Thursday, March 31, 2022

Raising and Spending Campaign Cash: Defend Texas Liberty PAC

In a previous post about the GPAC Conservative Republicans of Texas I mentioned the $150,000 donation from the Defend Texas Liberty PAC. Here are some details about that PAC.

Raising Campaign Cash: The Defend Texas Liberty PAC was created in 2019 with Shelby Griesinger of Willow Texas as Treasurer. Over the last two years they have raised $5,701,482 from 20 donations from 11 individuals. Timothy Dunn CEO of Crownquest in Midland Texas donated $2,590,000 more than half of the complete total. Farris Wilks, owner of Wilks Brothers LLC of Cisco Texas donated a total of $2,010,000. Phillip Huffines (related to Don Huffines running for Governor?) donated $500,000 and Hindi Grimes of Houston Texas donated $221,500 The remaining $379,982 came from 7 donors. About 94% of all donations came from just 4 individuals. The entire donation list is below.

Spending Campaign Cash: During the same period the PAC spent $5,534,614. $3,600,000 was donated to the Don Huffines Campaign who ran, and lost, for Governor. $206,500 was donated to the Shelley Luther Campaign who lost in her run for the Texas House. According the Houston Chronicle Shelley "Shelley Luther, the hair salon owner who was catapulted into political stardom after being jailed for defying a pandemic lockdown order".Direct Texas LLC received $374,181 for printing services.


Dunn ,Timothy2,300,000.00
Wilks ,Farris2,000,000.00
Huffines ,Phillip500,000.00
Grimes ,Windi221,500.00
Dunn ,Timothy200,000.00
Dunn ,Tim100,000.00
Fisher ,Ken100,000.00
Dunn ,Tim65,000.00
Dunn ,Tim50,000.00
Dunn ,Tim50,000.00
Van Wolfswinkel ,Randall50,000.00
Dunn ,Timothy25,000.00
Pendery ,Darlene17,450.00
Leiniger ,James10,000.00
Wilks ,Farris10,000.00
Fulks ,Jayson1,000.00
Tony ,McDonald532.32
McManus ,Jeffrey500.00
McManus for County Chair500.00

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