Saturday, June 23, 2018

Senate District 11 elections #TDP2018 #TDP18

After about 30 minutes of discussion on how SDEC Committee members are elected Susan Criss was elected for the female position and Quentin Wiltz was elected as the male member.

With new fresh members of the district attending, the usual way of electing our SDEC members will probably end in 2020. The best man and woman from the entire district needs to campaign and win the election. Our district needs to expand, grow and our SDEC members and chairs need to make this happen. We desperately need communications across the district and we need to unite as one district and not as 3 constantly competing against each other based upon where we live. It needs to stop.

I have offered to help with setting up an email list, Facebook page and/or a webpage. Other districts have it. We need to do the same.

Congrats to Susan and Quentin.

TX Republican "Little Baby" Briscoe Cain removed from convention

Not a picture from his Jr High Yearbook
This is not the first clown rodeo for Baby Briscoe. From a previous post:
State Representative Briscoe Cain from Deer Park had a temper tantrum vowing legislation in retaliation to the walkouts of April 20th to honor students killed at Columbine High School.
Baby Briscoe is a white wing tea bagger from Deer Park. He looks like a 12 year old. He was rated by Texas Monthly as the worst legislator in the history of Texas. (That is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. He sucks.) Briscoe continued being a little dick by driving to Ft Worth, gaining access to the Texas Democratic Party (which isn't hard since are conventions are open to the public) and handing out gun nut signs. It didn't work out as he planned. From the Star Telegram:
Cain, consultant Aaron Harris of North Richland Hills and two other men were asked to leave the Fort Worth Convention Center exhibit hall, but returned later in the Ninth Street foyer.
They were questioned and released about 5:20 p.m. by Fort Worth police.
Briscoe flashed what looked like a gun around his waist and was escorted out along with his political consultant who probably had to drive him to Ft Worth, using his own gas money. The police had a discussion with Baby Briscoe and released him to his mother.

His mother stated: 
"I am so sorry for my son's behavior. I have told him to not play cops and robbers in the open and to never take his toy guns out of the house. I intend to whoop his ass once I get him home."

Friday, June 22, 2018

Day 2 wrap up at the Texas Democratic Convention

Well when someone says "The Democrats have to run on something beside attacking trump" you should tell them "You are full of crap!".

Ok. Don't say that but the point is that I don't think I heard trumps name during any presentation I attended. No one called him politically ignorant, even though he is. No one called his a liar, even. though he is. No one called him a lying racist, even though he proved that this past week. And no one called his an asshole even though we they wanted to. No one, except me, called trump a politically ignorant, lying, racist, asshole of a human being. No one came close. In fact I do not believe his name was even mentioned.

Instead they talked about the issues everyone should be concerned with, immigration and healthcare are just two of the many. The Stop Gun Violence caucus was over flowing the large room allocated to them. The Environment Caucus had the same problem. The Women's and Hispanic caucus were packed and the convention itself had a great attendance during an off year. We were talking about issues and how to make Texas and our country better for everyone.

No one can say we were not talking about what we would do to make Texans lives better because we were and we have and we will continue to do so. If you do not want to be an ignorant parrot of the Republican Party, go listen to the speeches. Or shut the hell up.

Lots of vendors attended the convention. Even some that should have like the Gun Nuts of Texas, School Vouchers for the Rich, and Constitutional Conference for republicans.

Lucky for delegates there are a number off restaurants within walking distance of the convention. Unfortunately I haven't found a good one yet.

Beers for Beto.
Coming up!

Vendors who should think twice before attending the Democratic Convention #TDP18

It's basically dishonest.

I counted three vendors who might want to re-think coming to our convention in 2020, the Texas version of the nra, the School Vouchers people, and the Greg Abbott Constitutional Convention group. None were well received by Democrats.

The Texas State Rifle Association is an extension of the nra but they are presenting themselves as a "common sense" gun rights group. Common sense people do not want open carry or carrying around loaded assault rifles in public. Common sense people believe in closing the loop holes on background checks at gun shows. The tsra has lobbied against these common sense issues. This group is nothing more than a mini-nra. They do not belong here at our Convention. Funny.....they are right next to Moms Demand Action.

The Constitutional Convention group is presenting themselves as a a group advocating for limited government (Greg Abbott supports this group). It sounds great on paper but then are advocating for cutting social services like Medicare, Social Security under the disguise of fiscal responsibility. They advocate for a balanced budget amendment like the one that has been used to cut education and services throughout the state. The fact that Abbott and the republicans are in support of this group should tell you enough about them.

