Wednesday, May 06, 2020

I am running for State Democratic Executive Committee member

I have placed my name on the ballot for the position of State Democratic Executive Committee member for Senate District 11. I would appreciate your consideration.

My Political Baggage
A few years ago I ran for SDEC and won. Within 6 months I left the office and left politics for about 2 full years for personal reasons. It has bothered the hell out of me that I did not complete my commitment. I am asking respectfully for another opportunity to represent the District and to complete that commitment. After 2 years, if elected, I ask to be judged on my performance.

My Political Return
Since returning to politics I became the Vice President of Bay Area Democratic Movement (BADM) helping the President, Kim Krist, with formally establishing the club within the Harris County Democratic Party. Since my return I have:
  • Attended a number of SDEC meetings, once as a proxy
  • With concurrence with the SDEC members I created and maintained the SD11 Facebook page
  • Created and maintained the SD11 Email list providing official party information
  • Sustaining member of the Texas Democratic Party, Harris County Party and BADM
  • Co-Chaired the Endorsement Committee for BADM
  • Established a call center for the 2018 elections
  • Managed the call center making over 8500 calls with the help of volunteers across the area
  • Created a low cost, easy to use phone banking system for multiple campaigns
  • Trained others in the area and across the state on how to setup this system and use for their own clubs
  • Created and managed the clubs email system
  • Represent the club at the Harris County Clubs and Orgs meetings

My Political Past
I joined the Democratic Party in the mid 90’s. Since then I have:
  • Been a delegate to the State Convention since the year 2000
  • Vice President of Bay Area New Democrats
  • President of Bay Area New Democrats
  • Volunteer coordinator for Sherrie Matula for State Representative in 2008
  • Setup and maintained our call center
  • Knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of campaign calls
  • Trained volunteers in block walking and phone banking
  • Been a political blogger for over 10 years at
  • Activist in Austin for over 10 years for consumer issues which included lobbying elected officials, attending and speaking at public hearings, coordinating and training volunteers, and representing an organization in the media

My Political Future
As an SDEC member I will:
  • Continue to maintain the SD11 email list with party information
  • Continue to maintain the SD11 Facebook page with party information
  • Continue to block walk and phone bank for our candidates
  • Attend Democratic club meetings across the district to keep members informed
  • Attend and report on every SDEC meeting
  • Begin a mentoring program for the next SDEC member

I have been dedicated to the principals of the Democratic Party for decades. I believe in what we stand for and I intend to be around for many years. Needless to say the 2020 election must be won and then we must maintain our gains in Texas. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue to do the work for the Party and for the citizens of Texas as a member of the SDEC.

John Cobarruvias
VP Bay Area Democratic Movement

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Little Baby Briscoe gets a little boys haircut

You just can't make this up.

Texas State Representative Little Baby Briscoe Cain had to own the Coronavirus and defied Governor Abbott's executive order in order to get a little boys hair cut. It really takes a little man to openly defy a government mandate. It's as if the Republican Party doesn't believe in the "rule of law" anymore. (and they don't) Anarchy. Defiance. Show off your little guns. Pull out your little dick.

That's little Baby Briscoe. He only believes in obeying the law when it comes to others. Not him. He is special. Like his haircut.

Monday, May 04, 2020

Last Republican standing. George W. Bush

WTF happened to your party?

I didn't agree with many policies of President George W. Bush especially his attack on Iraq but I never thought he was a horrible human being like Trump. I never hated him like I hate Trump, his entire family, and his ass kissing administration, elected officials, and party members.

Bush released a video calling on Americans to come together during this Coronavirus crisis and as usual Trump had to make fun of him. Typical Trump. Let's make something very clear. There is no "coming together". There is only one side that continues to lie to the American people every single day. There is only one side that is calling for armed revolt. There is only one side coddling the extreme, racists of the Republican Party. There is only one side who has no ability to remove their lips from Trump's ass, stand on their own two feet and tell him to cut it out. It's sickening.

What the living f*ck happened to you?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Republicans begin to turn on Trump even Harris County Republican Party

It might be too late for political survival.

Ohio Governor Mike Devine has decided to believe the state's scientists and health professionals instead of the Lysol drinking President....and his approval rating went up! From the New York Times:
Seven weeks into the crisis, Mr. DeWine is being guided by health experts while avoiding partisan fissures over stay-at-home orders that have been encouraged by Mr. Trump, who hopes a rebounding economy will carry him to re-election. The Ohio governor is the rare Republican official who does not automatically fall in step with Mr. Trump

Senator Mitt Romney has stepped away from Trump, voting to remove him from office after he was impeached for abuse of power. Former Senator Jeff Flake has written an op-ed encouraging the Republican Party to save itself before it's too late. (It's too late)

And my favorite is the Harris County Republican Party who has distanced itself from Trump and has refrained from mentioning his name in recent emails. They never mentioned Trump in their email announcing their annual Trump, Lincoln, Reagan dinner. They also didn't mention Trump when they cancelled the dinner and kept the money donated. They really aren't that proud of Trump even though keeping the money is a perfect Trump move.

