Friday, March 25, 2022

List of fines by the Texas Ethics Commission. (Guess who is #2?)

Most of the time fines by the Texas Ethics Commission are relatively low especially when the elected official or candidate can pay the fine with their campaign money. From November 2003 through September 2021 the Texas Ethics Commission issued fines totaling $1,183,990. Of that, $1,004,071 has been collected.

The largest fine has been $75,000 for Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole in June of 2009. The complaint alleged Eversole used over $204,000 of his donors money for personal items including vintage cowboy clothing, books, and memorabilia. He had to reimburse his account $41,000. 

The second largest fine was for $30,000 against Harris County Dept of Education Trustee, Eric Dick for hiding his true expenditures for his run for Houston City Council back in 2019. His fine is not in the list below because it has not been officially posted yet. As previously posted:

Eric Dick, a Trustee on the Harris County Department of Education has been fined $30,000 by the Texas Ethics Commission for his deceptive mailer supporting his run for City Council back in 2019. Dick is an attorney and the TEC has also referred him to the Texas Bar.

The top fines over $10,000 include the following. The entire list of fines can be found here.

Eversole, Gerald09-Jun-09$75,000.00
Hecht, Nathan L.04-Dec-08$29,000.00
Keller, Sharon09-Aug-13$25,000.00
Estes, Craig03-Apr-08$17,300.00
Liebling, Scott11-Jun-15$15,000.00
Palmer, Elaine Hubbard13-Oct-16$15,000.00
Nevarez, Alfonso "Poncho"30-Jan-18$15,000.00
Eissler, Robert W. "Rob"12-Feb-08$10,600.00
Aiyer, Jay23-Mar-06$10,000.00
Wheatley, Melinda28-Jun-07$10,000.00
Goodman, Toby12-Feb-08$10,000.00
Texas Jobs & Opportunity Build a Secure Future, Inc.07-Dec-10$10,000.00
Sullivan, Michael Q.21-Jul-14$10,000.00
Trevino, Guadalupe30-Jan-18$10,000.00
Basham, John A.26-Jun-18$10,000.00

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