Thursday, September 12, 2019

Recap of the #DemocraticDebate Part I

This was a good night for the Democrats except for just a couple of things. They can all be fixed.

Yank Yang. It's time. He thinks this is a game. He adds nothing to the conversation. He has no path to winning the nomination. Lets move on. Lets also cull the field. Yang, Castro, Booker will not get the nomination. Enough.

Medicare for All is on life support
M4A took a hit starting with Biden. Amy, Harris, Castro, Buttigieg, and even Beto piled on each calling for something other than M4A. Each wanted the insurance industry to compete with a public option. Each wanted everyone to be covered but not with a government takeover. M4A took a hit tonight.

There are those who can attack and be effective. He can't and he didn't. He looked petty.

Gun Control
It is clear the Democrats want something done and will do it. Beto calls for a mandatory buy back and he has a very good point. These are weapons designed to kill people, nothing else. They do not belong on our streets. Most agree. It's time we do something and the only way to do it is to wipe out every republican in office.


Anonymous said...

Yang and Booker are both beating O'Rourke in the YouGov, HarrisX and Ipsos polls. He's not serious.

If there's a "mandatory buyback" - confiscation - people just won't comply. New Jersey banned standard-capacity magazines, and nobody turned theirs in. Not a single one. Mass confiscation isn't a serious policy idea, it's a lefty wet dream. That's why Beto is proposing it.

He doesn't want to be president. He wants to be a candidate.

Bay Area Houston said...

Good point but they run the risk of severe penalties if caught such as loss of their rights to gun ownership. Incarceration. A felony conviction.

Sure. Take that risk and hope nobody rats you out

Anonymous said...

"Sure. Take that risk and hope nobody rats you out"

That's exactly what tens of thousands in New Jersey did. Have there been any convictions?