Monday, August 10, 2020

Baptists praise Texas Gov Greg Abbott's order to close bars

The Texas Association of Holy Evangelicals issued the following statement concerning the bar closures ordered by Governor Greg Abbott:

Praise the Lord for God's intervention and the courage of our great Governor. Since the repeal of the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution, Prohibition, the Baptists of Texas has urged state leaders to end the sale of alcohol in our great state. Alcohol in any form has contributed to the downfall of our great state, infecting young adults at the early age. It has resulted in alcoholism, addiction to drugs, unwanted pregnancies and adulterous activity. It truly is the devil's nectar. 

The members of the Association of Holy Evangelicals (ASSHOLES) are firmly behind Greg Abbott's and the Republican Party's order to close bars across Texas.

The ASSHOLES of the Republican Party will celebrate at the Redneck Bar and Grill Monday evening with an open bar.....oh wait....

Sunday, August 09, 2020

After crushing defeat of Buzbee KTRK (ABC13) takes on Commissioners Court

It all began with Wayne Dolcefino, once with KTRK, back in the 90's. 

Back in 1995 Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter (sic) for KTRK-TV. He had a boner for Sylvester Turner when Turner first ran for Mayor. Dolcefino was eventually sued and lost for a story about insurance fraud and a jury awarded $5.5 Million. 

Turner lost his bid for Mayor and Dolcefino is no longer with KTRK but that doesn't stop them from crossing the line of integrity and fair reporting. In 2019 they seemed to have a thing for Tony Buzbee but that ended in a $13M crushing defeat. Now they have set their sight a bit higher, the Commissioner Court race. KTRK's incorrect reporting of a possible 8% increase in Harris County property rates was as honest as a lead balloon was at floating. Harris County Commissioner summed up the reporting with the following:

Commissioner Adrian Garcia reassured property owners, though, saying, "There is zero chance that during a pandemic and an economic crisis an 8% tax increase would be proposed or passed."

Maybe they should have started with that statement. Guess who KTRK will be behind this November in the race for the open Commissioner seat.

Monday, August 03, 2020

WTF happened to the Republican Party?

Every political party has had a transformation at one time or another. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has transitioned from the Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan to the Party of Donald Trump and it no longer represents American values. This transformation begs the question, what the fuck happened to you?

What happened to fiscal responsibility? The GOP was the nesting ground for deficit hawks, constantly demanding a balanced budget with no deficit spending. Trump, with a Republican controlled Congress, created a Trillion-dollar deficit with no end in sight. The hawks of the GOP have turned into a flock of chickens afraid to say a peep against Trump, his out of control deficits, and reckless fiscal policies.

What happened to law and order? The GOP bragged about being the party of law and order, tough on crime, and the guardians of the Constitution, yet nothing can be further from the truth. Trump’s administration and staff refuse to report to Congress or respond to subpoenas. They have resigned in record number for misusing tax payer money. His campaign staff, his administration, and his attorney are in jail or awaiting sentencing. Trump himself was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of justice and yet the GOP remains silent.

What happened to the Party of Lincoln? President Lincoln ended slavery and the worst chapter of America’s history. Now republicans condone Trump’s racist dog whistles, afraid to stand up and demand he stop. Many Republicans have followed his lead pushing the envelope of civility and racism. Even the local Harris County Republican Party Chair thought it was cute to post a racist meme about Martin Luther King. This isn’t the Party of Lincoln

What happened to being strong on defense? Trump has isolated our longtime allies while bowing to our adversaries, Putin, Kim Jong Un, and others. He brags about knowing more than the generals. He attacks the military leadership that have stood up to protect their troops and the Constitution. He has insulted military heroes such as Senator John McCain to the point of being asked not to attend his funeral. He bows to Russia after they put bounties on our soldiers. Never in our history have we been so vulnerable to our enemies.

What happened to conservative family values? Republican family values have been replaced with mocking disabled Americans, separating children from their mothers, calling heads of state derogatory names like a two-year-old, making racists comments, pitting Americans against each other, siding with white supremacists, lying to the American people on a daily basis, lying about adultery and buying their silence to win an election, siding with murderous dictators over Americans, and much, much more. Yet Republicans are silent for fear of Trump’s wrath.

What happened to common sense? Gun safety and responsible ownership has been replaced with dressing like GI Joe with body armor and a finger on a loaded AR15. Respect has been replaced with childish mocking. Science and scientists, that can save lives especially during the COVID crisis, is now replaced by high school dropouts spouting conspiracy theories.

