Saturday, January 01, 2022

Raising Campaign Cash: Christine Parizo for CCISD

Christine Parizo unsuccessfully ran for the CCISD board, losing by 25 points and demanding multiple recounts that cost the district. The recounts confirmed her massive loss.

Parizo raised about $4700 with a $1000 donation from Jeffery Lafleur from Great Falls Virginia, home of the Loundoun County Public School District. Eric Williams, the current CCISD Superintendent, comes from the Loudoun School District. Parizo has no love for him. Jeffery probably doesn't either. Parizo also received $400 from the Citizens for CCISD PAC funded by State Representative Money Mayes Middleton.

Current CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen donated $769 in an in kind donation. Norman Pappou donated $310, and Justin Hicks, a League City Council Member, donated $650, both in-kind donations.

Parizo loaned herself $2000. Did I mentioned she lost by 25 points?

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