Monday, October 19, 2020

Republicans close up shop in Clear Lake

Well this is strange.

The Clear Lake area has been a long time stronghold for the Republican Party in the past. This year things are changing.

Their office on 433 Bay Area Blvd recently closed right before the election. According to the Texas Ethics Commission the Harris County Republican Party was donating $900/month for rent. As noted in the previous post the HCRP looks like they are broke. The Bay Area Republican Women's organization also has a $0 balance according to their recent filings with the TEC. It's as if they have folded.

It looked like another HQ was opened close to the Clear Lake Library on Bay Area Blvd but as of this weekend, that location has also closed. A call to the HCRP confirmed there are no satellite or club headquarters in the Clear Lake area. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Texas Congressional District 22

 Sri Preston Kulkarni has crushed it.

Sri has raised $4.6 Million compared to his challenger Troy Nehls who raised $1.3 Million. Sri has $1.7 Million cash on hand and Nehls has $360,000.

Nehls picked up his fundraising. He only had $30,000 at the end of his primary with Kathaleen Wall. In a must win district Nehls performed poorly. I would think that at the very least he would have raised $2 Million to be competitive. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Texas State Representative Dennis Paul

Paul isn't real good at fundraising except from PACs.

In his 30 day out report Paul raised $72,400 with at least $29,500 coming from PACs, $5000 from the Texas Asian Republican Club, $7500 from the Bay Area Republican Women, and $5000 from James Dannenbaum who seems to be the sugar daddy of the Texas Republican Party.

Paul also has an outstanding loan from his company for $156,000. The $7500 from the Bay Area Republican Women seems to have wiped out their bank account. Their July report has a $0 COH balance and they have yet to file their 30 day out report. 

Friday, October 09, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Texas Representative Tony Tinderholt

State Representative Tony Tinderholt is a nut job representing the Arlington area. Based upon his fundraising report he is in a fight to retain his seat against a very good candidate.

Tinderholt is best known for his stand on the "sanctity of marriage(s)". He has been married 5 times, twice to his current wife. He is a bonafide gun nut, supporting the right to walk around in public with a loaded assault weapon dressed like GI Joe. He has some strange fundraising totals.

According to his 30 day out report, Tinderholt raised $304,348. $150,000 came from one donor, Timothy Dunn the CEO of oil and gas business CrownQuest Operating. Another $22,675 came from the extreme right wing Empower Texas PAC. They have donated their balance to Tinderholt.

A new PAC, Leading Texas Forward donated an in-kind contribution of $50,000 for campaign advertising.

And the most interesting is a $25,000 in-kind donation from Texans for Lawsuit Reform for "campaign polling" Really?

So Tinderholt only raised $56,673 with $40,000 coming from just 5 individuals and 1 PAC. Why would anyone spend $25,000 on a poll unless they are concerned about their chance of reelection?

Empowering minds want to know.

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Not Raising Campaign Cash: Harris County Republicans

I recently wrote about the Harris County Republican Party having only $1760.05 in their account as opposed to $800,000 this time two years ago and $450,000 4 years ago. What happened? Well it might be that their Chair, Keith Nielsen was asked to resign after his racist post on Facebook. Unfortunately according to reports filed with Harris County their candidates aren't doing very well either! 

John Nation County Attorney$0.00$0.00
Chris DanielDistrict Clerk$0.00$0.00
Mary HuffmanDistrict Attorney$1,600.00$1,600.00
Stan StanartCounty Clerk$4,095.00$25,394.00
Joe DannaSheriff$15,913.00$8,781.00

Nation hasn't raised any money, has no money, but loaned himself $16.10 to pay for a notary and certified mail for his report.

Mary Huffman raised $1600 then donated that amount to Kingdom Builders.

Daniel raised no money but spent $5070 out of his own pocket.

Joe Dana running for Harris County Sheriff was the only one who raised any money. According to his report he raised $15,913 ($10,500 from just 4 individuals) and has $8781 cash on hand. He has $21,716 in in-kind donations for a car and an outdoor LED sign. He also spent $18,000 of his own money with a credit card.

Stan Stanart raised $4095 and has $25,394. Stanart, like the Chair, shared a racist post 4 years ago. He lost.

Is the Harris County Republican Party broke?

