Monday, September 16, 2019

Little Baby Briscoe Cain's Law Firm: Death Threats are free speech

Little Baby Briscoe works as a Senior Attorney at Fulton Strahan Law Group. They issued the following press release in support of Cain's right to make threats towards a candidate for President of the United States.

"The Founding Father of the firm is a decorated war veteran who served this country so that people can enjoy basic constitutional rights like freedom of speech."

You would think lawyers would know that free speech does not include making threats toward other Americans, or towards a candidate for President especially by a State Representative. Free speech does not mean you can yell FIRE in a crowded theatre. Our free speech has always been limited. Briscoe has the right to make threats. He also has the right to suffer the consequences.

Even I know that. Maybe the lawyers at Fulton Strahan might want to pick up a copy of the Constitution. And read it.


wesleystubbssandel said...

How long would it be before I got a knock on the door from the FBI if I posted exactly the same threat to White Trash Briscoe?

Anonymous said...

Only one way to find out.