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Friday, February 08, 2019

Wonder why the TX Secretary of State quit?

Rolando Pablo abruptly quit as Secretary of State after just 2 years on the job and after the incredible losses of the 2018 elections. From his press release:
With the midterm elections successfully [LOL] behind us, and the 86th legislative session around the comer, I believe this would be a good time to begin the process of transitioning out of my position and passing the baton to the next secretary of state. Serving Texans as Secretary of State has been an opportunity of a lifetime, but I feel the need at this time to turn my attention to my private practice. 
Just a few months after leaving the office acting SOS, David Whitley, released an advisory to local election officials claiming, incorrectly, that 95,000 non citizens were registered to vote. Some officials like Cheryl Johnson of Galveston County immediately began a purge of these voters and have since been sued for pre-mature purging. The Houston Chronicle has since called for a No vote on Whitley's confirmation:

Normally, we wouldn’t weigh in on a confirmation hearing for a gubernatorial pick to a low-profile office in Austin. This year, we’ll not only weigh in on David Whitley’s appointment to the office of Texas secretary of state. We’ll recommend a loud and resounding: NO.

Back to Pablo. I would not be surprised to find out that Pablo was directed, instructed, or was strongly encouraged to call for this purge and he refused to do it. So instead of going along with a violation of voting rights he quit. A number of organizations has filed suit and we may find out that this speculation might just be true.

So...what did he know and when did he go?

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Press Release: Lt Gov Dan Patrick sets rules of the Senate

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sets rules of the Senate

January 24, 2018

AUSTIN - Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced today that he is setting rules for the Republican members of the Texas Senate. Upon his announcement the lieutenant governor made the following statement:

"Based upon unprecedented issues facing the members of the Republican Party of Texas I have set strict rules that will be followed by every Republican office holder while conducting business in the Senate during the 2019 Legislative Session. Effective immediately the members of the Party will be bound to the following set of rules and guidelines."

1. Racist comments will not be tolerated. Racism is bad, very bad and any Republican Senator who has a racist thought or gesture should keep it to themselves and express their opinion only in the privacy of their own home. 

2. Do not send dick pics to interns. There will be many young interns working in the halls of the Senate. I expect every Republican Senator, including Senator Charles Schwertner, to refrain from texting the interns and sending dick pics while on the Senate floor. 

3. Do not call women the C word. I do not expect Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller to visit the Senate but if he does, do not follow his example and call women names, especially the C word. It is extremely offensive.

4. Don't steal your donors money. Campaign donations are to be used for your campaigns only, not for vacations, or mistresses, or sending your kids to private yachting lessons.

5. Don't be a dick. The Republican Party has become as popular as herpes at a hot tub party. Please do not contribute to this stereotype by being a dick about everything. Just don't be a dick. Please.

It is sad that in the 21st century I have to remind members of my party not to be racist, a creep, a Misogynists, a  robber, and a dick. For f*** sakes folks. Grow up.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Justice Democrats' record of losing elections

Justice Democrats, a Bernie Sanders' socialist group is making waves about finding a candidate to run against Democrat Henry Cuellar. From the Texas Tribune:

Justice Democrats, a political committee founded after the 2016 election to reshape the Democratic Party through primary challenges, is working to recruit a challenger to Rep. Henry Cuellar, a seven-term congressman from a strongly Democratic district who’s one of the few anti-abortion-rights voices in the party’s House conference.

Based upon their lack of success in the 2018 elections, Justice Democrats should be the last group to find a candidate to challenge Cuellar, if a challenge is warranted. Out of 80 candidates endorsed by JD, only 7 won. 2 were incumbents in deep blue districts. 1 was unopposed.  4 were all in very blue districts wiping out their general election opponents. It's not like they were endorsing in tough competitive states like Texas, although those that did, lost. All of them. One raised over a $1 Million and lost 70-30 in the primary.

