Friday, January 21, 2022

Raising Campaign Cash: Louie Gohmert for Texas Attorney General

Louie Gohmert is one f*cked up individual. Louie Gohmert, the Qanon insurrectionist of the United States Congress, has a couple of really good Q friends include State Representative Money Mayes Middleton.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission Gohmert raised $1,003,891. 95% of his contributions came from 20 donors. 1/3 of his donations, $300,000 came from State Representative Money Mayes Middleton from Galveston, $250,000 From State Representative Matt Krause, $180,000 from RH Seale, and $100,000 from Save Texas Now (Lynn Lasher).

224 donors donated from $1.35 to $3000 for a total of $47,891. Without the deep pockets of Money Mayes and the others who donated more than 10,000, Louie only raised $88,691. 

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