endorsed by one Democratic organization. She refused to be screened for other endorsements unlike her opponent who was very well qualified and should have been our nominee. If you are really concerned about the 14th Court of Appeals you might want to skip this race.

The Ugly
Kathaleen Wall spent $7.5 million of her own money to get her ass kicked in the republican primary. She only got 24% of the vote. In 2018 she spent $6 Million to come in 3rd place. Unlike Wall, Tony Nehls couldn't raise much money and hasn't much left. Hopefully Nehls, another Trump loving republican, will be a loser in November.

Constable Chris Diaz. Diaz's multiple shenanigans finally caught up with him. He can now focus his time on the lawsuit filed by 12 of his employees. Diaz was a disappointment.

Alexandra SmootsThomas. Alexandra was indicted for stealing campaign money. She shouldn't have run. 

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Tony Buzbee meets the Press after botched intern controversy

That didn't end well.

Greg Groogan of Fox26 and Mario Diaz of KPRC ran a story about an "intern" that was hired at a salary of $95,000. Buzbee jumped on this controversy like Donald Trump jumped on a porn star. He held a press conference. He called for the Texas Attorney General to start an investigation. He called the Texas Rangers. And so far they haven't returned any of his calls and for good reason.

The "intern" according to the Houston Chronicle, has a master’s degree in legal studies from Texas State University and a law degree from Texas Southern University. He also has very significant experience. From the Chronicle:
Turner released a statement Tuesday explaining that the position is part of the airport system’s “Executive Internship Program” and said Agumagu’s salary “is commensurate with his education and experience.” Houston Airport System Director Mario Diaz created the program “to attract new talent in the field of aviation” and to serve as an entry to a city management training program, according to a 2018 memo released by the city Tuesday.
The bottom line is this is 1995 all over again like Wayne Dolcefino's botched investigation story against Turner that ended in a lawsuit. From a previous post.
Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter (sic) for KTRK-TV. He had a boner for Sylvester Turner back in 1995 when Turner first ran for Mayor. Dolcefino was eventually sued and lost for a story about insurance fraud and a jury awarded $5.5 Million. 
Groogan and Diaz have been nominated for the Wayne Dolcefino Investigations Gone Wrong award. Buzbee is still waiting by the phone wiping the egg off his face.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Harris County Candidates

Republicans are in red

The incumbent District Attorney has a significant advantage over her competitors with $385,908 COH compared to $23,431 combined from Jones, Cloud, and Overstreet.

Christian Menefee raised a significant amount of money....but $50,000 came from his own pocket.

Ed Gonzalez has a huge lead in this race. As does Michael Moore. Rodney Ellis has been sitting on a $3M war chest for some time now.

Alan Rosen has a commanding lead over his opponents with over $944,000 COH. There is no competition in this race. Rosen has served his district very well.

Chris Diaz is mired in controversy. He has a great challenger, Jerry Garcia, who has excellent experience but he has not filed his report yet.

Michel Pappillion* for Constable will not raise or spend more than $500.

May Marker for Constable has no opponent.

District Attorney
Kim Ogg (Inc)$385,908$106,572$83,276$68,489
Audia Jones$29,973$49,186$29,177$0
Carvana Cloud$16,889$33,881$17,382$0
Todd Overstreet$0$0$0$0
Lori Deangelo$500$0$2,012$0
Mary Huffman$0$0$41,089$0
Lloyd Oliver$0$0$0$0
County Attorney
Vince Ryan (Inc)$101,039$33,655$18,779$0
Christian Menefee$128,547$135,579$41,249$50,000
John Nation$0$0$1,369$0
Ed Gonzalez (inc)$317,264$95,636$47,317$0
Jerome Moore$12,698$28,595$15,896$0
Harry Zamora$0$4,500$18,177$0
Joe Danna$9,857$78,820$39,274$7,000
Randy Rush$0$1,000$1,000$0
Paul DayNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Tax Assessor
Ann Bennett (Inc)$39,845$20,965$8,734$0
Jolanda Jones$16,320$16,320$1,250$0
Jack Terrence$0$1,000$1,400$0
Chris Daniel$0$0$1,250$0
Commissioner Pct 1
Rodney Ellis$3,881,740$122,631$396,998$0
Maria Jackson$19,353$110,230$71,241$8,000
Commissioner Pct 3
Diana MartinezNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Zaher EisaNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Erik HassonNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Michael Moore$199,052$209,391$13,248$0
Morris Overstreet$15,925$17,950$2,025$0
Kristi Thibaut$45,761$51,180$4,536$5,000
Constable Pct 1
Alan Rosen$944,281$719,338$60,120$0
Cedrick CollierNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Gilberto Reyna$3,526$7,416$7,579$0
Perry Wesley$0$0$529$529
Constable Pct 2
Chris Diaz$28,989$77,411$43,202$92
Lt Jerry Garcia$17,305$31,768$21,239$0
George GoffneyNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Alberto Rivera$2,096$7,551$6,285$200
Jerry Garciaquitquitquitquit
Constable Pct 3
Sherman Eagleton$110,937$30,255$25,626$82,550
Deborah Florus$8,999$15,100$15,841$0
Ken JonesNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Michel Pappillion*
John Portillo$21$3,366$21,441$43,253
Eric Reed$0$0$0$0
Constable Pct 4
Jeff McGowen$0$0$1,019$1,200
Constable Pct 5
Ted Heap$287,366$29,925$19,484$0
Mark HarrisonNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Mark Miller$0$1,365$2,370$0
Randy NewmanNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Constable Pct 5
Silvia Trevino$18,587$33,034$28,627$0
Joseph Guerra$641$6,488$2,965$0
Constable Pct 7
May Walker$28,978$5,925$3,487$0