What happened to you? The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln or Reagan. It is the party of Donald Trump, a party that has lost its integrity, common sense, courage, and moral compass, a party that is no longer recognizable. In November true conservatives have an opportunity to send a clear and strong message and begin restoring their party to its once great self.

If they don’t take that opportunity maybe they should ask themselves “What the fuck happened to me?”.

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls racial profiling Latinos

Nehls is second from the left
As I thought, Troy Nehls is a perfect candidate to represent the Republican Party. I've heard things. Here is another one. Turns out his deputies are racial profiling Latinos. From the Houston Chronicle:

An analysis of traffic stops made over the past two years by [Deputy Aaron] Gillory shows just under 98 percent of the drivers he pulled over were Hispanic. Gillory searched 187 of the vehicles, all but two driven by Hispanics; 94 percent of the time the searches came to nothing.

Nehls is running for Congress in CD22 one of the most diverse district in the country. His deputies were caught stopping Latinos for traveling 2 MPH over the speed limit then making up a bullshit story to search their vehicles. These are Nehls deputies. These are Nehls policies. Like Trump, this is who Nehls is. 

The Republican Party has become a magnet for racists, skin heads, and white supremacists. Nehls is running in the right party.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Louie Gohmert. The Texas Aggie Joke

It's karma. It's deserving. It's almost funny, if it wasn't so serious. From the Houston Chronicle:
U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, Politico and ABC News confirmed Wednesday morning. 
Gohmert, who spends ample time on the U.S. House floor without a mask, was one of several Texas officials scheduled to fly to West Texas this afternoon with President Donald Trump, Politico reported. He reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 during a pre-screen at the White House.
Gohmert is a bad Aggie Joke. He graduated from Texas A&M in 1975, was in the Corps of Cadets, and a Brigade Commander. He was able to win his seat in congress after Tom Delay and the Republican Party re-redistricted the state providing a safe, solid republican district, one he would never have to seriously defend. His constituents in return got Louie, the Aggie Joke. He has accomplished about as much Bernie Sanders, passing only 1 bill in 16 years,

He along with Congressman Gym Jordon is the Beavis and Butthead of Congress. He is a clown and acts like one during hearings. He is like Trump using racists language like "Terror babies". He makes unsubstantiated claims about immigrants and other subjects. He routinely refuses interviews except to be on Fox News. He is the boot licker of the House for Donald Trump.

Gohmert is a racist joke. He represents his district well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Trump calls for wearing masks. Freedom fighters are f*cked.

After 145,000 Americans have died from the Coronavirus, Trump calls for wearing a mask to slow the infection rate. What the hell are those who want to protect their freedom to infect others going to do now? What about their freedom to complain? What about personal rights? What about looking like an idiot with a mask on? Huh? What the f*ck are they going to do now?

Wear a MAGAt mask?

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Texas Republican Party new logo?

The Texas Republican Party should consider changing their logo to represent their convention and their new party.

Yesterday during their online/offline screwed up convention some of the delegates ousted their current Chair and voted in a perfect individual who will represent the Texas Republican party very well, former Congressman from Florida Allen West. West has been certified by the National Association of Nut Makers as 100% nuts. "After reviewing West's record we can say with 100% accuracy that West is a perfect individual to lead the members of the Texas Republican Party. Just like Donald Trump he truly is one f*cked up human being."

The GOP Convention has been a joke from day one, mired in technical difficulties, reboots, with many just giving up trying to participate. It is fitting that those who were able to actually gain access to vote elected someone like West to be their leader. He began his career in Florida and served in Congress as one of the tea baggers of 2010. He served only 1 term. He was endorsed by Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent. He will serve Donald Trump and his extreme right wing agenda very well.

His election topped off one screwed up convention for one screwed up party. For gosh sakes, what the living f*ck happened to you guys?

Monday, July 20, 2020

Will CCISD send your kids to COVID Classes? Tune in today

The Clear Creek Independent School District will have a special meeting to discuss sending our kids, teachers, friends, relatives, and neighbors to COVID Classes in mid August. With an out of control pandemic the Trustees have a big decision to make.

