Monday, October 07, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: COH Candidates (Oct 7)

One more update coming. Figures are for the period ending Sept 30, 2019.

Notes: Tony Buzbee raised $0 in the quarter with an outstanding loan of $10,000,000.

King loaned himself $200,000. He has $410,000 of his own money invested in this run for office.

Council Member Knox raised only $32K while his opponent raised $81,000.

Kubosh also raised just $40k and has a $276,000 outstanding loan.

Eric Dick loaned himself $75,000 and spent $93K of his own money. (more about Dick later).

The report by James Joseph is confusing. He filed on 9/9/2019. Of the $94k raised, $58k is an in kind donation.

Waiting for Lovell.

Sylvester Turner (inc)$1,618,015$733,324$2,235,523$0
Tony Buzbee$4,167,503$0$3,475,058$8,000,000
Bill King$263,448$281,829$550,022$410,000
Sue Lovell
Dwight Boykins$80,900$153,790$19,100$0
Kendall Baker$3,919$0$16,340$20,000
Naoufal HoujamiDidn’t File
Victoria RomeroDidn’t File
Johnny TaylorDidn’t File
Roy VasquezDidn’t File
Derrick BrozeDidn’t File
Demetria Smith$0$0$0$0
Chris Brown (inc)$274,291$100,990$61,079$75,000
*Orland Sanchez$23,651$30,057$23,651
District E
Dave Martin (inc)$147,952$8,150$20,389$0
Sam Cleveland$352$5,682$5,330$0
Position 1
Mike Knox (inc)$24,990$32,188$35,540$0
Raj Salhotra$180,947$81,218$67,748$0
Georgia Provost$468$4,850$4,775$0
Larry BlackmonDidn’t File
Yolanda FloresDidn’t File
Position 2
David Robinson (inc)$255,938$52,008$48,267$0
Willie Davis$8,832$20,665$29,110$3,000
Emily Detoto$439$234$3,124$500
Mike Griffin$872$600$650$0
Jim HoneyDidn’t File
Position 3
Michael Kubosh (inc)$122,678$40,035$39,076$276,000
Janaeya Carmouche$708$3,975$7,156$0
Marcel McClinton$4,895$14,787$18,577$0
Jose GonzalezDidn’t File
Position 4
Nick Hellyar$32,763$49,871$36,372$0
Bill Baldwin$52,074$110,394$38,562$0
Anthony Dolcefino$7,112$15,355$9,002$0
Letitia Plummer$32,139$9,834$23,490$0
**James Joseph$36,250$94,450$84,425$0
Ericka McCrutcheon$150$3,146$23,305$34,000
Christel Bastida$750$1,103$51$200
Tiko Hausman$2,098$5,845$8,654$0
Javier GonzalezDidn’t File
Jennifer LaneyDidn’t File
Jason RoweDidn’t File
Position 5
Sallie Alcorn$258,320$71,421$66,284$0
Catherine Flowers$2,157$8,015$12,471$2,987
Ashton Woods$2,167$9,791$7,624$0
Marvin McNeese$3,305$9,705$13,305$30,000
Eric Dick$1,435$1,435$93,248$75,000
Brad Batteau$0$0$0$0
Sonia Rivera$802$2,335$1,732$0
Michelle Bonton$20,000$200$10,005$20,000
Ralph GarciaDidn’t File

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