Some of their candidates were capable of raising large amounts of money and still losing such as James Thomson who lost 59-40 after raising $1.4 Million. Here is a list of all 80 candidates, the results of their election and how much money they raised. It isn't pretty. 

NOTE: Some are listed with $0 raised. This is due to the data not being available on the FEC site.

Candidate Result Raised
Raúl Grijalva
Won  general 61-39 $700,000
Ro Khanna CA-17 Won  general 72-27 $2,700,000
Ayanna Pressley
Won  general unopposed $1,400,000
Rashida Tlaib MI-13 Won  general 84-11 $1,600,000
Ilhan Omar
Won  general 78-21 $100,000
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez NY-14 Won  general 78-13 $200,000
Won  general 83-17 $2,100,000
Mary Matiella
Lost  primary  $291,000
BriannaWestbrook AZ-08 Lost  primary 60-39 $42,000
Deedra Abboud
Lost  primary 79-20 $113,000
Audrey Denney CA-01 Lost  general 56-43 $1,200,000
Roza Calderon
Lost  primary   $97,000
Dotty Nygard CA-10 Lost  primary  $66,000
Bryan Caforio CA-25 Lost the primary  $1,200,000
Laura Oatman CA-48 Lost  primary  $244,000
Doug Applegate
Lost  primary  $100,000
Ammar Campa-Najjar CA-50 Lost  general 54-45 $400,000
Alison Hartson
Lost  primary  $400,000
Saira Rao CO-01 Lost  primary 68-31 $565,000
Stephany Rose
Spaulding CO-05
Lost  general 58-38  $366,000
Kerri Evelyn Harris DE-Senate Lost  primary 65-35 $69,000
Chardo Richardson
Lost  primary 87-13 $41,000
Sanjay Patel FL-07 Lost  general 60-40 $337,000
Pam Keith
Lost  primary 60-40 $558,000
Michael A.Hepburn FL-27 Lost  primary  $38,000
Lisa Ring
Lost  general 58-42 $222,000
Kaniela Ing HI-01 Lost  primary  $410,000
Courtney Rowe
Lost  primary  $16,000
Pete D'Alessandro IA-03 Lost  primary  $378,000
Marie Newman
Lost  primary 51-48 $1,500,000
Sameena Mustafa IL-05 Lost  primary 62-24 $134,000
Anthony Clark
Lost  primary 73-26 $91,000
David Gill IL-13 Lost  primary 45-13 $1,300,000
Dan Canon
Lost  primary 68-30  $455,000
Brent Welder KS-03 Lost  primary 37-33 $941,000
James Thompson
Lost  general 59-40 $1,400,000
Juana Matias MA-03 Lost  primary 21-15 $567,000
Roger Manno
Lost  primary  $442,000
Ben Jealous MD-Gov Lost
Matt Morgan
Lost  general 56-43 $1,300,000
Robert Davidson MI-02 Lost  gneral 55-43 $1,200,000
Benac Mi-06
Lost  primary 37-21 $90,000
Fayrouz Saad Lost  primary 27-19 $769,000
El-Sayed MI-Gov
Lost  primary 52-30 $0
Cori Bush MO-01 Lost  primary 56-39 $150,000
Schoolcraft MO-07
Lost  general 66-30 $55,000
John Heenan MT-AL Lost  primary 33-31 $1,100,000
Marshall NC-05
Lost  primary 54-45 $140,000
Kara Eastman NE-092 Lost  general 51-49 $0
Youngblood NJ-02
Lost  primary 57-18 $114,000
Peter Jacob NJ-07 Lost  primary 66-19 $141,000
Sedillo Lopez NM-01
Lost  primary 40-20 $100,000
Amy Vilela NV-04 Lost  primary 61-9 $198,000
Devito NY-11
Lost  primary 63-20 $48,000
Jeff Beals NY-19 Lost  primary 22-12 $378,000
Nelson NY-21
Lost  primary 55-9 $71,000
Ian Golden NY-23 Lost  primary 32-13 $177,000
Nixon NY-Gov
Lost  general 81-17 $0
John Russell OH-12 Lost  primary 40-16 $129,000
Edwards PA-07
Lost  primary 33-25 $451,000
Jess King PA-11 Lost  general 59-41 $1,900,000
Brown RI-Gov
Lost  primary 57-33 $0
Aaron Regunberg RI-LTGOV Lost  primary 51-48 $0
Darnell Jones TX-02
Lost  primary 52-22 $19,000
Lorie Burch TX-03 Lost  general 54-44 $317,000
Moser TX-07
Lost  primary 70-30 $1,300,000
Vanessa Adia TX-12 Lost  general 64-33 $208,000
Bell TX-14
Lost  general 59-39 $208,000
Derrick Crowe TX-21 Lost  primary 30-23 $179,000
Wilson TX-21
Lost  primary 58-42 $112,000
Rick Trevinon TX-23 Lost  primary 66-33 $56,000
Fagan TX-26
Lost  general 59-39 $176,000
Darlene McDonald UT-04 Eliminated
at the convention
Hallquist VT-Gov
Lost  general 55-40 $0
Dorothy Gasque WA-03 Lost  primary 42-5 $88,000
Smith WA-09
Lost  general 67-32 $0
Randy Bryce WI-01 Lost  general 54-42 $8,600,000
Jean Swearengin WV-Sn
Lost  primary 69-31 $219,000

