Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Protecting yourself from the Coronavirus if you are a moron

It's not hard folks. Here is a simple, easy to understand guide for morons on how to protect yourself from contracting and spreading the Coronavirus.

  1. Stay the fuck home. It doesn't mean hide in a closet. Just stay home. Take a walk if necessary. Go buy groceries, but in general stay the fuck home.
  2. Don't touch your fuckin face. Seriously keep your gdamn hands off your face.
  3. Don't touch any fuckin person. Leave them alone. Stay 6 feet away. Dont touch anything they have touched.
  4. Wash your fuckin hands. You are an adult. We shouldn't have to be telling you this.
  5. Act like a fuckin adult. Seriously. This is a disaster. A health and financial disaster. We need you to act like it is fuckin serious because it fuckin is.
  6. And dont listen to fuckin trump. He is a moron. An honest to god fuckin moron.
So to sum it up, dont touch your fuckin face, stay the fuck home, and dont listen to fuckin trump. #BeBest.

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