Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Texas Troopers issue Red Alert for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

From the Texas Association of Highway Troopers:

The Texas Association of Highway Troopers has issued a Red Alert for Texas State Attorney General, Greg Abbott. On Monday, Abbott abruptly canceled a press conference in Dallas and has not been seen since. Not only was Abbott a no-show for his press conference, he has been noticeably missing in action in responding to criticism  about his policies concerning equal pay for his female employees and his association with right wing so-called education "experts".

We believe Abbott is armed with misinformation concerning education, equal pay for women, consumer issues, transportation, and medical malpractice. He is a danger to all Texans and should be approached with caution. Abbott was last seen running away from the media. If you have seen Greg Abbott call the authorities immediately, register to vote, and vote in November to keep Abbott missing from Texas.


PDiddie said...

"Running away"? You cad.

John Cobarruvias said...

Oh! I should have been politically correct and said "Abbott was last seen rolling away from the media"!

Gadfly said...

Like Perry, I'm stealing the pic.

And yeah, we can't ask him to stand for anything; that would be unfair indeed: