Friday, July 19, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: Houston City Council District C

I reported on Anthony Dolcefino and became interested in the other candidates in District C. Beside poor fundraising numbers, no fundraising, and a loan of $20,000 there is nothing grossly unusual. Abbie Kamin had a very strong showing of $175,490. The others raised so-so money.

Kendra Camarena$13,625$13,638$12$0
Candelario Cervantez$1,908$1,954$46$0
Anthony Dolcefino$2,800$2,800$0$0
Rodney Hill$0$0$0$0
Abbie Kamin$141,382$175,490$44,557$0
Shelley Kennedy$6,677$39,651$40,600$0
Greg Meyers$34,297$25,722$10,004$20,000
Bob Nowak$4,488$13,186$8,697$0
Daphne Scarbrough$22,195$31,195$5,849$0
Mary Jane Smith$38,209$58,906$20,696$0
Kevin Walker$0$0$0$0
Amanda Kathryn Wolfe$19$63$43$0

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