Thursday, December 26, 2019

Harris County Constable Diaz draws a challenger: His Cousin.

From Linkedin
When another Democrat challenges a Democratic incumbent they need to answer a simple question. Why? Why are you running? What has the incumbent done, or not done to compel you to put your family on hold while you run for office?

Harris County Constable Chris Diaz is in that position with 3 primary challengers, one being a family member, his wife's cousin. It makes you wonder what Constable Diaz has done wrong enough for his own family member to run against him. His cousin, Jerry Garcia, must know something  about the Constable because he has absolutely no business running for any office.

Jerry doesn't have a history in law enforcement. At all, as in zero, zip, nada. He has spent a career in safety currently at Bludworth Marine. He also doesn't have much of a voting record, voting only once in the last ten years. He isn't politically active, a political unknown. He doesn't have a treasurer, a website, a Facebook page, or even twitter. He didn't even post a working number on his application to the Secretary of State.

He is completely unqualified and unprepared to run for Diaz's job. So maybe during Christmas dinner Diaz might have a chance to look across the table and ask.



Anonymous said...

I mean, his cousin does share the same name as another challenger who has been heavily promoting as Jerry Garcia.

Concerned southbelt resident said...

First the lawsuits and now this. It seems constable Diaz is up to nothing but foul play. His cousin Jerry Garcia running for constable is obviously a ploy by this disgraceful constable to confuse voters from voting for Lieutenant Jerry Garcia whom actually has credible experience in law enforcement. We should remove corrupt officials from our community to make way for leaders who are more honest. Im glad that more people are exposing dishonorable Diaz for the snake he is.

Anonymous said...

As his cousin in law, Chris Diaz has NO law enforcement experience. He took the class to get his peace officer accreditation solely to be able to run for office. Has never even wrote a ticket. Really no job experience as an adult at all. Yet, feels justified in feeling qualified to be the "Top Cop" in his precinct. How can you tell other cops how to do their job when you've never been a cop... Or had a job at all?

Anonymous said...