Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Troy Nehls. Another dishonest, corrupt, Texas sized, ass kisser

Ask Tony Buzbee how kissing Donald Trump's ass did for his campaign.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls is why we need police reform

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls is running for Congress in Texas CD 22 a diverse community in the Sugarland area. He is a perfect example of why we need police reform and why he should never be allowed to step foot onto the floor of the United States Congress.

The recent senseless killing of George Floyd by 4 policemen has raised the issue of racism and police reform to the center of the presidential debate. One of the issues being discussed is how a law enforcement officer could be fired and then be re-hired by another law enforcement agency. Troy Nehls is a great example.

Nehls was fired from the Richmond Police Department. He is now the Sheriff of Fort Bend. How in the world can this happen? Nehls should have been banned from law enforcement not elevated. Compound this with the fact that his department was caught profiling Latinos in speed traps

Nehls is now running for Congress. He is a living example of why police reform is desperately needed in order to protect the public and to protect law enforcement officers.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw and Trump. A picture is worth a thousand votes

You will never see Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw taking a photo with Donald Trump. He knows what happened to Tony Buzbee in his race for Mayor. He knows better. He is embarrassed. He should be. Unfortunately Crenshaw will suck up to this president in the background while staying away from him like he is walking around with a 2 day old dump in his shorts.

Thanks Pat for the Photoshop!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? You can't go to the movies. You can't travel. You can't go to work if you still have a job. Your kids can't go back to school safely. Your teacher friends and relatives can't attend school safely. You can't go to a bar because they are closed. You cant go to concerts, or indoor sporting events. You can't attend outdoor sporting events unless they allow limited attendance. 40 million of your fellow Americans are out of a job due to the virus. The airline industry is barely flying. Many small businesses are closed.

So while you are suffocating while wearing a mask to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, remember to stop thinking about your selfish self and ask the question: Are WE better off than we were 4 years ago? It's not about you. It is about US.


Saturday, September 12, 2020

Harris County Republican Party adopts new logo


You can't make this stuff up.

The HCRP put out a new logo for the upcoming election. Great Opportunity Party, the GOP. I guess they think they are the party that can give you an opportunity. Here is a list of opportunities the GOP can give:

  • The opportunity to publicly display your racism on your pick-em-up truck
  • The opportunity to walk around in public dressed like GI Joe wearing body armor and a finger on a loaded AR-15
  • The opportunity to ignore science 
  • The opportunity to ignore laws
  • The opportunity to get sick and die
  • The opportunity to get others sick so they can die
  • The opportunity to lie, cheat, and steal 
  • The opportunity to work for less
  • The opportunity to work from home due to the mismanagement of the COVID crisis
  • The opportunity to send your kids to COVID classes
  • The opportunity to be an asshole
Well at least it is better than Gross Old Pharts.

Monday, September 07, 2020

Texas Republican Party denounces Trump lack of character

From the Dallas Morning News:

“His behavior does not reflect the values of the GOP of Texas, and we do not wish to promote anyone of his character,” the party said in a statement.

Well.... ok. That really isn't exactly what they said but it is pretty funny when the party of "wholesome, christian, conservative family values" will take a stand against a republican candidate for violating their oath of honor yet will do nothing about their leader for porking a porn star, paying her off, and covering it up.

Republican Senate candidate Vanessa Tijerina was recently arrested for driving under the influence with children in the car. In Texas that is a felony. Much like Trump she has had multiple run ins with the law:

Tijerina has had legal problems in the past. As a Green Party candidate for Congress in 2016, Tijerina was arrested for a food stamp and Medicaid scam in which she received thousands of dollars for falsely claiming that she was a single-parent household even though her child’s father was living with them and was a wage-earning member of the family, according to court records.

So Tijerina crossed the line and the Republican Party will throw her in the garbage while standing with trump in the dump.

Friday, September 04, 2020

Another republican loses his job over racist posts

They just can't keep their racist, filthy fingers off the keyboard.

