Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issues uniforms for poll workers

April 7, 2020 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued the following statement in response to vote by mail in Texas for the June runoffs

The great state of Texas is under attack by an invisible enemy causing our great economy to collapse and interfering with our elections. In response to those who want to implement vote by mail for all voters I have decided to issue safety equipment, a uniform fashioned by NASA, to all poll workers in order to safety conduct elections at voting centers across the state.

Each worker will be provided a form fitting personal protective equipment. This will protect each worker from spreading the virus and from contracting the virus. Each piece of equipment will have a breathing filter as well as a diaper fashioned from NASA technology and a holding tank for poo. Not only will you be protected you will also be able to do your work looking like an Astronaut.

We hope this will encourage all poll workers to come to work during early voting and on Election Day

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