Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Raising Campaign Cash: Judge George Risner for County Commissioner

Judge George Risner has drop his reelection plans to run against current County Commissioner Adrian Garcia in the Democratic primary. Based upon his lack of fundraising he might want to consider sitting this one out.

According to his financial report Risner raised only $2250, spent $1899, and has a balance of $51,550 which includes a personal loan of $51,550. The math doesn't add up but that is a minor problem. Prior to running for Commissioner Risner raised $90,975 for his judicial seat. He received $6906 in in-kind contributions. His cash on hand is illegible. I'm not sure if he can transfer these funds from a judicial account to a COH (Candidate/Office Holder?).

Commissioner Garcia raised almost $587,000 and has $2.1Million cash on hand. Garcia has been endorsed by the Gulf Coast AFLCIO and local Democratic clubs.

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