Nick Moutos, assistant State Attorney General, lost his 6 figure salary for his recent racist posts. According to The Texas Tribune:

"A Texas assistant attorney general sent dozens of tweets over the past several months threatening violence against progressives, spouting racist and transphobic rhetoric, casting doubt over the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and sharing QAnon conspiracy theories. On Thursday, he lost his job with the state agency after national media reported on his social media activities."

Nick Moutos can join the Chair of the Harris County Republican Party, Kieth Nielsen. Nielsen lost his job as the Planning Commissioner of Pasadena after posting a racist meme of a Martin Luther King quote with a banana. 

Moutos has since gone into hiding hopefully joining all the racists in American on November 4.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Movie Review: Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner

It gets old. Quickly.

Yellowstone started off pretty interesting. You might think Yellowstone is about cowboys in the open, wild, wild West of Montana displaying conservative cowboy values with ranching, bull riding, rustling cattle, living the hard life, making a living wage and working hard. All that noble shit that cowboys are known for.

That isn't Yellowstone. Instead it's a modern day cowboy vs Indians movie with the cowboys being a bunch of really fucked up people. It could actually be just a movie about the entire Trump family on a dude ranch vacation. 

Kevin Costner is the filthy rich owner of thousands of acres of open land in Montana, butting up against an Indian Nation. He is the Cattle Commissioner with his branded (literally) ranch hands as deputies toting automatic rifles. His daughter is a drunk, power hungry, rotten, spoiled bitch. One of his sons is the family attorney with a bad hair piece and a script designed to show he knows how to lawyer. Like his sister he is an asshole.

There is a lot of killings, stealing, and coverups. The entire family gets away with it. No one is held accountable. There is no one that can't be bought or killed if they don't accept their offer. The live in a lawless environment even though Costner is also an appointed official in charge of law and order.

As I said, it gets old. You just can't wait till someone slaps the living shit out of the daughter or one of the ranch hands gets his ass kicked or gored by a bull. You just want the entire fucked up family to take the family helicopter and disappear in a canyon.

So in short this is a Trump at the Dude Ranch movie. Do yourself a favor and watch something worthwhile.

Raising Campaign Cash: DA candidate Mary Nan Huffman

Well I think we located the cash cow.

I was wondering where Kathleen Wall was going to put her money after spending $13 Million of her own money in a losing effort to win a republican primary for congress in two different district. Wonder no more! 

Last reporting period Harris County District Attorney candidate Mary Nan Huffman raised $30,000. $10,000 of that, a full 1/3 came from one donor, Kathaleen Wall. Other big contributors include HillCo PAC ($2000), the Houston Police Officer's Union ($10,000), Constable Mark Herman ($5000). I've expected Wall to spread her money around to other candidates since she can't seem to win herself.

Huffman is a trump supporter and will probably run as a "law and order" candidate. She has the support of Joe Gamaldi the president of HPOU who incorrectly blamed activists for the shooting of 4 police officers in a botched raid when in fact his own officers were responsible. Wall. Huffman. Gamaldi. What could go wrong?

I bet he endorsed Tony Buzbee.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Harris County republicans embrace disgraced County Chair Kieth Nielsen

Well no one saw that coming.

The Harris County Republican Party officials embraced their new chair, Kieth Nielsen. Nielsen was asked by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to resign his seat before officially accepting the position for his racist post concerning a Martin Luther King quote. That racist quote cost him his position as the Planning Commissioner of Pasadena. He also claimed he would not accept the position, one he had just recently won.

When Dan Patrick calls for you to resign, whatever you did must be really, really, bad, like racist bad. Patrick is the low life of the Republican Party and when he is calling for you to resign, you might want to consider doing something different with your meme generating skills. Dan Crenshaw also called for Nielsen to resign. He told him to fuck off.

Nielen was eventually sworn in. And the executive committee welcomed him even after over 100 chairs wrote to him thanking him for not taking the position. He lied to them. This is the new Republican Party. This is who they have become. They tolerate racism. They tolerate those who promote racism.  It starts at the top.