Friday, October 11, 2019

Why are you even running for COH City Council?

If you are considering running for office, you might want to find a treasurer that knows the laws or at the very least understand that you have to report how much money you raised and how much money you spent. It's so easy, a caveman can do it.

There are a number of candidates who must think running for office is a game especially some running for Mayor. Naoufal Houjami, Victoria Romero, Johnny Taylor, Roy Vasquez, and Derrick Broze haven't filed their reports yet. Demetria Smith has filed a report with zero funds raised, spent, and COH. None of these candidates understand the seriousness of running for Mayor of the 4th largest city in the United States. They haven't been invited to debates and rightfully so. They are not viable candidates.

Larry Blackmon, Yolanda Flores, Jim Honey, Jose Gonzalez, Javier Gonzalez, Jennifer Laney, Jason Rowe, and Ralph Garcia have not filed. Brad Batteau has filed a zero report. 

Sam Cleveland, running for District E has raised only $5682 with $352 COH.

In the At Large Position 1 race Georgia Provost raisted $4850 with only $468 COH.  Larry Blackmon and Yolanda Flores didn't file. 

In Position 2 Emily Detoto raised $234 for a campaign that requires $100,000 or more in a competitive race. Mike Griffin "run everywhere, every time" raised only $600. Jim Honey didn't file.

In Position 3 Janaeya Carmouche raised $3,975 and Marcel McClinton raised $14,787. These are surprising numbers only because Carmouche has talent and Marcel does not (yet). I expected more, and less.

In Postion 4 Ericka McCrutcheon loaned herself $34,000. James Joseph raised $94K but $58K was an in-kind donation from a campaign firm. James has talent. Maybe he just needs a new campaign firm. Christel Bastida raised only $1103. Javier Gonzalez, Jennifer Laney, and Jason Rowe didn't file.

In Postion 5 every candidate had poor fundraising totals except for Sallie Alcorn. Eric Dick raised only $1,435, loaned himself $75,000, and spent $93K out of his own pocket. Much like Buzbee he is attempting to buy a seat at the table. Brad Batteau who runs for something every year raised $0. Michell Bonton raised only $200 but loaned herself $20,000. Ralph Garcia didn't file.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: COH Candidates (Oct 7)

One more update coming. Figures are for the period ending Sept 30, 2019.

Notes: Tony Buzbee raised $0 in the quarter with an outstanding loan of $10,000,000.

King loaned himself $200,000. He has $410,000 of his own money invested in this run for office.

Council Member Knox raised only $32K while his opponent raised $81,000.

Kubosh also raised just $40k and has a $276,000 outstanding loan.

Eric Dick loaned himself $75,000 and spent $93K of his own money. (more about Dick later).

The report by James Joseph is confusing. He filed on 9/9/2019. Of the $94k raised, $58k is an in kind donation.

Waiting for Lovell.

Sylvester Turner (inc)$1,618,015$733,324$2,235,523$0
Tony Buzbee$4,167,503$0$3,475,058$8,000,000
Bill King$263,448$281,829$550,022$410,000
Sue Lovell
Dwight Boykins$80,900$153,790$19,100$0
Kendall Baker$3,919$0$16,340$20,000
Naoufal HoujamiDidn’t File
Victoria RomeroDidn’t File
Johnny TaylorDidn’t File
Roy VasquezDidn’t File
Derrick BrozeDidn’t File
Demetria Smith$0$0$0$0
Chris Brown (inc)$274,291$100,990$61,079$75,000
*Orland Sanchez$23,651$30,057$23,651
District E
Dave Martin (inc)$147,952$8,150$20,389$0
Sam Cleveland$352$5,682$5,330$0
Position 1
Mike Knox (inc)$24,990$32,188$35,540$0
Raj Salhotra$180,947$81,218$67,748$0
Georgia Provost$468$4,850$4,775$0
Larry BlackmonDidn’t File
Yolanda FloresDidn’t File
Position 2
David Robinson (inc)$255,938$52,008$48,267$0
Willie Davis$8,832$20,665$29,110$3,000
Emily Detoto$439$234$3,124$500
Mike Griffin$872$600$650$0
Jim HoneyDidn’t File
Position 3
Michael Kubosh (inc)$122,678$40,035$39,076$276,000
Janaeya Carmouche$708$3,975$7,156$0
Marcel McClinton$4,895$14,787$18,577$0
Jose GonzalezDidn’t File
Position 4
Nick Hellyar$32,763$49,871$36,372$0
Bill Baldwin$52,074$110,394$38,562$0
Anthony Dolcefino$7,112$15,355$9,002$0
Letitia Plummer$32,139$9,834$23,490$0
**James Joseph$36,250$94,450$84,425$0
Ericka McCrutcheon$150$3,146$23,305$34,000
Christel Bastida$750$1,103$51$200
Tiko Hausman$2,098$5,845$8,654$0
Javier GonzalezDidn’t File
Jennifer LaneyDidn’t File
Jason RoweDidn’t File
Position 5
Sallie Alcorn$258,320$71,421$66,284$0
Catherine Flowers$2,157$8,015$12,471$2,987
Ashton Woods$2,167$9,791$7,624$0
Marvin McNeese$3,305$9,705$13,305$30,000
Eric Dick$1,435$1,435$93,248$75,000
Brad Batteau$0$0$0$0
Sonia Rivera$802$2,335$1,732$0
Michelle Bonton$20,000$200$10,005$20,000
Ralph GarciaDidn’t File

