Friday, July 10, 2020

Texas Congressman Brian Babin on bounties on American soldiers. Silence.

I called Babin's office concerning his position on the bounties placed upon our soldiers by Vladimir Putin and Trump's lack of action. No one in his office knew about the issue and had to "get back to me" while everyone else in the universe knew what was going on. Babin's office has struggled to take a stand with the troops while continuing to snuggle with Trump and the White House.

I finally received a generic form letter from Babin via email. It didn't mention the bounties or Trump or anything really. So Babin is OK with trump and his response to Putin's bounties. Babin is a veteran. He claims to "support the troops" but will hide behind the president when it is time to actually support them. Maybe he needs to take off his hood and smell the treason. From Babin:

When Republican Veterans attack American Veterans. Congressman Dan Crenshaw

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw is the next Donald Trump. Keep your eye on him.

Dan Crenshaw was caught on video during a campaign strategy session questioning the patriotism of another veteran, Senator Tammy Duckworth. Senator Duckworth lost her legs when her attack helicopter was hit by a rocket propelled grenade while serving in Iraq. The Washington Post obtained a copy of the video of his response:

“I think a general message that the left stands for the destruction of America, and the right doesn’t, probably works pretty well with veterans, even liberal ones,” Crenshaw said in a Wednesday night “MAGA meetup” organized by the Trump campaign. “Because even liberal veterans probably don’t agree with that, unless you’re Tammy Duckworth.” The Washington Post obtained a video of the U.S. congressman’s remarks.”

This isn't the first time the Republican Party has mocked Veterans of war. Back in 2004 the delegates at the republican convention wore Purple Heart bandaids mocking the injuries suffered by Senator John Kerry. In 2002 they attacked Senator Max Cleland in the same manner, questioning his patriotism. Cleland at the age of 25 lost both legs serving in Vietnam. And they stood silently as their great leader, Donald Trump, mocked and ridicules Senator John McCain who was a POW during the Vietnam war.

Now, Crenshaw continues the tradition by attacking a Veteran of the Iraq War. This is who they are. This is who he is. Keep an eye on him. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

COVID Cowards won’t attend GOP COVID Convention

After refusing to cancel the in person convention for the Texas Republican Party the elected officials responsible will not be attending themselves. Instead they will address the COVID Convention by video. From the Texas Tribune:

“All the elected officials are switching from a live, in-person speech to videos,” Kyle Whatley, the party’s executive director, said during a town hall livestreamed Tuesday night. “They’re doing that for us in order to focus all the attention on the business of the meeting and to get everybody in and out of here as quickly and as safely as possible.”
“Just because there are 6000 stupid people willing to attend a COVID Convention in person, in a Petri dish,  doesn’t mean we have to subject our families to this virus by also attending”

Ok. That last sentence is satire but it’s probably what they are thinking. Cowards like Patrick and Abbott are afraid of the virus as well as taking the stage and being booed for screwing up the response to the virus. I bet most of the attendees will cancel. 

At least they can bring their guns in case they need to shoot the virus. 

Monday, July 06, 2020

When you stop at Bucee's for beaver nuts

You would think the owners of Bucee's would be left of center in their political views. After all it seems like they pay well, provide health insurance, and generally treat their employees well. (seems like it!) But looking at the owner's campaign contributions might say something else.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission Donald Wasek and Arch Beaver Aplin have donated a total of about $1.5 Million to republicans. One third of Wasek's donations, $150,000 went to Texas Attorney General. $117,500 went to the Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen. $51,000 went to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. He also donated $56,000 to John Cornyn's PAC and $45,000 to the Republican Party.

Aplin's biggest donations went to Greg Abbott for $575,000 and Dan Patrick for $250,000.

So the next time you stop at Bucee's to stuff your face with Beaver nuts remember where your money is going.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Tony Nehls CD22

Tony Nehls is a Sheriff in Fort Bend County. Like his opponent he loves Trump, the racist president. Unlike his opponent, who has sort of raised $7.5 Million, (all donations came from her own pocket) Nehls has raised a very tepid $490,000. That amount is about as exciting as getting an upgrade to a Big Gulp of diet cherry coke. Maybe he wasn't trying very hard. Or maybe he just can't raise money or interest.

Other republicans like, Pierce Bush, was able to raise $1.3 Million but he didn't meet the criteria of a new republican and did not make the runoff. $490,000 is an amount needed to run a State House race if it is competitive. It's not enough for a Congressional race.

Maybe he is like Trump and doesn't really want to win anymore. So much winning.

Raising Campaign Cash: Kathaleen Wall

In 2018 Kathaleen Wall spent $6 Million of her own money to win a seat in Texas Congressional District 2. She didn't even make the runoff. Now she has spent another $7.5 million to win the Republican nomination in another district, CD22.

According to her latest report on the Federal Election Commission's website, Wall has donated $6 Million of her own money to her campaign with another $1.5 million in a loan. She received about $12,000 from other sources.

