Monday, June 03, 2019

Let us prey for Donald Trump

The christians who have forgiven Trump for having multiple affairs with a porn star and playboy bunny, who put children in cages, separated families, mock the disabled, acting like an 8 year old, has temper tantrums, lies to them, and violates almost every commandment, has called for a day of prayer for him. So, lets prey.

Oh Lord  Let us prey.
Let us prey on the poor for they cannot afford to fight.
Let us prey on the sick for they cannot afford insurance.
Let us prey on the Hispanics for they will not vote.
Let us prey on the Blacks for their lives do not matter.
Let us prey on the disabled for they are weak.
Let us prey on the Muslims for they are now targets of hate
Let us prey on the Immigrants for they do not belong here.
Let us prey on the police as we flood the streets with guns.
And oh Lord
Let us prey on his supporters for they are too ignorant to know we are preying on them too.

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