The School Vouchers group is cleverly named "School Choice" and they dishonestly advocate for better education. What they don't tell you is that they are advocating for better education with school vouchers. They figured out that vouchers is a bad word especially with a group of people who support our families, friends, and educators who are in the public school system. They left their material on the table for people to take. Someone took the opportunity to write them a note.

At the #TDP Family First Rally Saturday 9:45 Jackets are option

A Family First rally in support of the children separated from their families will take place  at the Convention Center concourse at 9:45. They expect a large crowd. Report will follow.

Family First Rally
9:45 AM
Convention center concourse
Jackets are optional.

Day 1 of the Texas Democratic Convention #TDP18

I am ready to attend the various Hispanic caucuses. Reports coming throughout the day. Wearing my Loteria t-shirt.
LoterĂ­a is a game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of plain numbers on ping pong balls. Every image has a name and an assigned number, but the number is usually ignored. Each player has at least one tabla, a board with a randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures with their corresponding name and number. Players choose what tabla they want to play with, from a variety of previously created tablas. Each one presents a different selection of images.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

TX Congressman Brian Babin condition after being hit by a bus

After bragging about his support for separating children from their mothers in a press release, Texas Congressman Brian Babin was run over by a bus driven by Donald Trump. Trump was racing to sign an executive order to stop the policy he created and Babin had joyfully supported. Trump stated:
"This was not something I created. It was the Democrats policy and only an idiot would voice his support for it."
Babin will be meeting the press as soon as he can take the egg off his face. His press release has received about 20 comments, all negative concerning his support of the policy that trump created. The comment period is still open.

Welcome to America, bitches!

We warned you. We really did warn you. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

TX Congressman Brian Babin supports family separation

It's almost like our Congressman is as racist as his president.

From Brian Babin's press release:

What is happening at the border is unfortunate and a direct consequence of not implementing and enforcing our immigration laws. For this reason, I support the Administration’s zero tolerance policy and advocate for continuing it. 

I called his office asking if he supported taking children away from their mothers. His staff defended Babin's support as if they were defending someone who says "I'm not a racist but....". It was sad to hear them read off his press release of talking points. I felt sorry for his staff. They can't all be racists.

Babin is one of the few republicans who will defend his racist stance on this issue. At least he has the balls to defend it out loud.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SD11 Candidates for State Democratic Executive Committee

Update: I have reached out to Mr Quentin Wiltz a number of times. I was anxious to hear from him. He has not responded and he has not reached out to delegates either.

Updated with information from Susan Criss.

Six individuals are running for SDEC according to the documents provided by the Texas Democratic Party. Three men and three women. Candidates are beginning to reach out to delegates but not all. The election is this Friday. Better late than never. I intend to post updates as they come in.

One thing we do not need in our Senate District is anyone who is trying to hijack our Party. Let me be blunt. Bernie Sanders is not part of the Democratic Party. There is no "Bernie" faction of the Democratic Party. It should stay that way. We need individuals who are interested in growing the party and reaching out to everyone and not calling for a "takeover". This needs to stop and anyone running under that flag needs to quit. Our Revolution, the Sanders group, has called for a takeover by electing Bernie folks to SDEC. This has no place in our district or our Party. Join our Party and move us forward. Remember, we have an election in November and our house is on fire.

About the SDEC. The Party is represented by committee members to form the State Democratic Executive Committee. Each Senate district has a male and a female representative. Other organizations are also represented, Labor, Hispanics, African American, the Gay community, the disabled community, and others. Members meet every 3 months to conduct the business of the Party. Most committee members spend their own money and time from work to support this effort.

The elected official as an SDEC member is expected to perform the following:

  • Keep Democrats informed of the SDEC meetings
  • Meet with various clubs throughout the district
  • Distribute important information to Democrats in the district
  • Build the party
  • Represent SD11 at various functions

The individuals running for SDEC Male position are:

Mr. Muhammed Alam has sent an email concerning his candidacy. He could be a good contender. In part it reads:
Currently, I am precinct chair of 28, east side of Pearland. Has been involved in local politics. First campaign did for John Floyd in 2016, ran for state rep 29 and received 29,000 votes. Supported financially and time for many candidates for local and state candidates in 2017 and 2018. I have triple voters participation in Precinct 28 and more people are participating in the Pearland local elections. Pearland local election win number used to be 2000 votes and now 5000 votes. We have created a Political Action Committee for real change in local and then state politics. Main objective how to win election in Brazoria county. We must unit and run as slate to win. We must motivate voters and improve awareness of voting benefits. We must reach out voters and have more face time and understand local issues. We need more of them to vote to be successful. We must establish strong communication in SD11 with all precincts chairs

Mr Quentin Wiltz ran for Mayor of Pearland in 2017. He has impressive information about his professional background on his website but there is nothing on his desire to run for SDEC. I will update as soon as I get information. He too should be a good contender. He has not reached out to delegates.

