Saturday, January 25, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Dennis Paul and Ryan Lee

Dennis Paul and Ryan Lee are running in the Republican primary for Texas HD129. Paul is the incumbent. Neither are great fundraisers. 

Ryan Lee was considering a run for Houston City Council but instead let a policeman get a whooping by Council Member Martin. Ryan has now set his sights a bit higher and decided to challenge Dennis Paul in the primary. Ryan only raised $10,720, spent $4,779 and has about $5,800 left just prior to the primary. Not much to run a primary on.

Paul still has a problem fundraising carrying a $156,000 personal loan. This period he raised 85,621, spent $38,444 and has $116,486 COH. Half of his money came from PACs.

Paul is also endorsed by the Gun Nuts of America (NRA).

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