Saturday, August 04, 2018

When your elected official lies to you: Tx Congressman Pete Olson

Texas Congressman Pete Olson sent out this tweet early Saturday morning:

You might think is an organization that performs research into voting patterns, policies, and issues such as the one Olson claims as a fact when it fact, it is just his own campaign website. Olson, without one single bit of supporting evidence, claims Americans are "allowing" illegal immigrants to vote. Only an idiot would think this is happening or it's even possible.

Think how hard this would be to accomplish. Besides risking the many felony indictments, someone would have to find an illegal immigrant. Then get an ID with an address of a registered voter. Then go vote and hope that person hasn't voted before. Or someone could register illegally, risk being caught, charged, and deported. And then they would need hundreds if not thousands to throw an election.

Olson has adopted Trump's philosophy towards constituents: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” And that is what Olson is doing. 

Back in 2009 Olson had a townhill meeting to discuss healthcare. He brought a lady who claimed under the proposed new healthcare system (ObamaCare) she would be denied medical coverage for her ill son. When challenged on this it was noted that her current healthcare provider, the one Pete Olson was supporting, actually denied her coverage and that very coverage came from the the same service that covered Olson!

BTW. I was the one that challenged Olson.

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