Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash 8 days out. Harris County

Here are the major races. Updates will come soon.

Carvana Cloud raised over half her donations, $15,000, from Rusty Hardin and Carole Walter Cooke, who inherited an Oil and Gas company.

Audia Jones is still not disclosing the in-kind donations from a socialist PAC called Real Justice.

Jolanda Jones has over $60,000 in unpaid expenses. That is strange.

District Attorney
Kim Ogg (Inc)$102,688$368,328$150,584$68,489
Audia Jones$11,573$26,277$20,311$0
Carvana Cloud$26,385$33,570$788$1,021
Todd Overstreetnot filed
Lori Deangelo$1,175$1,231$641$0
Mary Huffman$81,435$62,612$35,616$0
County Attorney
Vince Ryan (Inc)$11,650$77,291$61,033$0
Christian Menefee$12,640$123,961$24,961$0
John Nationnot filed
Ed Gonzalez (inc)$41,085$307,714$219,574$0
Jerome Moore$3,670$9,391$6,975$0
Harry Zamora$2,000$911$0$0
Joe Danna$15,623$17,789$5,420$8,000
Randy Rushnot filed
Paul Daynot filed
Tax Assessor
Ann Bennett (Inc)$19,027$43,191$31,803$0
Jolanda Jones$16,960$98,725$30,102
Jack Terrencenot filed
Chris Danielnot filed
Commissioner Pct 1
Rodney Ellis$483,204$599,177$3,822,587$0
Maria Jackson$68,935$36,053$29,926$9,400
Commissioner Pct 3
Michael Moore
Kristi Thibaut$53,836$187,929$178,180$0
Morris Overstreetnot filed
Diana Martinez$5,468$2,929$3,729$0
Zaher Eisanot filed
Erik Hassan$0$35,200$0$0
Constable Pct 1
Alan Rosen$0$22,747$928,052$0
Cedrick Collier$4,105$5,501$3,392
Gilberto Reynanot filed
Perry Wesleynot filed
Constable Pct 2
Chris Diaz$20,475$44,406$21,143$0
Lt Jerry Garcia$4,905$5,495$17,849$0
George Goffneynot filed
Alberto Rivera$2,632$1,042$3,203$500
Jerry GarciaWithdrew
Constable Pct 3
Sherman Eagleton$62,995$71,703$60,658$82,550
Deborah FlorusNot filed
Ken Jones
Michel Pappillion*
John Portillo
Eric Reed
Constable Pct 4
Jeff McGowennot filed
Constable Pct 5
Ted Heap
Mark Harrison$3,500$0$3,612$14,178
Mark Miller
Randy Newman
Constable Pct 5
Silvia Trevino
Joseph Guerra
Constable Pct 7
May Walker

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