Monday, February 22, 2021

Raising Campaign Cash: Republican Party of Texas

This shouldn't be much of a surprise. The Party of Q led by right wing extremist Allen West, received $5,452,396 in donations in 2020. The breakdown is pretty interesting.

Of the $5,452,396 total:

$97,504 (1.7%) came from 798 donors contributing less than $1000, averaging $221 each.

$5,355,891 (98.3%) came from 249 donors contributing more than $1000, averaging $21,509 each.

$4.994,300 (91.5%) came from 119 donors contributing more than $10,000, averaging $41,968 each.

The biggest donors include Chief Justice Nathan Hecht for $750,000, Brett Busby for Supreme Court $800,000, Justice Jane Bland for $400,000 and Richard Weekley for $125,000. Here is a list of the top donors:

Chief Justice Nathan Hecht Campaign750,000.00
Brett Busby Campaign400,000.00
Brett Busby Campaign400,000.00
Justice Jane Bland Campaign400,000.00
Wright For Texas250,000.00
Ryan Sitton Campaign110,000.00
Greehey ,William100,000.00
Pitcock Jr. ,James D.100,000.00
Weekley ,Richard100,000.00
Weisman ,John100,000.00
Wright for Texas100,000.00
Texans for Jeff Boyd90,000.00
Texans for Jeff Boyd89,165.04
George ,Seay81,000.00
Bennet Jr. ,Archie80,000.00
Josh Burgess For Judge70,000.00
Team Tarrant PAC68,000.00
Pete Flores for Senate66,000.00
Wall ,Kathaleen51,000.00
Pete Flores for Senate50,000.00
Vincent Morales Campaign46,500.00
Morgan ,Jerry42,500.00
Pete Flores for Senate35,000.00
Kevin Cole For Mayor33,375.00
Judge James H. Shoemake Campaign30,000.00
Pete Flores for Senate30,000.00
Pete Flores for Senate28,250.00
Pete Flores for Senate27,500.00
Anwar ,Syed25,000.00
Keep Tarrant Red PAC25,000.00
Pete Flores for Senate25,000.00
Pete Flores for Senate25,000.00
Pete Flores for Senate25,000.00
Ryan LLC PAC25,000.00
Texans for Dan Patrick25,000.00
Texans for Greg Abbott25,000.00
Wall ,Kathaleen25,000.00
Weekley ,Richard25,000.00
Vincent Morales Campaign24,750.00
Birdwell ,Tucker22,300.00
Chazen ,Stephen20,000.00
Hardeman ,Bryan20,000.00
Judge Chris Wolfe Campaign20,000.00
Kinder ,Nancy20,000.00

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