They could delay opening opting for virtual learning until the virus is under control like HISD has done and many other school districts. Or they can follow the leadership of President Trump and Governor Abbott and re-opening the classrooms. I hope they remember how re-opening Texas turned out. Texas is now a hotspot for infections. Over 4000 Texans have died. Our hospitals are at capacity. Our health care workers are over worked. Our parents are scared. (and should be)

The Trustees probably have their minds made up already and teachers will be the next group of people to be sacrificed to the COVID god. You would think that a group of Trustees (minus 1) that claims to be science based would realize that sending students and teachers into a classroom is just plain stupid. It's not ignorant. It's stupid.

You can watch the meeting today at 4:30 here:

Texas Republican Party. Caught in a Convention Do Loop

There was nothing worse than being caught in a never ending Do Loop when programming in Fortran, a language that is about as out of date as the Texas Republican Party.

The Texas GOP was caught in their own Do Loop trying to have a virtual Convention since their in-person COVID Convention was cancelled due to health reasons. The Texas Democratic Party was able to successfully conduct their entire convention virtually. From a delegate perspective a virtual convention sucks. There are no speeches, no networking, no training opportunities, no hospitality parties, no drinking. It's as boring as watching paint dry in the closet. On the other hand the Republican virtual convention was a complete shit show that was fun to watch.

After attempting to restart their Do Loop they eventually just performed an interrupt and aborted the entire event. The comments were spectacular including one delegate asking "What's the internet?". Here are a few samples coming from delegates attempting to participate:

One of the most important tasks of the GOP State Convention is to elect delegates to the National Convention to be held in Florida, during the summer, outside. Most delegates were not too interested in sweating like pigs while attempting to stay alive during an out of control pandemic and god forbid they would have to wear a life saving mask! Do Loop part II is coming soon.

It's just sad. Really, really, sad. 

End Do

Friday, July 17, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Texas CD22

After spending $7.5 Million Kathaleen Wall has lost. Again. Maybe she needs to try challenging Brian Babin in CD36. Her racist bullhorns might work there.

Tony Nehls only raised $517,000 and has only $29,000 cash on hand. This total includes about $120,000 since April 2020. For a Congressional candidate this is a very poor showing. He is lucky that this seat is a target for the Republican Party otherwise he would be on his own with no avenues of fundraising. This used to be a safe seat. That was the way it was drawn during re-districting. Now the party has to fight to keep it after Congressman Pete Olson cut and ran and left the seat open. They are also stuck with a Trump loyalist.

During that same time, April - July, Sri Preston Kulkarni raised almost $1 Million. He has raised $2.5 Million in total and has $1.2 Million cash on hand. He is clearly in the lead in money and enthusiasm.

Nehls is another Wall without the money. He supports Trump's racist behavior but will distance himself from him as if he was a baby in a poopy diaper at a pool party. He will have a hard time trying to wipe Trump's stink off of him over the next couple of months.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

When Harris County Commissioners ask for your opinion....give it to them

I should have known better.

Harris County Commissioners asked for public comments on creating an appointed Elections Administrator, removing the election functions from the County Clerk and voter registration from the Tax Assessor Collectors office. Voters will no longer be able to hold an elected official accountable for screwing up our election process or making it harder to register to vote. (Ask Stan Stanart) From the Houston Chronicle:
Harris County became the latest in Texas to adopt an independent administrator model to run elections when the Democratic majority on Commissioners Court voted Tuesday to create the new department. Court members voted 3-2 along party lines to create an election administrator’s office, which will assume the voter registration duties of the tax assessor-collector and the election management role of the county clerk.
Whether this is a good idea or not is not the point because it's now a done deal, and that is the point. I've been to hearings in Austin listening to literally hundreds of individuals speaking against a bill with no opposition just to watch the committee immediately vote to approve the bill. The testimony wasn't lost because comments would be used in the future to challenge the bill in court.

The Commissioners listened to our input then voted to approve the item regardless. Their minds were made up leaving us with many unanswered questions. Why were we left in the dark on this extremely important issue? Why was this being discussed in the middle of a historic election? Why was this being discussed during a raging pandemic killing Houstonians? Why didn't the Commission reach out for comments from the public? Why were they not being transparent about the issue?

Here is a suggestion to Commissioners for future meetings. If your mind is made up already on a issue as important as our Constitutional rights don't ask your constituents to waste their time speaking at a hearing. Don't act like you are giving us the privilege to talk on the issue. Have the common courtesy to tell them it is a done deal, stay home, and just shut the hell up.

For all the good Judge Hildago has done over the last 2 years, this lack of transparency on this important issue was very disappointing.