Thursday, October 08, 2020

Is the Harris County Republican Party broke?

OK. I must not be searching the Texas Ethics Commission correctly. Someone help me out.

According to the TEC website the Harris County Republican Party has only $1,760.05 cash on hand. Over the reporting period they received only $2,770 from a couple of candidates who really can't afford it since they too have little if any campaign donations.

This can't be right. This is the 30 day out report, the latest available, due Oct 05. In 2018 30 days before the midterm elections, they reported over $800,000 cash on hand. And in 2016 they reported just over $400,000. In 2020 they have just $1,760.05.

There still is time for the deep pockets of their party to come and donate to the Chairman who was asked to resign due to his racist post on Facebook. There is still time to dump money into a county that had almost every republican on the ballot wiped out in 2018. There is still time to dump money into a losing effort, but...

November is coming.

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Henry said...

Mr Coby:
From a regular checker of TEC
"they have a judicial PAC, a women’s club PAC, a club PAC, and a couple of others. They make it real hard to trace what they are doing"