Friday, January 04, 2019

Melissa Noriega for House District 145

According to the Houston Chronicle 8 individuals have filed for State Representative in House District 145. From the Chronicle:
The field consists of six Democrats — Elias De La Garza, Oscar Del Toro, Ruben Gonsalez, Christina Morales, Alfred Moreno and Melissa Noriega — Libertarian Clayton Hunt and Republican Martha Fierro, the third-place finisher in last month’s race for Senate District 6, which overlaps with part of Alvarado’s old House district. 
The Democratic-leaning district, which covers part of the Heights and runs through downtown and South Houston to Beltway 8, voted 67 to 29 percent for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016.
HD145 is just north of the Clear Lake. I have known Melissa since I joined the party back in the early 90's. I worked on her campaign for City Council and will do so for this race. Looking over the field of candidates there is no one with the experience Mellisa can bring to the district. In a time where the Democrats are the minority party in the House, it is very important to have someone who is qualified and who has the political experience required for the office.
Besides representing the Houston area as an At Large City Council Member, Melissa was appointed to the Texas State House when her husband was called to serve in Afghanistan to fulfill his term. She has the experience and there will be no need to learn on the job.
The district and our state will be faced with very strong attacks on important issues such as education funding, immigration, and property taxes. It would be advantageous to have someone in that position that can hit the ground running and defend our positions on these issues.
Visit her website at: for more information on her background and experience.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Texas Secretary of State, Rolando Pablo, has resigned

Well this is strange.

After just 2 years in office, Rolando Pablo has resigned. From his resignation letter to Governor Abbott:
With the midterm elections successfully behind us, and the 86th legislative session around the comer, I believe this would be a good time to begin the process of transitioning out of my position and passing the baton to the next secretary of state. Serving Texans as Secretary of State has been an oppo1tunity of a lifetime, but I feel the need at this time to turn my attention to my private practice. 
So, it is with great affection and gratitude that I respectfully submit to you my resignation of the office of Texas Secretary of State, effective December 15, 2018.
Pablo is/was the Secretary of State. It's pretty strange that he would quit after just 2 years but as his resignation letter said this is a good time to leave especially after the ass kicking his party received in 2016. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Brian Babin and Pete Olson to lead Sour Grapes Caucus

The 2016 elections are not over with counting continuing in California. Democrats are looking to end the election with a historic take of 35-40 seats in the House. The Republican leadership, as the incoming minority party, has now selected Congressman Brian Babin and Pete Olson of Texas to lead the Sour Grapes Caucus. From the Dallas Morning News:

WASHINGTON — Four Texas Republicans joined a call for special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before Congress on his investigation’s expenses as he looks into possible ties between Russia and Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

There is just one problem with this, or actually many problems. Babin and Olson forgot they were in the majority party over the last 2 years. They had the opportunity and the ability to hold hearings, issue subpoenas, and investigate and but they didn't. Now that they are in the minority they no longer have the power to lead committees or decide what hearings to conduct. Instead they have the authority to sit down, suck on their grapes, and shut the living hell up.