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Tony Buzbee meets the Press after botched intern controversy

That didn't end well.

Greg Groogan of Fox26 and Mario Diaz of KPRC ran a story about an "intern" that was hired at a salary of $95,000. Buzbee jumped on this controversy like Donald Trump jumped on a porn star. He held a press conference. He called for the Texas Attorney General to start an investigation. He called the Texas Rangers. And so far they haven't returned any of his calls and for good reason.

The "intern" according to the Houston Chronicle, has a master’s degree in legal studies from Texas State University and a law degree from Texas Southern University. He also has very significant experience. From the Chronicle:
Turner released a statement Tuesday explaining that the position is part of the airport system’s “Executive Internship Program” and said Agumagu’s salary “is commensurate with his education and experience.” Houston Airport System Director Mario Diaz created the program “to attract new talent in the field of aviation” and to serve as an entry to a city management training program, according to a 2018 memo released by the city Tuesday.
The bottom line is this is 1995 all over again like Wayne Dolcefino's botched investigation story against Turner that ended in a lawsuit. From a previous post.
Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter (sic) for KTRK-TV. He had a boner for Sylvester Turner back in 1995 when Turner first ran for Mayor. Dolcefino was eventually sued and lost for a story about insurance fraud and a jury awarded $5.5 Million. 
Groogan and Diaz have been nominated for the Wayne Dolcefino Investigations Gone Wrong award. Buzbee is still waiting by the phone wiping the egg off his face.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Trump's mini-me: Tony Buzbee

OK. I'm working on something...but until then...I think I found Trump's Mini-Me. Tony will do to Houston what Trump has done to us!

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The three faces of Tony Buzbee

Much like Donald Trump, when someone tells you Tony Buzbee is a rich, politically ignorant, jackass, believe them.

Buzbee, who is running for Mayor of Houston, likes to claim he is an "independent" yet has a history of massive donations to Donald Trump and the Republican Party and donations to the local Democratic Party to help wipe out Republican Judges in Harris County. (It worked!) There is nothing worse than someone who is two faced, willing to tell you what ever you want to hear depending upon who you are or, in the newest case, who you love.

It has been rumored Buzbee was cozy with one of the most homophobic, hateful,  "christians" in the Houston area. Now it is official. Hotze has officially endorsed Buzbee and we have pictures to prove it. This is who Buzbee is sucking up to:
“The illegitimate SCOTUS ruling does not name Texas, so fight those lousy bastards,” said Hotze, president of Conservative Republicans of Texas, a group influential in Harris County GOP primaries. “They hate God and want to let the Sodomites queer our country.”
Tony Buzbee is a rich, politically ignorant, jackass. Believe me.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Activists protest Texas State Representative Little Baby Briscoe Cain

Gun safety activists held a great protest a block away from Texas State Representative "Little Baby" Briscoe Cain's home. We had a visit by the Deer Park Police thanking us for a lawful and peaceful protest. Cain also stopped at the intersection but refused to look at us or engage but he sent two 18 year olds to attempt to harass us. It didn't work. They were armed with NRA talking points but clearly were not educated on gun rights. It was like talking to a stump.

The protest was in response to Cain's threat to Presidential Candidate Beto O'Rourke. It was well attended with beautiful weather. Great job Rob! Here are a few pics:

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019

God is not happy. Texas GOP votes against background checks

The State Republican Executive Committee is comprised a of male and female from each of the 31 Senate Districts in Texas. They are mostly older white people. They are in charge of conducting the business of the party including resolutions. 

 (In contrast, the State Democratic Executive Committee has members from each district as well as 2 members from the Labor Caucus, the Asian-American Caucus, Black Caucus, Latino Caucus, Gay Caucus,Veterans, Women, Environmental, and young Democrats. We are a big, diverse, tent.)

After the latest mass shooting in Odessa which left 7 families mourning the death of their loved ones and many other families saddled with massive bills to treat their gun shot wounds the State Republican Executive Committee took action. 

