Wednesday, May 06, 2020

I am running for State Democratic Executive Committee member

I have placed my name on the ballot for the position of State Democratic Executive Committee member for Senate District 11. I would appreciate your consideration.

My Political Baggage
A few years ago I ran for SDEC and won. Within 6 months I left the office and left politics for about 2 full years for personal reasons. It has bothered the hell out of me that I did not complete my commitment. I am asking respectfully for another opportunity to represent the District and to complete that commitment. After 2 years, if elected, I ask to be judged on my performance.

My Political Return
Since returning to politics I became the Vice President of Bay Area Democratic Movement (BADM) helping the President, Kim Krist, with formally establishing the club within the Harris County Democratic Party. Since my return I have:
  • Attended a number of SDEC meetings, once as a proxy
  • With concurrence with the SDEC members I created and maintained the SD11 Facebook page
  • Created and maintained the SD11 Email list providing official party information
  • Sustaining member of the Texas Democratic Party, Harris County Party and BADM
  • Co-Chaired the Endorsement Committee for BADM
  • Established a call center for the 2018 elections
  • Managed the call center making over 8500 calls with the help of volunteers across the area
  • Created a low cost, easy to use phone banking system for multiple campaigns
  • Trained others in the area and across the state on how to setup this system and use for their own clubs
  • Created and managed the clubs email system
  • Represent the club at the Harris County Clubs and Orgs meetings

My Political Past
I joined the Democratic Party in the mid 90’s. Since then I have:
  • Been a delegate to the State Convention since the year 2000
  • Vice President of Bay Area New Democrats
  • President of Bay Area New Democrats
  • Volunteer coordinator for Sherrie Matula for State Representative in 2008
  • Setup and maintained our call center
  • Knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of campaign calls
  • Trained volunteers in block walking and phone banking
  • Been a political blogger for over 10 years at
  • Activist in Austin for over 10 years for consumer issues which included lobbying elected officials, attending and speaking at public hearings, coordinating and training volunteers, and representing an organization in the media

My Political Future
As an SDEC member I will:
  • Continue to maintain the SD11 email list with party information
  • Continue to maintain the SD11 Facebook page with party information
  • Continue to block walk and phone bank for our candidates
  • Attend Democratic club meetings across the district to keep members informed
  • Attend and report on every SDEC meeting
  • Begin a mentoring program for the next SDEC member

I have been dedicated to the principals of the Democratic Party for decades. I believe in what we stand for and I intend to be around for many years. Needless to say the 2020 election must be won and then we must maintain our gains in Texas. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue to do the work for the Party and for the citizens of Texas as a member of the SDEC.

John Cobarruvias
VP Bay Area Democratic Movement

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