OK. I must not be searching the Texas Ethics Commission correctly. Someone help me out.

According to the TEC website the Harris County Republican Party has only $1,760.05 cash on hand. Over the reporting period they received only $2,770 from a couple of candidates who really can't afford it since they too have little if any campaign donations.

This can't be right. This is the 30 day out report, the latest available, due Oct 05. In 2018 30 days before the midterm elections, they reported over $800,000 cash on hand. And in 2016 they reported just over $400,000. In 2020 they have just $1,760.05.

There still is time for the deep pockets of their party to come and donate to the Chairman who was asked to resign due to his racist post on Facebook. There is still time to dump money into a county that had almost every republican on the ballot wiped out in 2018. There is still time to dump money into a losing effort, but...

November is coming.

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

UFO running for Sheriff: Joe Danna


UFO. Unfit For Office.

Where did the Republican Party find this guy? Danna came out of the republican primary over his opponent Paul Day who had long standing law enforcement credentials. Danna on the other hand was fired as a Constable for falsifying records. According to Fox 26 Danna claimed he served a warrant on an individual. That person was actually in jail at the time and the residence where he served the warrant was vacant, for months. After an investigation, he was fired.

Now, much like Troy Nehls who was fired from the Richmond police force, he is running for another law enforcement office. As the Houston Chronicle said:

Danna was a previous candidate for constable in Precinct 1, where officials confirm he was fired in 2012 from his job as a deputy constable for falsifying records showing he served a warrant he had not actually served. Danna has for years papered unsuspecting fences with huge campaign signs to boost his name ID, but should have spent as much effort on his law enforcement resume. It appears the closest he got to being a Harris County deputy is the black and white photo on his website entitled “Deputy Joe Danna,” featuring a young boy dressed in western attire.

Where in the world did the Republican Party find people like Nehls and Danna?

Monday, October 05, 2020

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton INDICTED!

OK. This is sort of old news. Paxton was indicted years ago and has spent over $70,000 of his campaign funds for legal services. I am sure he has paid much, much more. But....there is something new and it is much more serious.

Paxton's staff at the Attorney Generals office has accused Paxton of abusing his office and accepting bribes. The Washington Post has details including:

The top attorney has now resigned
Five deputy Attorney Generals also penned the letter
The Association of Attorney Generals has called for his resignation
Allegations involve an Austin donor who has been raided by the FBI
Governor Abbott and Lt Governor Patrick has thrown Paxton under the bus

Both Abbott and Patrick have distanced themselves from Paxton like a baby who took a dump in a pool. The Association of Attorney Generals were not too kind and were more direct. From the Post:

“Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is an embarrassment and a danger,” the association’s co-chairs said in a statement on Sunday. The statement added: “All state attorneys general must be above reproach. For too long Paxton has teetered on the edge. He needs to go, and an independent investigation should be launched immediately.” 

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R-Tex.) said he first learned about the “obviously concerning” claims through media reports. The state’s governor also acknowledged the letter on Sunday.

“These allegations raise serious concerns,” Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Tex.) said in a statement on Sunday. “I will withhold further comment until the results of any investigation are complete.”

This is all coming from within the office. From republicans. It's serious. He should resign to spend more time with his criminal attorney

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls a no show at endorsements interview

He is just another trump loafer licker.

The Houston Chronicle has endorsed Democratic candidate Sri Preston Kulkarni for Congress in Texas Congressional District 22. According to the Chronicle:

Kulkarni, who notes he speaks six languages, told the editorial board that he would use his 14 years of experience of diplomacy to serve the diverse community as well as reach across the aisle to Republicans.

Nehls on the other hand didn't even show up for the interview. Nehls only raised about $500,000 for his primary and was left with only $29,000. His fundraising and who is donating money should be very interesting. Maybe the donors are just tired of the trump candidates like Nehls whose focus is on divisive rhetoric, or the fact Nehls was fired from the Richmond Police Force only to come back as a Sheriff, or that he supervised a racial profiling traffic scheme.

Kulkarni is a good candidate. He has excellent experience. He is very qualified, and he is a nice individual. You can't say that about Troy.

Or Trump. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Troy Nehls. Another dishonest, corrupt, Texas sized, ass kisser

Ask Tony Buzbee how kissing Donald Trump's ass did for his campaign.