The SREC voted unanimously on a resolution to oppose enhanced background checks and any type of red flag laws. 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas calls upon members of the Texas Congressional Delegation and members of the Texas Legislature to firmly reject Enhanced Background Checks and Extreme Risk Protective Orders as nothing but cleverly devised infringements of the God-given and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms; and 
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas strongly rejects any implementation of Red Flag laws or Enhanced Background Checks should there be a Special Session of the Texas Legislature; and
FYI. I talked to god last night. He said he never gave anyone a right to bear arms. "The SREC doesn't speak for me. They speak for the NRA only. Texas has had 5 mass shooting in 6 short years, Odessa, El Paso, Santa Fe, Sutherland, Dallas, which left 10 students, 6 police officers, 27 worshipers, 22 shoppers, 7 drivers, dead and the republicans in Texas have done nothing. So please tell them I said to STFU gdamnit"

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

When liars lie just like Trump. Tony Buzbee and Bill King

It's the new campaign strategy for the Republican Party. Lie. Just lie. Over and over again. 

The Houston Chronicle quickly fact checked Tony Buzbee and Bill King when they made claims about Houston crime statistics:
“I know what’s going on in this city,” Buzbee said. “Don’t tell me crime is going down when everybody across the country knows that Houston is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.” 
Bill King, another prominent mayoral contender, has decried a “growing randomness and violence to crime that alarms people.”
According to the Chronicle this simply isn't true. The article cites multiple crime statistics showing Houston's crime had dropped and we, by far, are not one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. But this is what Trump candidates do. They lie and they repeat their lies. They know that the era of just plain lying works. Look at their leader, Trump. He lies on a daily basis. He is now lying about the lies he has previously lied about. It is a way of life for Trump. And Buzbee. And King.

Tony Buzbee and Bill King are just following the republican game plan. Lie. Look straight at the camera and lie. Like Trump, Buzbee has become good at this, taking a single personal experience and claiming it represents the entire city. It's a great Trump move.
“Have you had a break-in?” he said, in response to questions about his statements. “Have you had your car window smashed in? Most of the time, the police do not respond to these types of crimes, and they rarely get solved.”
The Chronicle cites multiple statistics to debunk his stupidity. Too many to quote here. 

And I'm not lying.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

You shouldn't be running for office if.....

I've said this before:
It's not a game. Running for office is not a game. The position has a direct impact on people's lives whether it is timely trash collection or providing a safe neighborhood with our police and our fire fighters. Don't cheapen the office by running just for the sake of running and distracting from those who have a clear understanding of what they are doing and are qualified to run.

It annoys the crap out of me when people run for office because someone said to do so. Organizations such as Run for Something, Justice Democrats, and others do not help. They tend to encourage the politically ignorant candidates who do not know what the office they are running for actually does. They have no idea of how much money they need, where they will get it, or how to get it. They have no idea how to run a campaign, who will be their volunteers, how to motivate them to stick with them and block walk in the hot sun. They have no idea of what they would be required to do, even if in the long shot, they were elected. And many have no understanding of the laws that are required to be followed before raising or asking for money.

At the very least, if someone has no idea of the office they are running for, please do not run. Here is an example of all that put into one post. Do us a favor. Do not run.

Houston City Council At Large forum in Clear Lake

At-Large candidates for Houston City Council will discuss their plans for the city and the Clear Lake area during a nonpartisan forum on Thursday, Sept. 19.

Focusing on the area’s top issues, the forum will provide candidates the opportunity to explain their positions to the community prior to the November elections. It will utilize a Q&A format with questions by moderator Ann Hammond followed with questions submitted by the audience.

All candidates running for at-large positions have been invited to participate. Those who have accepted include: Position #1 – Georgia Provost and Raj Salhortra; Position #2 – David Robinson (I) and Willie Davis; Position #3 – Michael Kubosh (I), Janaeya Carmouche and Marcel McClinton; Position #4 – Tiko Hausman, Nick Hellyer, Ericka McCrutcheon and Letitia Plummer; and Position #5 – Sallie Alcorn, Catherine Flowers, Melvin McNeese, Sonia Rivera and Ashton Woods.

Ann Hammond, forum moderator, is a retired NASA program analyst and a 43-year resident of the Clear Lake area. Ann has dedicated years of service to the community as a consultant, an influencer and a volunteer. She has served on the Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees, the Gulf Coast Area Association of School Boards, the Clear Creek Council of PTAs, multiple school district committees and community organizations including Bay Area Alliance for Youth & Families, Assistance League of the Bay Area and Bay Area Turning Point.

It all happens at the Bay Area Community Center in Clear Lake Park, located at 5002 NASA Parkway (across the street from the lake) in Seabrook. Sponsored by Bay Area Association of Democratic Women (BAAD Women), Bay Area New Democrats (BAND) and Bay Area Democratic Movement (BADM), the meeting begins with a meet & greet at 6:30 p.m. followed by the forum from 7 to 9 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.