Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: Bill King

From Houston Public Media
King is yet another Republican who wants to buy his seat.

In his campaign finance report filed 1/4/2019 King has $108,000 with a $110,000 outstanding loan from himself. So he basically is running a deficit in his own campaign much like what most republican are good at. King has had up to $685,000 in outstanding loans since his last campaign in 2015.

In his report filed 1/15/2016, after his first loss, King has an outstanding loan balance of $650,000 with a Cash on Hand of $52,000 after spending $701,000 and raising $485,000. There isn't a clear source of the $650,000 loan. There are a couple of $150,000 loan entries from his 2015 run for Mayor but I could not find the other $300,000 entries.

Buying an election has become a republican trait. King is a republican.


Dane McKitrick said...

So, let me get this straight. King pays for his campaign by lending it money himself.And you think this is is a bad thing? Why? Is it better to go out and get a bunch of schmucks to give money to the campaign as all Democrats do?

Fail to see where you are going here Coby.

Bay Area Houston said...

And/Or duh!
So you like the fact that only rick people can run? Aint that just like a republican.