Friday, January 24, 2020

Eric Dick sued for dicking people with unwanted text msgs during campaign

Remember when I asked about getting Dicked during the city of Houston elections? From "Anyone else getting Dicked via text msg?"

So, it bothers me when I and others get unsolicited text messages from "Char", a volunteer with Better Streets Hou, a group I cannot find on the net. Needless to say someone had a snappy response.If there was a way to file a complaint on Dick, I  would. He truly is a dick.

Well, guess what? Someone filed a federal lawsuit against Dick for sending unwanted text messages during his campaign. I wonder if this could become a class action suit? It's been filed in federal court which will probably cost Dick a pretty penny. I'll text everyone when I get more info.....


Anonymous said...

The lawsuit is not serious. Among the silly claims it makes:

"Plaintiff's injuries include wear and tear to his phones data, memory, software"

Shields is a litigation hobbyist who's representing himself (and badly, if the pleading is any indication.)

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