Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Loaning Campaign Cash: Angela Paxton

If conservatives in Texas Senate District 8 didn't like Bill and Hillary Clinton, they are going to absolutely hate Ken and Angela Paxton.
From https://politicspaysforpaxton.com

Angela Paxton is the wife of our current Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, who is mired in a felony trial due to security fraud. Paxton (Ken) has loaned $2.6 Million to his wife's campaign for Senator District 8 and has guaranteed the loan with his campaign account. $2 Million has a 3.6% interest rate while the $500,000 loan has an 8.5% rate. The latest loan from Paxton's (Ken's) campaign is for $100,000 with a rate of 8% but does not have a guarantor. 

Dan Patrick has donated $75,000 in cash and in-kind contributions for advertisement. He has a boner for Angela for her anti-public education stance. Look for her to be a solid supporter of school vouchers.

I seriously doubt Angela intends to pay any of loans back leaving Paxton's war chest with a bit less money to pay his legal bills. If Angela, by chance, loses in November it will be a bit hard to raise money to pay off your debts, especially if you are NOT in office! Imagine the call "I didn't win but could you donate $5000 to help me pay off a loan from my husband's campaign?" Yeah. Right.

Angela like Kathaleen Wall and State Representative Dennis Paul is basically buying an election. Kathaleen loaned herself $6 Million for a losing effort for Congress. Dennis Paul raised over 75% of his funds from his own engineering firm for a total of $156,000. He won. 

It would be funny to watch Angela lose. And her husband go to jail. 

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