Monday, June 17, 2019

Like father like son. Anthony Dolcefino

Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter (sic) for KTRK-TV. He had a boner for Sylvester Turner back in 1995 when Turner first ran for Mayor. Dolcefino was eventually sued and lost for a story about insurance fraud and a jury awarded $5.5 Million. 

On Father's Day 24 years later his son, Anthony, took up his fathers crusade running for City Council District C on his Facebook page:

Dolcefino should be running on what he could do for the district and not how he could rekindle a 20 year old allegation and disrupting Houston City Council. I would bet Anthony is a trump supporter. We do not need a trump asshole representing the people of District C, although that is for the voters in District C to decide.

What the hell is going on in Houston to attract Trump like candidates? Tony Buzbee, Ryan Lee, and now Wayne Dolcefino Part II? WTF?


Bryvau said...

To answer your question on what is going on, we are sick of the corruption going on in Washington, and here in Houston (AKA corrupt Turner). And I was voting for Buzbee anyway, and now you have confirmed by initial instinct to vote for Dolcefino. You've been very helpful.

Bay Area Houston said...

Bless your heart.

Unknown said...

Your biased reporting is horrible. As a native Houstionian, 100% support this young man and #trump2020