Monday, August 09, 2021

Raising Campaign Cash: Greg Abbott

Photo by Texas Monthly
Well, if there was any doubt who Greg Abbott serves....

In 2021 alone Greg Abbott raised nearly $21 Million from 16967 donations. 95% of this amount came from just 269 donors who donated $5000 or more for a total of $19,846,290. Only $1,026150 came from 16,698 donors with donations of less than $3500 amounting to just 5% or his total. 75% of all donations, $15,731,764 came from just 65 donors of $100,000 or more.

# of DonorsTotal DonatedPercentageDonation Minimum
16967$20,872,440100%More than $1
16698$1,026,1505%Less than $3,500
269$19,846,29095%More than $5,000
65$15,731,76475%More than $100,000

$4 Million came from just 4 donors.

Pitcock ,James1,000,000.0006-24-2021Williams Bros. Construction
Porter ,Michael & Mary1,000,000.0006-25-2021Retired
Troutt ,Kenny1,000,000.0006-30-2021Mount Vernon Investments
Warren ,Kelcy1,000,000.0006-23-2021Energy Transfer

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