Monday, October 28, 2019

Someone has a bone to pick with Tony Buzbee

This is what happens when you attempt to play both sides as Tony Buzbee has.

A GPAC registered with the Texas Ethics Commission, Citizens for a Greater Houston, has raised money to attack Tony Buzbee with a mobile billboard. According to their Oct report they raised $10,000 from two donors, Ann Trammell and Robert Clay. The GPAC address is the same as the Treasurers, Bobby Orr and Orr Commercial, a commercial real estate firm.

I would bet all three of these individuals have a republican voting record. They don't seem to be too happy and are advertising a website about Buzbee's donations to the Democratic Party but fail to mention his massive donations to their lord and savior Donald Trump. Here is something from their site:

The website ends with "Is this the kind of role model we want for Houston kids"? Maybe if Buzbee porked a porn star, paid her off to keep silent, then lied about it to win an election Citizens for a Greater Houston would have more respect for him.

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