Maybe they should be put on the perpetual Hillary Hearing Committee. That will keep them busy.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Texas Voters, all hat and no cattle

Sissy: You a real cowboy? 
Bud: Well that depends on what you think a real cowboy is?

Texans talk a big game. They claim "we do things bigger in Texas". It's just a cute saying to make us look tough or bigger than we really are. Here is a newsflash, we aren't. We don't have bigger anything except for the most uninsured citizens or maybe the biggest mosquitos. Texas voters on the other hand can be the biggest voting idiots in the nation.

Texas voters want money out of politics but will vote for PACMAN, Ted Cruz, whose campaign is fueled by PAC money. They want our elected officials to tell the truth yet they will vote for Donald Trump who lies so many times on a daily basis the fact checkers cannot keep up. They want our politicians to be role models, someone their kids would aspire to be yet they vote for Donald Trump who cheats on his wife with porn stars. They want our politicians to stand up for their families in time of need yet will vote for Ted Cruz who couldn't even stand up to Trump when he attacked his own father and wife. Instead he bowed and whimpered in his shadow.

Texas voters want politicians to not say racist things or tolerate those who condone it yet they will vote for republicans who have said racist comments and have said nothing about the president's racist remarks. Harris County Judge Ed Emmett is a perfect example. He has hunkered down out of sight of trumps rabid followers, keeping to himself and quiet. They want politicians to stop inciting violence but will vote for Donald trump and his republican buddies who stay silent. They want politicians to treat women with respect yet will vote to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller known for using the C word against women.

They want their families safe from gun violence yet will vote for nra endorsed candidates who advocate for guns on demand even though only 35% of Texans own guns. To them, talking about guns is just as tough as owning one, or wearing a cowboy hat.

The only thing bigger in Texas are the voter's talk. They talk a big game just like John Travolta in Urban Cowboy. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Left with Egg on his face Texas Congressman Pete Olson

Texas Congressman Pete Olson CD22 isn't as conservative as one might think. Just because you have an R behind your name doesn't mean you are a Conservative. In the case of Pete Olson it means Conspiracy. Even the Houston Chronicle stated:

He has pandered to bizarre conspiracy theories on talk radio and inaccurately claimed that Pakistan was responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11 — it wasn’t.

But there is more. For instance....

No Prayers at Military Funerals
In 2011 Olson fell for the fake conspiracy concerning the National Cemetery not allowing prayers at a funeral for a veteran.  According to his press release:
"Recent media reports raising concerns with alleged censorship of certain words during funeral services at Houston National Cemetery are deeply troubling. 
Unfortunately his "media reports" came from breitbart and Michael Berry, the white wing radio host of Houston. It wasn't true. Olson went on to file various religious freedom legislation that died on the House floor.

Health care stunt
In his only town hall meeting held in LaMarque back in 2009, Olson was taped using a woman and her son as props in a failed attempt to warn about the Affordable Care Act. He described how the private insurance industry and private hospitals and private medical doctors turned down a treatment for her son. She eventually received the care (provided by government provided healthcare) but Olson went on to claim that under the government's Affordable Care Act, she would have been turned down.

Someone (me) with a camera yelled "THE GOVERNMENT DIDN'T TURN HER DOWN! THE PRIVATE SECTOR DID!". Olson looked like a deer caught in the head lights of a truck. His look of stupidity earned him a spot on Keith Olberman. 

