Monday, July 15, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: Houston City Elections. Update 4

Marcell McClinton for Position 3 raised $25,823 with $8,675 COH.

Christel Bastida for Postion 4 raised $1,103 with $750 COH and a $200 Loan.

Marvin McNeee for Position 5 raised $23,100 with $7,206 COH with a $30,000 Loan.

Sallie Alcorn raised $204,247 with $252,366 COH.

David Robinson raised $88,616 its $262,221 COH.

Mayor Turner raised $1,698,596 with $3,218,268 COH.

WOW! Raj Salhotra had a very strong showing for Position 1 with $220,377 raised compared to the incumbent Mike Knox with only $40,295. Raj has $178,536 COH compared to Knox at $41,171.

Bill King raised $684,842 including a $100,000 loan. He has $318,320 COH.

Chris Brown raised $66,611 with $234,350 COH.

Some people should not be running for office. This isn't a game. Derrick Broze running for Mayor raised $1,379. Not even enough to by yard signs. Giang Nguyen raised $250 with a $20,000 loan. 

From Previous Updates:
Erica McCrutcheon needs to take some training on how to fill out ethics reports. I believe she raised $5100 and has a $5000 loan from The Dunamis Group LLC which she owns.

City Councilman Mike Knox reports only $41,171 raised. I would have expected much more.

Emily Detoto raised only$2600 with a $500 loan.

Buzbee is self financing putting $5.5 MILLION of his own money into his account. 

Michael Kubosh has reported raising only $43,000 with a $276,000 outstanding loan. $10,000 came from the FireFighters PAC.

Sylvester Turner (inc)$3,218,268$1,698,596$1,362,879$0
Kendall Baker
Derrick Broze$1,190$1,379$188$0
Dwight Boykins
Tony Buzbee$5,140,725$5,500,000$1,814,754$0
Anton Dowls
Naoufal Houjami
Bill King$318,320$684,842$580,062$100,000
Sue Lovell
Demetria Smith
Chris Brown (inc)$234,350$66,611$36,522$75,000
Amparo Gasca
District E
Dave Martin (inc)
Sam Cleveland
Ryan Lee
Position 1
Mike Knox (inc)$41,171$40,295$45,555$0
Michelle Bonton
Joe McElligott (withdrawn)
Georgia Provost
Raj Salhotra$178,536$220,377$30,340$0
Position 2
David Robinson (inc)$262,221$88,616$0$0
Willie Davis
Emily Detoto$439$2,600$2,660$500
Position 3
Michael Kubosh (inc)$122,870$43,875$20,319$276,000
Janaeya Carmouche
Marcel McClinton$8,675$25,823$21,739$0
William Dave Martin (withdrawn)
Goku Sankar
Position 4
Amanda Edwards (inc)
Christel Bastida$750$1,103$51$200
Tiko Hausman
Ericka McCrutcheon$2,875$5,100$11,625$5,000
Position 5
Sallie Alcorn$252,366$204,247$75,393$0
Brad Batteau
Paul Bishop (withdrawn)
Jamaal Boone
Catherine Flowers
Ralph Garcia
Marvin McNeese$7,206$23,100$45,893$30,000
Giang Nguyen$20,241$250$8$20,000
Letitia Plummer 
Sonia Rivera
Ashton Woods

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