Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Dishonest endorsement mailer(s) by Bill King

It just doesn't get anymore dishonest than this and it's not his first time either.

Bill King sent out a mailer in the Kingwood area listing some Democratic precinct chairs as endorsing him for Mayor. The office is a non partisan race and precinct chairs can endorse in this race. Unfortunately, some on his mailer did not endorse and would not endorse him and they called him out on it.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Obviously King has learned that dishonesty and lies championed by Trump can work so he did it again, this time in Clear Lake. Again some Democratic precinct chairs were listed as endorsing him, as well as a well known journalist who has not endorsed and cannot endorsement due to her profession. That person is not happy and shouldn't be. I'm not sure if this is illegal, but it should be. Regardless it is a deliberate, dishonest attempt to sway voters.

Earlier in the year King, running his second campaign for mayor, used campaign literature that did not have the necessary disclosures. It's almost like the man running against corruption can't follow the law.-

Bill King ran for Mayor of Houston 4 years ago. You would think his campaign would know that the "Political Advertisement Paid for by" requirement applies to all candidates. King's campaign was in the neighborhood putting out door hangers without the necessary disclosure requirement. King might want to review the following section of Title 15 Election Code:

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

When Trump calls you Pocahontas, or Fredo...

Trump, like an 8 year old, enjoys referring to others with cute, sometimes racist names. Calling Senator Warren Pocahontas, or VP Biden "Sleepy Joe" are just two examples of this childish behavior. I hope our candidates will learn how to handle these immature, racists comments during the 2020 campaign because he is going to continue to do it.

If it was me I would respond with the following when asked about his comments: 
What do you expect? Seriously, what do you expect from Trump? This is who he is. This is what he does. Nothing will change that. When he calls someone Pocahontas, or Fredo, or Pablo, he isn't doing it to be cute. It's racist. It is just simply racist and that is who he is. It is so incredibly sad that I have to say the President of the United States is a racist but he is. His name calling is beneath the dignity of an 8 year old but again, that is who he is. So what do you expect from him?
Calling a German American "Adolph", or a Mexican American "Santa Anna", or an Irish American "Mickey" or a Native American "Pocahontas" or "Chief", would usually get your ass kicked. Lucky for Trump he has the secret service to protect him. Calling names like this is demeaning, ignorant, insulting, and racist.

That is who Trump is.

Friday, August 02, 2019

Trump and Republicans are not racist

When you have to say "I'm not a racist".... From The Associated Press.

Photo by Reuters

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Why do you have to be a dick about everything? Tx Congressman Randy Weber

This is a Facebook post from a United States Congressman from Galveston Texas. This is a so called "Christian" who thinks it is funny to mock children who have been separated from their parents or those who have fled their country seeking the help from Christians such as Weber. Instead of finding compassion or legal process they find a United States Congressman, an "honorable" Congressman making fun of them living in filth, sleeping on the floor, and wondering if they have met a devil instead of a Christian. Weber joins his president and others in the Republican Party as a member of the "Why do you have to be a dick about everything" Club.

Weber isn't a Christian. He is a dick.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo

Picture from the Houston Chronicle
There are so many politicians who talk the talk. That is easy. And there are those who actually walk the walk. Case in point Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. From the Houston Chronicle:

New Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has announced that she will refuse political donations from county contractors, a stark departure from the past in which firms seeking business from the county showered Commissioners Court candidates and incumbents with cash.

Republican Commissioners Cagle and Raddick will not do the same, neither will the Democrats Garcia and Ellis. The republicans will never stop taking corporate money or money from the vendors doing business with their office. That is who they are. That is who they represent. The Democrats are moving in the right direction. No corporate PAC money is a great start. 
Judge Hidalgo is leading the way in Harris County. It's time everyone on the Commission follows her lead.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Republican, Democrat, Independent? Bill King

As stated before, having a (R) behind your name when running for office is about as popular as herpes at a hot tub party. Based upon Bill King's history of donations, voting history, and his endorsements, Bill King is a Republican (R).

