Thursday, December 05, 2019

Yet another lie by Toni Buzbee

He really is just like Trump. He just can't stop lying.

In a recent push card claiming to support the Houston Fire Fighters Buzbee claims "The mayor ignored voters and sued the firefighters". This is not true. According to Houston Public Media:
The Houston Police Officers’ Union (HPOU) has filed a lawsuit against both the City of Houston and the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, in an effort to block implementation of a charter amendment granting firefighters pay parity with police officers of equivalent rank. Houston voters approved the amendment, also known as Proposition B, earlier this month.
The Police Dept wanted the Proposition to be ruled unconstitutional, and it was. According to the Texas Constitution the pay increases must follow certain procedures and not simply putting a pay increase on the ballot without allocating funding for it. (Talk to your City Council Member about this. I did.)

The article goes on to say 
Earlier this week, Houston City Council voted to hire the law firm of Norton Rose Fulbright, as a first step in filing its own suit to block the charter amendment.
This is the city, not the Mayor as Tony wants you to believe. Do yourself a favor. Ask your elected officials how the city could pay for a 29% increase in Fire Fighters pay. Most will be honest about the lack of funds but the desire to increase pay in a sustainable manner.

Buzbee on the other hand will probably just lie to you. It worked for trump.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

More on Dick and the Harris County Democratic News

OK. I'm officially obsessed.

Recently an organization called the Harris County Democratic News released a mailer with pictures of Black elected officials such as President Obama, State Representative Senfronia Thompson, and others with the back endorsing people of color except for one, Eric Dick. Some have wondered who paid for this mailer and maybe I found out that it is only one person, the white one.

According to the City of Houston website, there is only 1 contributor to the Harris County Democratic News and that is Eric Dick for a total of $8500. The address of this news is 1918 Freeman Houston Texas 77009 and owned by Philip Bryant. The HCDN is not registered with the Texas Ethics Commission.

This is definitely strange since there is no political disclaimer so filing an ethics complaint will be challenging.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Paying for endorsements: Eric Dick

More Dick for Saturday.

The Conservative Review is run by Gary Polland, the former chair of the Harris County Republican Party. Recently he issued his "endorsements" for the upcoming city runoffs. Eric Dick paid $25,000 to Pollard and Buzbee gave $35,000 and both were endorsed. Mike Knox gave $5,000.

In 2015, Bill King donated $150,000. Dick gave $12,000 in 2013 and former City Councilman Costello gave $120,000. Mike Knox gave $20,000 in 2015.

Buzbee was real proud of not seeking endorsements except from Hotze or the sloppy seconds from the Fire Fighters Union but he had no problem paying $35,000 and recieving the endorsement for Mayor from Polland.

Along with paying The Conservative Review $25,000, Dick also paid some group called the Harris County Black Democratic News $8500 and received their endorsement also. Dick just can't get endorsements. It looks like Dick is having a hard time.


Who paid for the misleading ads from Harris County Black Democratic News?


Eric Dick donated $8,500 to the "Harris County Democratic News" located at 1918 Freeman Houston Texas 77009. Recently a flyer was distributed with endorsements from the HCDN on one side, which includes Eric Dick, and pictures of prominent elected officials including President Obama, and State Representative Senfronia Thompson as if they have endorsed him. This misleading mailer prompted a statement from Representative Thompson:

"Let me set the record straight. In this upcoming Run-off Election, I have only endorsed Mayor Sylvester Turner, Dr. Letitia Plummer, Sallie Alcorn and Rhonda Skillern-Jones," said an outraged State Representative Senfronia Thompson. "I have never been contacted by the Harris County Black Democratic News nor am I sure that they are a legitimate news or community organization. I did not consent to being included in the Harris County Black Democratic News and am appalled that a group would go to this extent to mislead voters. Other black elected officials are experiencing the same shock as to the gall of the group to use their name and photo to mislead the voters."

This is NOT the first time Eric Dick has done this. When he first ran for City Council he sent a mailer with pictures he took with various elected officials implying they endorsed him. 10 years later he is doing it again. There is very little information available at this organization except Whois. This organization is registered to Phillip Bryant of the Island of Hope Church at 1918 Freeman. 832-267-9936. Here is the Whois entry. The website is nothing more than a sign in sheet for their "news" with a picture of President Obama.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Texas GOP. Like Trump they need to cheat to win.

