Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Harris County GOP doubles down on being dicks.

When your mouth has dug yourself a hole, do yourself a favor and shut the hell up.

The Chair of the Harris County Republican Party (HCRaP), Paul Simpson, hasn't learned that lesson. After posting an offensive Facebook comment concerning the Holocaust Remembrance Day, being widely criticized by the media, editing the comment, then just deleting it all together, Simpson just could refrain from issuing another ill advised statement:
“A few accused the post of being anti-Semitic. It was nothing of the sort. All Americans should be on guard against the dangers of ideologies that demean the value of individual human lives to the collective. That includes socialism in all forms, whether 20th-century German National Socialism or today's glossed-over socialism that is condoned and even promoted by those who should know better. The human suffering in today’s Cuba and Venezuela are vivid reminders that Socialism does indeed kill. Americans should not tread on the slippery slope of socialism that has always led to misery."
Simpson's original comment put him in the "Why do you have to be a dick about everything?" Club. It doesn't take a moron to understand how offensive it is to take a day of remembrance where 6+million human beings were killed and use it to further your white wing cause. Even members of his own party had a comment:

Paul shut up. Just shut up! We are being painted as a bunch of white wing anti-Semites! We are already considered a bunch of white wing racists!

OK. That was just made up. but local resident, Art Pronin responded with a Letter to the Editor in the Houston Chronicle:

I can't imagine what they are going to post come Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

To my friends in Houston and nationwide:

An open letter to Paul Simpson, Chairman of the Harris County, Texas, Republican Party and his Communications Director, Vlad Davidiuk:

I held off posting this for 24 hours, insisting yesterday on an apology to the Jewish Community. I gave you 24 hours. You didn't. You even made the situation worse by doubling down on your phoney assertion, so here it is:

Growing up as a Jew In the South and having lived among majority cultural white Christian descendants of European origins, I notice every day of my life how that majority, now threatened in the US today, is not only feeling threatened with loss of power, but is clueless about what is offensive or hurtful to anyone but themselves. You are so inside yourselves that you are oblivious to the feelings of others. It is also behavior prohibited by Christianity.
It indicates either a lack of empathy for Jews, people of color, others or deliberate acts of slights, bigotry and hate.

THAT is what is so awful about Paul Simpson and Vlad Davidiuk's refusal to acknowledge that what they did was ethically and morally wrong. Not only was it an insult to many American citizens across the political aisle from them and an insult to the Remembrance of the Six Million, but there are a dwindling number of Holocaust survivors still alive. They have been horrendously insulted and hurt by this action by HCRP. They can take it, though old and feeble. They've had a lot worse done to them. And hey. . .It's not an SS guard's rifle butt to the head, but it is emotionally rude, painful and sadistic. Yes, Paul and Vlad, that is what you inflicted on these brave survivors by ignorantly, crassly, crudely and visciously using them and those tortured before their very eyes before being gassed to death and burned to ashes in crematoria, human Jewish ashes raining on the Polish and German countryside, to make an untrue, but viscous political cheap shot at socialists and by implication, Democrats. You used them and the entire Holocaust.

You refuse to read, listen to, and understand this. You are not stupid people. You are proud of this. You think it is the way to get Jewish votes. You either are insanely oblivious to the hurt you caused, or you are sadistically enjoying what you did, or even delighting in this anti semitic act you perpetrated. Oh, you'd deny being anti semitic. Of COURSE you would. Either you don't see THAT in yourselves or you don't want to come to terms with it.

You are anti semites. Period. If you wish to claim otherwise you can start by admitting what you did and apologize to the Houston Jewish Community and Jews around the world.

Some Jews will continue to vote Republican for various reasons. But I guarantee you, you will lose a good number of those who have voted GOP in the past. Kissing up to Israel won't get you out of this. The State of Israel exists to be an escape hatch for Jews from people like you. No bs, no denials, no excuses, no doubling down. This story has gone nationwide. Jews everywhere know what you have done and your doubling down on it. Behavior like this may work short term for Donald Trump, but not here, not now by you. Read the Book of Esther in your Bible.

You owe the Jewish community an apology if you do not want your Harris County GOP to be known as the Party of bigotry and anti semitism. It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you credit the writer of the open letter? He signed it. It's Roy Cohen.