Over the last few years King donated about $7000 to various republican organizations and individuals including Paul Bettencourt and the Coaltion for a Greater Houston which is no where to be found.  He donated $1500 to the Spring Branch Republicans, and $250 to the Kingwood Area Republican Women's Club. It's not a large amount of donations but it is in support of republicans.

He also donated to the Houston Realty Business Coalition which in 2018 endorsed every republican running in 2018. We expect that to continue in 2019. His voting record is very clear voting in the republican primary since 2006. King has also never been a friend of the LGBTQ community. So with all of that, it is pretty clear King is an (R) in a nonpartisan race.

At least he isn't taking pictures and having fundraisers for Trump.

Tx Congressman Pete Olson, leaving with egg on his face

One of my previous post needs an update. Texas Congressman Pete Olson has decided to spend more time not defending the indefensible Donald Trump. Olson has tired of being expected to carry Trump's jock strap since he was in a very safe deep red district. His opponent in 2018 changed that losing by only a couple of points. So as any coward would do, Pete Olson is quitting.

I can no longer take a back seat in Donald Trump's golf cart and be expected to defend his positions on racism, the deficit, our growing debt, the disrespect for the press, mocking of the disabled, disrespect for women, minorities, and non-christians. This is not the Republican Party I proudly belong to. 

Ok. That isn't what Pete said, but it should be. I've written about Pete's great legacy before. Here is a clip of when I confronted Olson with some uncomfortable facts. 

Health care stunt
In his only town hall meeting held in LaMarque back in 2009, Olson was taped using a woman and her son as props in a failed attempt to warn about the Affordable Care Act. He described how the private insurance industry and private hospitals and private medical doctors turned down a treatment for her son. She eventually received the care (provided by government provided healthcare) but Olson went on to claim that under the government's Affordable Care Act, she would have been turned down.

Someone (me) with a camera yelled "THE GOVERNMENT DIDN'T TURN HER DOWN! THE PRIVATE SECTOR DID!". Olson looked like a deer caught in the head lights of a truck. His look of stupidity earned him a spot on Keith Olberman. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Republican, Democrat, Independent? Tony Buzbee

UPDATE: I asked for a comment from Buzbee's campaign. They have not responded. 


According to the Texas Ethics Commission and the Federal Elections Commission Tony Buzbee hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump in his home, he donated $250,000 to the Trump Victory Fund, donated $35,000 to Trump's PAC, $165,000 to the RNC, donated $500,000 to Trump's inaugurationdonated $110,000 to the Republican Party in 11 different states, and donated over $1,000,000 to various republican candidates including $308,000 to Greg Abbott and $80,000 to Rick Perry.

Tony Buzbee is a republican.

But as noted before, he is attempting to play both sides for fools:
On the Democratic side Buzbee helped the party wipe out the Republican judges in Harris County with his $90,000 donation to the Harris County Democratic Party not including the $20,000 to their Federal PAC in 2018. He also donated $176,178 to Democratic Judicial Candidates. Every one of them won.
At least Buzbee had the balls to come to a HCDP Executive Committee meeting asking for their votes. He was boo-ed and heckled on the way out. Then he bitched whined about it. Wonder if the Harris County Republican Party would welcome Buzbee after learning that he financed the wipeout of their judge in 2018.

Probably will. Fools.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Republican, Democrat, or Independent? Michael Kubosh

UPDATE: I received this following response from Kubosh:

"I am a non-partisan elected official that represents the entire City of Houston.

I go to events all over the City, hosted by independents, Republicans and Democrats. I decided years ago to not alienate myself from those I represent in the City of Houston. 

I am an independent and a populist. 
I will not vote in a Primary as long as I am a NON-PARTISAN OFFICE HOLDER."

Original Post:
Houston City Council races are non-partisan. Candidates are not required to designate the party they associate with but it is easy to determine. In this election year having an (R) behind your name might not be the best campaign strategy since the Republican Party has become the party of increasing debt, $1 Trillion deficits, fiscal irresponsibility, racism, tariffs, etc, etc, etc They just suck.

