Saturday, April 21, 2018

Little baby Briscoe has a temper tantrum

#NoPlaceButTexas. It's a trump nickname "Little baby Briscoe".

From the Texas Tribune
State Representative Briscoe Cain from Deer Park had a temper tantrum vowing legislation in retaliation to the walkouts of April 20th to honor students killed at Columbine High School. From the Star-Telegram:

One Texas lawmaker, Briscoe Cain, R-Deer Park, responded to the walkouts with a plans to draft law that will punish schools by making them return state funding if students participated in the gun control events. "...We will be seeking solutions to ensure they do not receive tax dollars for those students not in attendance," Cain said in a press release.
Many school leaders took an adult approach to the walkouts and coordinated with the students to make the event safe and educational. Cain, much like a member of the NRA congress, acted like a 2 year old and threw a fit promising legislation to punish the schools that acted like adults. 

If Cain can't look like an adult he ought to at least start acting like one.

Briscoe Cain is a Texas State Representative from Deer Park Texas. He enjoys hiking, horse riding, and long walks on the street with a loaded AR-15.


Anonymous said...

This dude doesn’t look old enough to remember when Texas contributed a SIGNIFICANT portion to public school districts for education. Maybe he should take Texas History. As long as it’s fact-based and not an @Pearson textbook.

John Cobarruvias said...

Cain isn’t able.

Ann said...

Texas Monthly voted Briscoe Cain one of the Worst Texas Legislators last year - in his first term!

John Cobarruvias said...

“We typically exempt freshmen from the Worst list. We usually forgive their trangressions, because they don’t know how the Legislature works. So just know that we tried. We tried really hard to give Briscoe Cain a pass. But he left us little choice.”

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. Schools can't force students to be there and prole in th US have a right to protest. Their schools will automatically lose funds for students that weren't there when attendance was taken. That is already the system. If a child isn't in school at the time attendance is taken, the student is marked absent and the school does not receive funding for that child for that day, even though the teacher will now have to spend time gathering make-up work and conferencing with the student when the child returns. That Briscoe doesn't seem to have any idea about one of the most basic components of school funding is a good example of why teachers across the country are fed up. People that don't understand teaching and school operation have too much control over what happens in schools.

Anonymous said...

What a total asshole, hope he gets voted out asap