The Texas Republican Party has adopted the Trump campaign strategy: Lie. Cheat. Steal

How many times do we hear so-called independents (embarrassed republicans) say we need civility, and truth in politics, and "Both parties do it". Well they must be really pissed now that the Texas Republican Party has leaked their 2020 campaign strategy.... to the Democratic Party. 

From the leaked memo, emailed to the Democrats, the Party will create a disinformation campaign, just like Russia did in 2016, buying website domains that look like a Democrat's website and load it with negative information. I would expect this disinformation campaign to be staged on social media, buying ads on Facebook.

They intend to reach out to minorities with ads showcasing minorities that are probably paid actors or stock photos. That has been done before. And according to the Houston Chronicle:

According to the leaked memo, the Republican Party of Texas plans to create “microsites for negative hits” against a dozen Democratic candidates who defeated Republican incumbents in the 2018 elections. The party would work to juice sites’ appearances on search engines and buy Democratic candidate website domain names still available and reroute clicks to those domains to the microsites.
They intend to use their money to do what Trump does best, cheat. Instead of debating the issues they intend to just simply cheat. Instead of defending their positions on health care, immigration, taxes, they will defend their cheating. 

At least, in the leaked memo, the Texas GOP finally agrees that Trump is toxic. It only took them 4 years to figure that out but then again, Trump has always been a great representation of the Texas GOP. He is a liar. A cheater. A crook. A racist. A rotten human being.

This is who they are.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Galveston County Tax Assessor Cheryl Johnson. What's she hiding?

Galveston County Tax Assessor Cheryl Johnson, the tea party darling of Galveston County, has a primary challenger. Cheryl has become a career politician, the kind of politician tea party folks do not like. She has been in office since 2004. So maybe a challenge is necessary.

The tea party people believe in transparency, open government, yada yada until it comes to Cheryl. Galveston County does not require candidates or elected officials to post, for all to see, their campaign reports. Cheryl is one of the few who opted to require someone, like me, to go to the Galveston County office to review her reports. According to the Galveston County website:

So it looks like a trip to Galveston is necessary. Lunch anyone?

Anthony Dolcefino saving faces.

I do not like Anthony Dolcefino. I didn't like his father's investigation against then State Representative Sylvester Turner back in 2014 which a jury hit him for $5.5 million. Anthony is probably one of the worst candidates for City Council since Helena Brown who lasted only 2 years on Council.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that he voted in the Democratic Primary in 2016. Oh wait....that IS surprising! WTF? Make no mistake about Dolcefino. Like Buzbee, he is not a Democrat. He does not share our principals. Maybe, like Buzbee, he is playing both sides, and like Buzbee, it aint working.

Dolcefino screened with the extreme, far right, anti-gay community, U.S. Pastor Council. As expected he told them what they wanted to hear in his questionnaire:

The marriage issue, a legal issue not a religious one, has been decided by the United States Supreme Court and protection for our LGBTQ community makes sense as well as cents. It is just plain stupid and mean to be attacking our neighbors, friends, and family members.

But that is who the Republican Party has endorsed. That is what they believe. Like father. Like Buzbee.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

What else will Tony Buzbee lie about? Glad you asked....

I've said it before. Tony Buzbee is just like trump. 
Buzbee is a politically ignorant, wealthy, "tell it like it is", not a politician, lawyer who intends to self finance a run for Mayor of Houston, a political office. Sound familiar? It should. Buzbee is the Donald Trump of Houston.
And like trump, he lies. Every. Fuckin. Day. He has lied about crime statistics. He has lied about so called "corruption". He has lied, and was caught on camera, about his endorsement from the extreme right wing group led by Steve Hotze. And now he is lying to the residents of Meyerland and once again, has been fact checked. 

Buzbee has plastered Meyerland with the following poorly designed flyer. Click on the pic below to read the fact checks by a Meyerland resident. Thanks to Art!

Buzbee is just like trump. He just can't stop lying. If he lies to your face on TV he is going to lie to your face in person. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Anyone else getting Dicked via text msg?

I do not like Dick.

