Monday, April 16, 2018

Be careful of the Power to Choose website

I've said this before.

Take a look at this "deal" on the power to choose website, a site provided by the Public Utility Commission to provide a tool to compare electricity prices. It can be very deceiving.

Just as an example of how incredibly deceiving the Power to Choose website is, look at this rate provided by Gexa Energy. 6 cents, 3 cents, and 9.9 cents/kWh for 500/1000/2000 kWh used. This is called the "Smart Choice 1000" Sound like a great deal doesn't it? This is why reading and understanding the Electricity Facts Label is important. Take a look at the EFL and see if you can make any sense out of it.  

The Power to Choose website isn't your friend. It is deceiving.


Anonymous said...

You misread the site. It's not 3/6/9.9 cents for 500/1000/2000 kWh. It's 6/3/9.9 for 500/1000/2000. It's called the Smart Choice 1000 because it offers the best rate at 1,000 kWh/month.

If you use those amounts, you will pay those rates. What's deceptive about that?

John Cobarruvias said...

Read the efl

Fred said...

@Anonymous - What's deceiving is that nobody uses exactly 1000 kWh every month, and if you use 1001 that plan will cost you a whopping 19.8 ¢/kWh! John is correct that PTC's superficial search results leave many customers with an inflated sense of accomplishment AND electric bill.

The widespread nature of this problem --- the average Texas household overpays by ~$500/year --- is what led me to build and maintain the RateGrinder tool at TexasPowerGuide. It exists to help folks do the proper math to avoid overpriced rate gimmicks.

John Cobarruvias said...

My bad. You are right that it is 6/3/9.9 for 500/1000/2000.
And still read the EFL because that is NOT what you pay. It isnt even close.

John Cobarruvias said...

I have corrected it.