Nobel Peace Prize
Pete Olson was one of a few Congressman including conspiracy darling Louie Gohmert and Brian Babin and a dozen of The Who the Hell are You club to nominate Donald Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize for his photo op with Kim Jun Un. Even his photo op was a disaster.

Honoring James O'Keefe III
Olson was on the floor of our House introducing a resolution to honor Jame O'Keefe. O'Keefe secretly recorded actions by ACORN, an organization dedicated to helping low income people. O'Keefe's video was later found to be heavily doctored and false. According to his press release:
Rep. Pete Olson today introduced a resolution in honor of Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe III for their diligent investigative journalism exposing the fraudulent and potentially illegal activities of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or ACORN.
O'Keefe was eventually sued, issued an apology, and paid a settlement leaving Pete Olson with egg on his face. 

Space Shuttle
And while Olson was busy chasing conspiracy theories his district lost out on a Space Shuttle berth at Space Center Houston. If there was one place a Shuttle should have been placed as a museum piece, it was here in Houston. Once again Olson failed leaving egg on our face.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Phone banking 101. Can you hear me now?

Once in a while you must get off your ass and sit on your ass to make a couple hours of phone calls to potential voters. Every contact in a close races makes a difference. When you and 9 of your friends get together, it makes 10X a difference. So here is a Phone Bank 101 for those interested in helping:

Follow your lead. As always, take the following guide as just a guide. Your campaign manager will adjust who you call, when, and what to say. They are in control of the campaign.

Use your inside voice: Remember you have others making calls who need to hear and not be distracted.

Do not use a speaker phone. Again, no one can hear if you are screaming into a speaker phone.

Invest in headphones. Consider buying a pair of headphones for your cell phone or soft phone on your computer. Not only is the voice quality better,  they also shield you from those using their speaker phones.

Use a soft phone. At our call center we converted our computers and laptops into phones with an application like Xlite. When calling using Virtual Phone Bank all you have to do is click on the phone number and Xlite makes the call. It is easy to get into a rhythm. The headphones coupled with a soft phone is a great low cost setup with excellent quality.

Don't argue. Once in a while you will get a hostile individual who will start with something like "I aint gonna vote fer a dag gum socialist......". Just say "Have a great day!" then hang up. Or just hang up. Then tell your other phone bankers to get a quick laugh. It happens. Laugh about it and then mark it in your database.

Adjust the script as necessary. Read the script then modify as necessary. Adjust the script so you are talking naturally. Sometimes the phone bank leader may be a bit long winded and the script doesn't fit your personality. Adjust it. Start calling. And as always run the mods by your lead.

Have reference material available. Have or know your candidates position or other information such as location of early voting, times of early voting, or other material close by to reference.

Have fun. When you have fun, everyone else has fun. Your voice carries on to your caller.

And as always....thanks for helping!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

#NobodyLikesTedCruz. Even other Republicans

From an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle written by a former Republican consultant who worked on the campaigns of Senator John McCain and George W. Bush:

Texas is too big, too diverse and too great a state to be the continual launching pad for a senator who, six years into office, can boast of no major accomplishment other than having exactly one friend: Utah Republican Mike Lee. Cruz’s relationships are transactional and in the service of his personal mission. Cruz, like too many Texas Republicans these days, would sacrifice what is best about the Lone Star State — low unemployment, a leader in science and technology, a massive economic engine — on the altar of tribalism.

Ted's got a likability problem. He has a trustworthy problem. You never know which side he is on except for the PACs that support him. If he wouldn't defend his own wife or father, how can anyone believe he will defend theirs? Cruz is in it to win it for Cruz and only Cruz. Even Republicans are finally figuring this out.

There is not much more that could be added. It's clear. #NobodyLikesTedCruz and #NobodyTrustsTedCruz

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Status of Debates in Texas. Remember the Alamo?

