Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Texas "Guns on Demand" bill

Texas House Bill 357 (get it? 357?) sponsored by  Johnathon Stickland (R-Bedford) has been sent to the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. From Texas Scorecard:
Recently, State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R–Bedford) filed a bill to allow permitless carry of a firearm, a Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priority, designating it House Bill 357. Conservatives and pro-gun Texans will recognize the bill number from the popular handgun caliber, .357 Magnum.
Get it? 357? Isn't that just cute? HB357 is called "Constitutional Carry" and would allow anyone to open carry a gun without training, without a background check, and without a concealed handgun license. Stickland carried the bill for open carry allowing the open display of guns except in certain areas. It has had no effect on crime or prevention.

This bill is supported by the Texas Republican Party and has a few sponsors with no companion bill in the Senate. Discussions with local Representative's staff shows little support in the Senate or the House. Hopefully this lack of interest will continue. Baby Briscoe Cain out of Deer Park and Mayes "Money" Middleton of Galveston have signed onto the bill. Both of these are from the far white wing of the republican party. Baby Briscoe is known for flashing his gun at the Texas Democratic Convention last summer and being escorted out. Money Middleton self financed his run for State House for a tune of $2.5 Million, with $2.25 Million coming from his own pocket.

Hopefully this bill will never see the light of day. It truly defies common sense. Here are the authors and sponsors:

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Anonymous said...

Permitless carry has been legalized in nearly 40 percent of the country over the past decade. It doesn't appear to have caused an increase in violent crime, which is down over the same time period.

John Cobarruvias said...

I would have to agree with you if you were factually correct

Anonymous said...

What kind of idiot thinks this is a good idea?

Anonymous said...

There wasn't an increase in violent crime when concealed-carry laws were loosened through the 1990s. There wasn't an increase in violent crime when constitutional-carry laws passed in many states in the 2010s.

Over that time frame, violent crime rates have fallen nearly by half.

The question of whether liberalizing gun laws would cause more crime was reasonable in the 1980s - we didn't really know what would happen.

But we've now had literally dozens of real-world experiments involving hundreds of millions of people, and the question has been empirically settled.

John Cobarruvias said...

I agree with anonymous. What kind of idiot would think this is ok?