Wall is another Donald Trump with a dress, a gun, and a bullhorn for her dog whistles of divisiveness and racist comments. She is the perfect representation of the new Republican Party.

Trump the COVID Coward quits during wartime

Remember when Trump labeled himself as the "wartime president" fighting the Coronavirus pandemic? From Politico:

“I do, I actually do, I'm looking at it that way,” Trump told reporters during a press briefing at the White House when asked whether he considered the U.S. to be on a wartime footing. “I look at it, I view it as, in a sense, a wartime president. I mean, that's what we're fighting.“

After just four months of battle resulting in 3 million infections, 132,000 deaths, 14% unemployment, and trillions in lost revenues the wartime president has tucked tail and declared he is quitting. From NBC News:
Eager to move forward and reopen the economy amid a recession and a looming presidential election, the White House is now pushing acceptance. 
"The virus is with us, but we need to live with it," is how one official said the administration plans to message on the pandemic.
Just like during the Vietnam war, trump has morphed into a COVID Coward. A weak, incompetent, lying, confused, COVID Coward. We haven't lost the battle over the virus. We have just lost the coward in chief.

Texas Gov Greg Abbott shows off his new mask

Friday, July 03, 2020

Texas GOP votes to have their COVID Convention in Houston

6000 ignorant republicans all crammed into the George R Brown Convention Center during a raging, out of control, pandemic. What could possibly go wrong? The Texas Republican Party executive committee voted 40-20 to continue with plans to hold an in person convention which means 1/3 of the executive committee is beginning to think with their heads instead of their nose.

Maybe some of them read about Herman Cain, the former GOP presidential candidate, who is now hospitalized with COVID after attending the Trump foley in Tulsa. Or maybe they read that their leader, Greg Abbott has finally realized he screwed up the reopening of Texas and is now requiring the wearing of masks across the state. Or maybe they just finally pulled their heads out of Donald Trump's ass and smelled the virus.

Not only will 6000 delegates meet in the convention center, many will pay to attend an elegant gala, or a luncheon with elected officials, and others will attend training sessions such as "How to avoid being labeled a racist".

The Texas GOP also voted to put the following rules in place for all attendees:
  1. Wearing a mask is mandatory even if wearing a hood.
  2. Social distancing will not be allowed. It is not needed.
  3. Remember the virus is a hoax. Act like it.
  4. If you are sick do not come to the event.
  5. If you are poor, do not come to the event.
  6. If you are Latino, do not come to the event.
  7. If you are Black, do not come to the event.
  8. If you are a person of color, do not come to the event.
  9. If you are a police officer, do not come to the event.
  10. If you are a teacher, do not come to the event.
  11. If you are Muslim, do not come to the event.
  12. If you are not racist, do not come to the event.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Texas 1 month COVID cases

Since opening up the state, Greg Abbott's numbers of COVID cases has nearly TRIPLED! We were warned this was going to happen. Abbott is responsible for this. Trump is responsible for this. The Unites States unlike European nations has been unable and unwilling to flatten the curve. Texas has become the new New York with 8000+ new cases each day.

Because of this incredible stupidity by Abbott we should expect home schooling for 2021, no traveling, continued lockdown at home, and more.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Texas GOP to wear hoods, not masks, at their COVID Conference in Houston

According to The Texas Tribune:
Gov. Greg Abbott is allowing limits on outdoor crowds — but not indoor gatherings. His party's convention — with an expected attendance of 6,000 — so far will not require attendees to wear face masks.
This is nothing but a COVID Convention with an outbreak about to happen right here in Houston. How many people are going to be exposed to this group of morons? How many convention workers? How many hotel workers? Abbott, the Mensa of the Coronavirus response is about to close down the state but I am sure he will allow his party to have their fill of COVID and allowing them to possibly spread the disease to Houstonians.

They will probably stick to firm rules. No Mexicans, Muslims, non-Christians, Jews, teachers, sick, poor, and others. No masks will be allowed. Only hoods. Wear them proudly.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Texas Gov Greg Abbott. A State of Embarrassment

All Texans needed was for Texas leaders to do just that, lead, and Gov Abbott has failed spectacularly in his response to the COVID virus.

All he had to do was to listen to the experts in the field and take necessary precautions. Instead he listened to the person who wanted to inject Americans with bleach and opened Texas back to business too soon. In return for his vest to please his president the State is now going back to a lockdown. Bars are now closed. Restaurants are scaling back. Harris County is now recommending a voluntary stay at home order.

All because Abbott wanted to look good with the president. Lives have been lost. Businesses have been closed. Texans have lost their jobs. Just because Abbott was afraid to stand up to Trump.

Well as the saying goes, we do things bigger in Texas including being the biggest embarrassment to the state and to the country. Abbott may want to cover his face with a mask to hide his shame.