Dylan Forbis has some information on his activism on Facebook but nothing concerning his run for SDEC. He is the President of Brazoria County Young Democrats. I have not received anything from him on his candidacy. 

I have reached out to all three to understand their reasons on running for SDEC, what they intend to do for the district and how they intend to grow the party. I'll update as soon as possible.

The individuals running for SDEC Female position are:

Susan Criss has been involved in politics for many years as an activist,  a candidate, and an elected official. She is an attorney practicing in Galveston County. She should be the leading contender for the SDEC Woman's position. Susan easily has what it takes to lead the district. She would be my choice. I'll update as soon as I get some detailed information from her. From her email to the delegates:
Democratic Activism
· I have been an active participant in Democratic politics my entire life. I was about 3 years old when my dad, Lloyd Criss, Jr. was the Democratic County Chair of Galveston County.
· Served on the State Board of the Texas Tejano Democrats.
· Served as a Parliamentarian of the Texas Democratic Women
· Active member of the Galveston County Democrats, the Neighborhood Democrats, , the Galveston County Coalition of Black Democrats, the Harris County Tejano Democrats, TDW Harris County,
· Active member of (no longer in existence) the North County (Galveston) Democrats, the West (Galveston) County Democrats, and Galveston County TDW (the original club).
· Belong to the new GC TDW club and the Bell County TDW.
· Participated in democratic clubs and labor events in numerous other counties. I have attended numerous SDEC meetings over several years.
· Stuffed envelopes, worked phone banks, block walked, raised funds, GOTV, attended conventions and protested for the better part of 57 years.
· Wrote a progressive column for the Galveston County Daily News entitled, “Nothing Left Unsaid”

Bengisu Abramsky has an impressive resume. She has jumped into the political process after the 2016 elections and it should be appreciated. She could give Susan a good run if she is actively campaigning across the district. She could be a great choice in a couple of years. Her email to the delegates includes:
This year, I served on my two kids’ schools’ PTA Boards as Legislative Chair, attended the Clear Creek Community Council (CCCC) of PTAs’ meetings as a delegate, and joined the CCCC’s Advocacy Committee where one of our initiatives was to register and educate voters. I became a VDR for Harris and Galveston Counties, worked at voter registration events, and helped organize candidate forums we put together before the primaries. I’ll continue serving in my roles on one of the PTA boards and the CCCC Advocacy Committee this coming school year.

Jhanvi Jariwala has a lot of energy. Although I have talked with her for some time, I was unable to understand her desire to run for SDEC, her qualifications, and I don't think she understands the duties of the position. She might want to start at precinct chair first before diving into the structure of the TDP. Energy is good but it needs to be directed.

See you at the convention!

Monday, June 18, 2018

For Chair of the Texas Democratic Party: Gilberto Hinojosa

Current Chair for the Texas Democratic Party, Gilberto Hinojosa is running for re-election. Delegates to the Texas Democratic Convention should give him your vote. Again.

Texas has become a breeding ground for bad legislation, bad legislators and the lies that are required to sell the half baked ideas and candidates to the public. Unfortunately it works and it's hard to fight. Believing a simple minded slogan is much harder than reading and understanding a difficult problem and solving it. It makes it very difficult to lead in this state.

Our party is in for another tough election in 2018. We will face voter discrimination, harassment, purging, and attacks by foreign countries. In order to move towards blue the party needs strong leadership and money. Hinojosa can provide both. Leading a party is a very tough job especially in Texas but once again Hinojosa has volunteered to take that position. Hinojosa has served as Chair since 2012.

Although Cedric Davis has been a mayor before, I see no indication that he can provide the fundraising effort required for a state party or that he has the necessary experience. The other two who have applied for the position do not have the qualifications required for Chair of the party.

Gilberto Hinojosa for Chair of the Texas Democratic Party.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Guide to the Texas Democratic Convention in Ft Worth

It's always a great rah-rah session!

The Texas Democratic Convention will take place next weekend in Fort Worth from Thursday-Saturday evening. Here is a quick guide for those attending:

Do not feed the LaRouche group. Seriously just leave them alone. They tend to be like lost, cute puppies. Once you talk to them you will end up taking them home. And feeding them. The LaRouche group is the cult of the Democratic Party. They are the fringe of the fringe advocating for impeaching Obama, supporting trump, and creating trade routes between the Earth, the Moon, and Mars. (I am not kidding!) Do yourself a favor and just leave them alone.

