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Monday, July 06, 2020

When you stop at Bucee's for beaver nuts

You would think the owners of Bucee's would be left of center in their political views. After all it seems like they pay well, provide health insurance, and generally treat their employees well. (seems like it!) But looking at the owner's campaign contributions might say something else.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission Donald Wasek and Arch Beaver Aplin have donated a total of about $1.5 Million to republicans. One third of Wasek's donations, $150,000 went to Texas Attorney General. $117,500 went to the Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen. $51,000 went to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. He also donated $56,000 to John Cornyn's PAC and $45,000 to the Republican Party.

Aplin's biggest donations went to Greg Abbott for $575,000 and Dan Patrick for $250,000.

So the next time you stop at Bucee's to stuff your face with Beaver nuts remember where your money is going.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Tony Nehls CD22

Tony Nehls is a Sheriff in Fort Bend County. Like his opponent he loves Trump, the racist president. Unlike his opponent, who has sort of raised $7.5 Million, (all donations came from her own pocket) Nehls has raised a very tepid $490,000. That amount is about as exciting as getting an upgrade to a Big Gulp of diet cherry coke. Maybe he wasn't trying very hard. Or maybe he just can't raise money or interest.

Other republicans like, Pierce Bush, was able to raise $1.3 Million but he didn't meet the criteria of a new republican and did not make the runoff. $490,000 is an amount needed to run a State House race if it is competitive. It's not enough for a Congressional race.

Maybe he is like Trump and doesn't really want to win anymore. So much winning.

Friday, March 06, 2020

Raise $0. Spend $0. Win big in HD128.

This is strange.

Mary E Williams won in the Democratic primary for House District 128. That is Little Baby Briscoe Cain's district. She beat Josh Markle 73/27 with about 4700 votes to 1767. That isn't a squeaker. That was a huge beat down. So why is this strange?

According to William's campaign finance reports she didn't raise any money. She didn't spend any money yet she won by nearly 40 points. Every report she filed was filled with zeros. She had no loans, no donations, no out of pocket expenses and no in-kind donations. Nothing. She has no presence on the internet. No webpage. No Democratic voting record and yet she wins decisively.

Josh on the other hand raised $69,000 but only spent about $5000 and has about $64,000 left to donate to a charity, a campaign, or a club. That too is strange.

Not quite sure how anyone but a right wing, gun nut, ahole, can win in HD129, but one did in the republican primary over a well qualified real republican. Little Baby Briscoe received over 11,000 votes to Hoskin's 3,000. 

Also not quite sure how someone who didn't raise or spend any money can win. Along with Chris Diaz, and Eman Afshar, this is strange. 

Monday, March 02, 2020

Loaning Campaign Cash: Kathaleen Wall in CD22

In 2018 Kathaleen Wall, a heavy donor to Greg Abbott, spent $6 Million of her own money in her race for Congress to replace Ted Poe. She lost coming in a distant 3rd place missing the runoff. Now she is spending over $3 Million of her own money to try for CD22, a district she doesn't live in. 

Wall is a gun loving MAGAt. She bows to Donald Trump as if he was a god. She would bring exactly what is not needed in CD22, conflict and division in a diverse community. Let's see if the other MAGAts will buy her buying the seat or would go for another Bush, who doesn't live the district either.

She looks so cute holding a type of weapon used to kill women and children in mass shootings in Texas.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash 8 days out. Harris County

Here are the major races. Updates will come soon.

Carvana Cloud raised over half her donations, $15,000, from Rusty Hardin and Carole Walter Cooke, who inherited an Oil and Gas company.

Audia Jones is still not disclosing the in-kind donations from a socialist PAC called Real Justice.

Jolanda Jones has over $60,000 in unpaid expenses. That is strange.

District Attorney
Kim Ogg (Inc)$102,688$368,328$150,584$68,489
Audia Jones$11,573$26,277$20,311$0
Carvana Cloud$26,385$33,570$788$1,021
Todd Overstreetnot filed
Lori Deangelo$1,175$1,231$641$0
Mary Huffman$81,435$62,612$35,616$0
County Attorney
Vince Ryan (Inc)$11,650$77,291$61,033$0
Christian Menefee$12,640$123,961$24,961$0
John Nationnot filed
Ed Gonzalez (inc)$41,085$307,714$219,574$0
Jerome Moore$3,670$9,391$6,975$0
Harry Zamora$2,000$911$0$0
Joe Danna$15,623$17,789$5,420$8,000
Randy Rushnot filed
Paul Daynot filed
Tax Assessor
Ann Bennett (Inc)$19,027$43,191$31,803$0
Jolanda Jones$16,960$98,725$30,102
Jack Terrencenot filed
Chris Danielnot filed
Commissioner Pct 1
Rodney Ellis$483,204$599,177$3,822,587$0
Maria Jackson$68,935$36,053$29,926$9,400
Commissioner Pct 3
Michael Moore
Kristi Thibaut$53,836$187,929$178,180$0
Morris Overstreetnot filed
Diana Martinez$5,468$2,929$3,729$0
Zaher Eisanot filed
Erik Hassan$0$35,200$0$0
Constable Pct 1
Alan Rosen$0$22,747$928,052$0
Cedrick Collier$4,105$5,501$3,392
Gilberto Reynanot filed
Perry Wesleynot filed
Constable Pct 2
Chris Diaz$20,475$44,406$21,143$0
Lt Jerry Garcia$4,905$5,495$17,849$0
George Goffneynot filed
Alberto Rivera$2,632$1,042$3,203$500
Jerry GarciaWithdrew
Constable Pct 3
Sherman Eagleton$62,995$71,703$60,658$82,550
Deborah FlorusNot filed
Ken Jones
Michel Pappillion*
John Portillo
Eric Reed
Constable Pct 4
Jeff McGowennot filed
Constable Pct 5
Ted Heap
Mark Harrison$3,500$0$3,612$14,178
Mark Miller
Randy Newman
Constable Pct 5
Silvia Trevino
Joseph Guerra
Constable Pct 7
May Walker