Friday, January 17, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Harris County Candidates

Republicans are in red

The incumbent District Attorney has a significant advantage over her competitors with $385,908 COH compared to $23,431 combined from Jones, Cloud, and Overstreet.

Christian Menefee raised a significant amount of money....but $50,000 came from his own pocket.

Ed Gonzalez has a huge lead in this race. As does Michael Moore. Rodney Ellis has been sitting on a $3M war chest for some time now.

Alan Rosen has a commanding lead over his opponents with over $944,000 COH. There is no competition in this race. Rosen has served his district very well.

Chris Diaz is mired in controversy. He has a great challenger, Jerry Garcia, who has excellent experience but he has not filed his report yet.

Michel Pappillion* for Constable will not raise or spend more than $500.

May Marker for Constable has no opponent.

District Attorney
Kim Ogg (Inc)$385,908$106,572$83,276$68,489
Audia Jones$29,973$49,186$29,177$0
Carvana Cloud$16,889$33,881$17,382$0
Todd Overstreet$0$0$0$0
Lori Deangelo$500$0$2,012$0
Mary Huffman$0$0$41,089$0
Lloyd Oliver$0$0$0$0
County Attorney
Vince Ryan (Inc)$101,039$33,655$18,779$0
Christian Menefee$128,547$135,579$41,249$50,000
John Nation$0$0$1,369$0
Ed Gonzalez (inc)$317,264$95,636$47,317$0
Jerome Moore$12,698$28,595$15,896$0
Harry Zamora$0$4,500$18,177$0
Joe Danna$9,857$78,820$39,274$7,000
Randy Rush$0$1,000$1,000$0
Paul DayNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Tax Assessor
Ann Bennett (Inc)$39,845$20,965$8,734$0
Jolanda Jones$16,320$16,320$1,250$0
Jack Terrence$0$1,000$1,400$0
Chris Daniel$0$0$1,250$0
Commissioner Pct 1
Rodney Ellis$3,881,740$122,631$396,998$0
Maria Jackson$19,353$110,230$71,241$8,000
Commissioner Pct 3
Diana MartinezNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Zaher EisaNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Erik HassonNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Michael Moore$199,052$209,391$13,248$0
Morris Overstreet$15,925$17,950$2,025$0
Kristi Thibaut$45,761$51,180$4,536$5,000
Constable Pct 1
Alan Rosen$944,281$719,338$60,120$0
Cedrick CollierNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Gilberto Reyna$3,526$7,416$7,579$0
Perry Wesley$0$0$529$529
Constable Pct 2
Chris Diaz$28,989$77,411$43,202$92
Lt Jerry Garcia$17,305$31,768$21,239$0
George GoffneyNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Alberto Rivera$2,096$7,551$6,285$200
Jerry Garciaquitquitquitquit
Constable Pct 3
Sherman Eagleton$110,937$30,255$25,626$82,550
Deborah Florus$8,999$15,100$15,841$0
Ken JonesNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Michel Pappillion*
John Portillo$21$3,366$21,441$43,253
Eric Reed$0$0$0$0
Constable Pct 4
Jeff McGowen$0$0$1,019$1,200
Constable Pct 5
Ted Heap$287,366$29,925$19,484$0
Mark HarrisonNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Mark Miller$0$1,365$2,370$0
Randy NewmanNot FiledNot FiledNot FiledNot Filed
Constable Pct 5
Silvia Trevino$18,587$33,034$28,627$0
Joseph Guerra$641$6,488$2,965$0
Constable Pct 7
May Walker$28,978$5,925$3,487$0

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