Do not sign petitions. Don't sign petitions unless you know exactly what they are going to accomplish (if anything). If a group gets enough signatures their resolution must be brought to the floor for a vote. Sometimes this could amount to a very long, drawn out, worthless vote. If the resolution they are pushing have merit they should have pushed them through the resolution committee.

The Texas Democratic Party has a load of information at their website, It has a schedule of events and the rules of the convention as well as other information. Take some time to read it.

Go to the Kickoff receptions. The kickoff is a great way to meet your elected officials, donate to the party, and have fun. It is always a good party for the party. The kickoff is at the Omni on Thursday evening.

Find hospitality suites. Many elected officials and organizations will have hospitality suites. Organizations like Annie's List, Texas Freedom Network, Young Democrats, etc are just a few that will most probably have a party. This is again a great way to meet like minded people on specific issues. And they are usually a lot of fun!

Visit the vendors. Once they are open find a plastic cover for your convention credentials. The vendors will have t-shirts, stickers, and other political merchandise. Many organizations will have a booth with information about their specific issue. Find an issue you are concerned about. Sign up to keep informed.

Attend your Senate District Caucus. At this time delegates will vote for SDEC chairs and positions for the various committees. You should have been contacted by those who are running by now.

Attend a caucus. There will be a caucus for a number of organizations including the Hispanic Caucus, Young Democrats, and specific issues caucus. Pick one and attend.

Next up.....endorsements for Senate District 11 and Party officials.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Movie Review: Hereditary

Gosh that sucked.

What a waste of $8.25. Seriously I am beginning to wonder if Rotten Tomatoes, the website with fairly accurate ratings, is nothing more than a bunch of bots whipping out random positive reviews for B rated movies. Such as:
Singlehandedly the greatest horror movie I have ever seen. I feel like every aspect of this movie was made for me. It's dark, bleak, depressing, horrific and genuinely enthralling.
Yea right. The only horror in this movie was the price of the ticket. When the movie was finally over the people sitting next to me said "Is that it?" and "That sucked". Here is a more accurate review of this waste of 2 hours:
Wait for it to come to Redbox. Get a free movie coupon. Rent it for free. Give it to your neighbors to watch. As they are wasting their time watching that piece of crap steal their lawnmower. At least you will get something out of it.

That was my review. Go watch something else. Something better. Like Battlefield Earth.

Friday, June 08, 2018

A sign you will never see in a bakery

The bakers who are claiming "Religious freedom" to deny building a cake for a gay couple are hypocrites. They have no problem building a cake for those who are repeat wedding planners. The issue has nothing to do with religion. Nothing. It has everything to do about being a dick.

Anyone catch my Napoleon Dynamite reference?

Thursday, June 07, 2018

President of the United States calls Harvey victims "Stupid"

It's getting hard to make this stuff up.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, said that tens of thousands of hurricane Harvey victims took their boats out into the Gulf of Mexico to watch the hurricane requiring the Coast Guard to rescue them. Really. He said that. I am not making this stuff up! In fact here is the Houston Chronicle:
"Sixteen thousand people, many of them in Texas, for whatever reason that is. People went out in their boats to watch the hurricane,” Trump said. “That didn't work out too well.”
Look, if you have ever read my blog you know I like satire. Like the press release that named a sewer facility after Congressman Louie Gohmert:
We searched far and wide looking for an individual who was capable of representing the essence of this facility. Gohmert has the necessary skills to sit down and make shit up. His has what it takes for many of his constituents to refer to him as simply as an asshole.
Or when Tx Ag Commissioner Sid Miller apologized for using the "C" word:
In the future I will work to uphold the laws of the State, the word of the Lord, and the wisdom of family values and will use other words like bitch or whore.
But this is NOT satire! Trump actually said that! He also claimed the Prime Minister of Canada burnt down the White House! Again, I am not kidding! From The New York Times:
But on Wednesday, CNN reported that the 206-year-old war figured prominently in a discussion between President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada on May 25. According to CNN’s unnamed sources, Mr. Trump asked Mr. Trudeau, “Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?”
Even Texas Governor Greg Abbott didn't hold back on Trumps ignorant Coast Guard comments stating "What a f*ckin moron".

Ok. Abbott didn't really say that, but when asked for comment, he just sat there.

Now that is satire!