For a state that worship the heroes of the Alamo and claims to be "Tough as Texas" we sure do have a lot of Republicans tucking tail not willing to debate their opponents. Here is the status of debates in Texas:

  • Texas CD36: Republican Brian Babin refuses to debate his Democratic challenger, Dayna Steele.
  • Texas CD22: Republican Pete Olson refuses to debate his Democratic challenger, Sri Preston Kulkarni.
  • Texas CD14: Republican Randy Weber refuses to debate his Democratic challenger, Adrienne Bell
  • Texas Governor: Governor Abbott has agreed to 1 debate with his Democratic challenger Lupe Valdez.
  • Texas Lt Gov: Republican Dan Patrick refuses to debate his Democratic challenger Mike Collier.
  • Texas Attorney General: Republican Ken Paxton refuses to debate his Democratic challenger Justin Nelson.
  • Texas Ag Commissioner: Republican Sid Miller refuses to debate his Democratic challenger Kim Olson.
  • Texas Land Commissioner: Republican George P. Bush refuses to debate hs Democratic challenger Miguel Suazo
  • Texas HD129: Republican Dennis Paul refuses to debate his Democratic challenger, Alex Karjekar.
Wow. Republicans forgot the Alamo.

Unfit for office: TX Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller

Sid Miller has become the clown rodeo of the Texas Republic Party. He does not deserve to be an elected official much less a human being.

CAUTION: This non-endorsement contains curse words. Rated M, L, V, D

Eugene from Preacher
Sid Miller is an asshole. A giant Texas sized asshole. It doesn't take a mental giant to understand why. Even the Dallas Morning News, who endorsed his opponent, agreed. They didn't call Miller an asshole but I bet they wanted to. Like the asshole Miller is, he refused to interview with the DMN. And like the coward he is, Miller has also refused to debate his opponent.

There are so many reasons that disqualify Miller from serving a doggie treat to a dog or serving as an elected official in Texas. Texas Republicans used to have a sense of honor, dignity,  and decency but that has been slowly eroded and culminated into the party of trump. Like trump, Miller resorts to name calling, race baiting, and using language that would embarrass anyone's mother, except for republicans. That is who he is. Mini-Trump. An asshole.

Miller has used his social media to make awful comments about his constituents, not the white ones, but any non-Christian or Hispanics, Muslims, and women. He referred to a woman candidate using the C word. Usually calling a woman the C word results in getting fired from your job and a boot so far up your ass your breath will smell like Desenex for a month and a Sunday. Instead his actions qualified Miller for a position on the trump cabinet and a symbol of the Texas Republic Party.

Sid Miller has become a perfect symbol of the new Texas Republic Party. He is a Texas sized asshole of a human being who should never be allowed to hold an elected position.

This non-endorsement is rated D for drug use. You have to be on drugs to vote for this asshole.

Monday, September 24, 2018

#NobodyLikesTedCruz. Even delegates to the Republican Convention

From a letter to the editor in the Dallas Morning News from a Delegate to the Texas Republican Party Convention. A picture is worth 87 words:

Thursday, September 20, 2018

TX Senator Ted Cruz bringing home the Canadian bacon

Ted Cruz just can't stop saying stupid things to fire up his base. He has adopted his presidents methods of name calling and resorting to lies and exaggerations. It's all he has at this point.

He claimed his opponent Congressman Beto O'rouke was going to bring tofu to Texas, even though the soybean industry is thriving in Texas. He ridiculed those with colored hair including his wife who...colors her hair...and is a vegetarian. He even questioned bringing silicon production to Texas.  (Or was it silicone?)

He is now making ill advised statements about Beto banning barbecue. This coming from Ted Cruz, born and raised in Canada. The only thing Cruz should be talking about is bacon. Canadian bacon. From the Washington Post Ted said:
“I’ve got to say, they summed up the entire election,” Cruz told the crowd inside the restaurant. “If Texas elects a Democrat, they’re going to ban barbecue across the state.”
And the crowd wasn't sure if he meant it or not. Ted should stick to pizza. With mushrooms, jalepenos, and Canadian bacon.