Council Member Kubosh might have forgotten that voting records and campaign donations are public record so it is easy to determine which party you associate with. In Kubosh's case, he is a Republican.

The Texas Ethics Commission shows he donated $39,369 to republicans and republican organizations. This includes $21,700 to the Harris County Republican Party and $5000 to the Spring Branch Republican Club. And his company Kubosh Bail Bonding donated another $7050. On the Federal level he donated $3000 to the Harris County Republican Party.

His voting record is also available for the public to see. Unfortunately Kubosh does not have much of a voting record which is pretty odd for an elected official in fact he should be questioned about this and I think I will.....

UPDATE: Kubosh has voted in the general elections. His primary election voting record is lacking but again donations are clear.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

CORRECTION: Not Raising Campaign Cash: Tony Buzbee

I recently posted Raising Campaign Cash: Houston City Elections. Final. Thoughts stating Tony Buzbee has $5.1 Million cash on hand and raised $5.5 Million. That is not true and I have since corrected it.

Tony Buzbee did not raised any money, as in, zero dollars. The $5.5 Million came out of his own pocket.  Buzbee unlike the other candidates running for Mayor or any other office in Houston is wealthy. In his case, filthy wealthy. He has enough money to spare that he does not need to ask people to donate to his campaign because they believe in his stance or his support of Trump. He doesn't have to spend half a day on the phone asking for donations. He doesn't have to have fundraisers. He doesn't have to prove he is a viable candidate for a very important office.

So, he raised $0 because he is filthy rich. I stand corrected.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: Houston City Council District C

I reported on Anthony Dolcefino and became interested in the other candidates in District C. Beside poor fundraising numbers, no fundraising, and a loan of $20,000 there is nothing grossly unusual. Abbie Kamin had a very strong showing of $175,490. The others raised so-so money.

Kendra Camarena$13,625$13,638$12$0
Candelario Cervantez$1,908$1,954$46$0
Anthony Dolcefino$2,800$2,800$0$0
Rodney Hill$0$0$0$0
Abbie Kamin$141,382$175,490$44,557$0
Shelley Kennedy$6,677$39,651$40,600$0
Greg Meyers$34,297$25,722$10,004$20,000
Bob Nowak$4,488$13,186$8,697$0
Daphne Scarbrough$22,195$31,195$5,849$0
Mary Jane Smith$38,209$58,906$20,696$0
Kevin Walker$0$0$0$0
Amanda Kathryn Wolfe$19$63$43$0

Spending Campaign Cash: Anthony Dolcefino

Even a Caveman can do it
UPDATE: Mr. Docefino has responded to my request to clarify his spending:

Website is free website builder, domain name I already owned, literature was in-kind after the June 30th deadline, FB ads have been bought in July, etc.
Yesterday I posted about Anthony Dolcefino's fundraising numbers. Anthony is running for City Council District C. Anthony seems to be picking up where his father left off back in 2005 by attacking Mayor Turner.

Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter (sic) for KTRK-TV. He had a boner for Sylvester Turner back in 1995 when Turner first ran for Mayor. Dolcefino was eventually sued and lost for a story about insurance fraud and a jury awarded $5.5 Million. 

Since 2008 I have been interested in what elected officials are spending their money on in my series called Spending Campaign Cash. Here is an entry for Anthony and it is strange. I have reached out to both Anthony and his treasurer for a response.

Anthony filed a paper report because he raised less than $20,000 and does not have access to an computer. He is listed as his own treasurer and he claims to have spent $0 during this period. This is strange because he has a website, a domain name, a facebook page, a twitter account. He has made online ads and he has campaign literature with the required disclaimer "PolAds paid for by Anthony Dolcefino Campaign, Linda Fowler Treasurer".

According to the Texas Ethics Commission expenditures must be reported including what was purchased, how much was paid, who was paid, when it was paid among other things. Even if the website, domain name, and campaign literature were donated, that must be reported as an in-kind donation.

Look...I'm not an expert on the laws in Texas but I can read and it's not real hard to understand. If you receive money, report it. If you spend money, report it. It really is that simple.

Even a caveman can do it.