Tuesday, May 07, 2019

The Honorable and Childish Pete Olson

It makes you want to ask Congressman Pete Olson: "How old are you? 12?". From his latest tweet:

Aint that just so cute. This is a Uniteds States Congressman tweeting this childish stupidity. Olson used to be in a safe district so he was required to be the waterway for Trump, to lead chants like CNN Sucks, to nominate Trump for a Noble Peace Prize for his photo op with Kim Jun Un. Its what you do when you are in a safe district. But that has changed.

In 2018 he returned to Congress after winning by only 3 points, in a district he was to have won by 15. In 2020 he will have a well financed and experienced challenger that has reached out to all voters in the district and one that would actually be worthy of the label "The Honorable".

Until then Olson is worthy of the label "The Childish".

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