Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Buying a State Representative seat: David Mayes Middleton

This is just plain sick.

David Middleton is running for a State Representative seat in Austin representing the Galveston area. As I have stated before:

According to his latest report Middleton has raised over $1.7 Million with $1.5 coming from his own pocket, 87% of his entire fundraising efforts. He paid $1.7Million to win in the Republican primary.

His latest filings claims he has raised about $248,000 during the period ending in Oct. That is a very good haul for a State Representative campaign. But the $248,000 includes $225,000 from his own pocket! Once again Middleton is buying his seat in Austin. He has since written off all of his $1.7 million loans.

So he only raised $23,000 for the period ending in Oct, about as much as Sid Miller raised. Let's face it Middleton is rich. Filthy rich. He has enough money to donate almost $2 Million of his own money to win a seat in Austin. $2 Million is an insane amount for a State Representative race. Completely insane

Middleton is buying his seat in our government. This is what is wrong with politics today coupled with dark money, PACs,  and allowing unlimited contributions from anyone. The amount of money he is spending is filthy.

Ain't that rich?

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