Wednesday, February 05, 2020

USAA increases home insurance by 25%

I've been with USAA insurance for over 25 years. That ends today.

USAA claims to "support the troops" and to be loyal to those who served and their families. It's hard to believe when you receive an increase of 25% after being a loyal customer who paid their premiums on time and had only 1 claim in 11 years.

Back in 2003 the great Republican Party reformed the insurance industry to allow more competition and remove those pesky restrictions set by the State. Insurance premiums have since skyrocketed. USAA took complete advantage of the reforms. (See below) My premiums have risen according to the chart below. After 2015 the premiums seemed to have stabilized. Looking for a competitive alternative was not easy and I eventually stayed with USAA not willing to risk a new company. It was easy to stay with USAA. So easy a caveman could do it. I did. That ends today.

I'm done with USAA. On the bright side they create a Subscriber Savings Account for every new member. After 25 years that account grew and I will be able to cash it out when I leave. It will fund a very nice trip to Italy.

Arrivederci USAA!

Year Premium DeductibleIncreaseNotes
2000 $          783 $5000.00%Before insurance became an issue
2001 $          862 $50010.09%Removed mold, no decrease in premium
2002 $       1,060 $50022.97%Became an election issue
 $       1,375 $50029.72%Use of HO-A Policies
2004 $       1,589 $50015.56%Removed Water, foundation and sewer  
2005 $       1,352 $500-14.92%No change in policy
2006 $       1,363 $2,4000.81%Deductible increased
2007 $       1,600 $2,40017.39%Increased rebuild cost by 50% 
2008 $       1,900 $2,40018.75%Tier II classification
2009 $       2,300 $2,40021.05%No change in policy
2010 $       2,800 $4,80021.74%Deductible increased
2011 $       2,973 $4,8006.18%No change in policy
2012 $       3,296 $4,80010.86%No change in policy
2013 $       3,296 $4,8000.00%No change in policy
2014 $       3,800 $4,80015.29%No change in policy
2015$4,300$5,20013.15%Rate increase
$3,517$4,700449.17%Difference between 2000 and 2014

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