I met Eric Dick when he first ran for Houston City Council. I didn't like him then. I don't like him now. He is the kind of guy that would suck up to anyone and say anything to get a vote. Ask the Houston Fire Fighters Union. He probably told them he would vote for their 29% increase in pay even though he has no idea how to pay for it.

Dick has had a drama filled few years on the Harris County Dept of Education calling his republican buddy, Mike Wolfe, a "pervert" and asking for an investigation into his hiring process. The investigation resulted in Dick being put in time out and a recommended that Dick should not serve on a committee with Wolfe.

So, it bothers me when I and others get unsolicited text messages from "Char", a volunteer with Better Streets Hou, a group I cannot find on the net. Needless to say someone had a snappy response.

If there was a way to file a complaint on Dick, I would. He truly is a dick.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Texas Gov Greg Abbott is truly crippled

As they say "When he tells you who he is, believe him."

I would have written another one of my "Why do you have to be a dick about everything?" post, joining the ranks of Sid Miller, Louie Gohmert, the Harris County Republican Party, the Young Republicans of Galveston, and others, but Abbott deserves worse or better. Being a dick about everything seems to be par for Abbott. 

This weekend Chick-Fil-A announced it would discontinue donations to anti-gay organizations. According to Fox News:
Chick-fil-A has announced it will focus on donating to initiatives that further its “mission of nourishing the potential in every child” in 2020 — and that it will no longer be giving to two organizations that it had previously received backlash for donating to in previous years: the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and The Salvation Army.
Salvation Army? Really? 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had to be a dick in a tweet issued shortly after the announcement.

Abbott is expected to represent all Texans. He may not like all Texans but he is expected to represent them. This stupid tweet was not necessary but it clearly shows who Greg Abbott is. Abbott is  truly  crippled. Morally.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Buzbee secures 2nd place endorsement from Fire Fighters

The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association has endorsed Tony Buzbee for Mayor. From the Houston Chronicle:

“Our firefighters deserve a raise but one that the city can afford,” said Sue Davis, communications director for Turner’s campaign. “Oh, and what happened to not seeking endorsements and not being beholden to anyone?”

As you recall the HPFFA endorsed Dwight Boykins days after he entered the race. Most had expected Buzbee to receive their endorsement even though Buzbee hasn't sought endorsements from anyone except from Steven Hotze the extreme far right anti-gay community, so called "Christian". Boykins told the Fire Fighters what they wanted to hear even though he knows the city can not afford the 29% increase they are seeking. Buzbee has promised the same even though he has no clue about what the city can or cannot afford.

The HPFFA's recent endorsements are disappointing to say the least. Anthony Dolcefino has absolutely no experience what so ever in city policies or business dealings with the city in even in the city. No experience what so ever but he received their endorsement. As did Eric Dick who again will tell anyone anything to get anywhere. Buzbee did the same.

So it shouldn't surprise anyone that Buzbee got the 2nd place participation trophy. He told them what they wanted to hear even though he has absolutely no idea how he would pay for it. The math just doesn't add up. 

Even the Harris County Republican Party has passed on Buzbee's endorsement. It's not rocket science folks.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: Dave Wilson HCC candidate

There are many reasons not to vote for Dave Wilson.

Dave Wilson is such a horrible candidate even the Harris County Republican Party wouldn't endorse him and these are the guys who endorsed Anthony Dolcefino and Eric Dick. Being qualified to sit at the table of the 4th largest city in the country is not a prerequisite for their endorsement. At least they didn't endorse BuzzedBee. But...back to Wilson.

Wilson started the year with a $13,000 loan to his campaign. In his July report he moved into the district at 1110 Paige Street that looks more like a business facility. He had no other activity. In Oct he moved again, this time to an apartment complex at 2100 Tannehill. He also spent $9181 from his own pocket leaving the $13,000 untouched although his loan balance mysteriously disappeared.

And finally in his 8 day out report he spent $8100 of his own money. His outstanding loan is no longer outstanding since it has been zeroed out. Although I believe as a matter of transparency he is required to show the outstanding loan, its not like it was ever going to be paid back since no one has contributed to his campaign. And rightfully so. He sucks as a candidate.

Bottom line he is hasn't raised any money.