Thursday, January 16, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Houston Elections Final

And here are the final numbers for the candidates who remembered to file their campaign finance reports. Leave it to Buzbee who campaigned on ending corruption to not file his reports by the due date. By the way, we still don't know what happened to him in 1980. He has since filed spending $460,000 in the last period. Dolcefino has also just reported.

Another note, Willie Davis has a serious math problem showing $139,068 left over.

I'll update as necessary.

Sylvester Turner (inc)$293,503$359,567$780,735$0
Tony Buzbee$63,531$0$460,888$10,000,000
Position 1
Mike Knox (inc)$4,302$6,900$29,075$0
Raj Salhotra$9,060$24,010$75,837$0
Position 2
David Robinson (inc)$40,735$11,625$82,515$0
Willie Davis$139,068$4,000$14,164$0
Position 3
Michael Kubosh (inc)$94,540$14,770$31,570$276,000
Janaeya Carmouche
Position 4
Anthony Dolcefino$0$6,112$12,590$0
Letitia Plummer$11,068$71,168$83,491$21,900
Position 5
Sallie Alcorn$16,374$21,535$76,313$0
Eric Dick$75,000

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