Those running for office in 2020 might want to read Senator Jeff Flake's op-ed and stand up for the rule of law, for our Constitution, for civility, and for honesty and distance themselves from Trump or risk a sound defeat in November.

Ask former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett how keeping silent worked out for him.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Houston's very own civil rights leader: Michael Kubosh

There is so much wrong with what Houston City Councilman Michael Kubosh did yesterday by going to a restaurant which opened against the County's executive order.

Let's start with the rule of law. What the hell happened to the Republican Party that once claimed to be the king of the hill when it came to following the law, being tough on crime, and personal responsibility? Kubosh, as an elected official, openly defied a public health order and now that dog whistle tells his white wing followers that civil unrest is OK.

And lets end with Rosa Parks. Kubosh compared his hot dog fetish to Rosa Parks. From Click2Houston:
"Sometimes, civil disobedience is required to move things forward. That's why we remember Rosa Parks." Houston At-Large Council Member Michael Kubosh said.

I don't remember Rosa Parks going to a restaurant to horse down a half dozen chili dogs. I don't remember her looking for a TV camera. I don't remember her encouraging constituents to openly defy an order that was put in place in order to protect the health of the citizens of the city. Parks refused to stand to protect her rights as an American and a human being. 

Kubosh, a sitting City Council member, sat his fat ass down to stuff his face, wipe his face, then put his face on TV to blow his dog whistle and declare himself the civil disobedience leader of Houston. 

In the words of the Harris County Judge: "It's sad".

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Raising Campaign Cash: Texas CD22

Interesting numbers coming out of CD 22.

After Sri Preston Kulkarni came within striking distance of Congressman Pete Olson, Olson quit the race and left an open seat for 17 republicans to fight over like seagulls at a picnic. Only two are left. Kulkarni won the nomination for the Democratic Party building on his campaign from 2018.

Kulkarni has raised $1.5 Million for his 2020 race with $365K cash on hand.

Kathaleen Wall raised no money but put $4.5 Million of her own money into the race. Unfortunately she came in 2nd place to Troy Nehls. Nehls only raised $382K with $24,000 cash on hand. Pierce Bush was suppose to be the savior of the party raising $1.3 Million but coming in 3rd place.

Nehls is just as bad as Wall with less money. Both are trying to win the award for kissing trump's ass. Both have racist tendencies. Both love the dog whistles. Watching them fight this out like seagulls over a French fry might actually be fun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Keep your eye on your dignity

It's hard to watch someone soil themselves.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw lost an eye fighting for our country and now he has lost his dignity kissing Donald trump's ass. According to The Washington Post Crenshaw's video of himself kissing trumps ass was full of misinformation. My favorite is:

Crenshaw adds it was the “same day, Jan. 31, that Nancy Pelosi proposed the No Ban Act, which would actually stop President Trump from implementing the lifesaving travel restrictions that he did implement.”

Pelosi didn’t propose the No Ban Act on Jan. 31. The bill had been introduced by another member a year ago

This is what the Republican Party has become. A bunch of ass kissing liars. It is who they are. They are Trump.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tx Representative Money Mayes Middleton: Money Matters

State Representative "Money" Mayes Middleton from Galveston has gathered a few of his republican buddies and wrote to Governor Abbott to urge him to return the state to work.

"We need you to open the state so a few Texans can be the guinea pigs for this viral experiment. Sure some, maybe many, will die, but my stock options need your help and their sacrifice."

Ok. That isn't what he wrote, but you get the idea. Money Mayes put $2.5Million of his own money into his run for State Representative spending 5 times more than what would have been necessary if the race was competitive. It wasn't. Not even close. This is a new thing for the Republican Party. Find a rich person, let them use their own money, hope for a win. Some have not been successful such as Kathaline Walls and Tony Buzbee. They lost in an embarrassing fashion. Mayes won his race and is serving up his constituents to the virus.

Money's letter contains the new dog whistle calling the COVID-19 the "Wuhan virus", Wuhan being a replacement for China. He only got 8 other republicans to sign this letter, notably missing is State Representative Dennis Paul in an adjacent district. Paul's wife is Asian-American. He did get the signature of Little Baby Briscoe from Baytown but considering Briscoe's radical, racist comments in the past, that was expected. And he got right wing nut Tony Tinderholdt who is working on his 5th or 6th marriage. Others who signed on are:

Matt Krause
Valoree Swanson
Bill Zeldler
Matt Schaefer
Kyle Biedermann
Mike Lang
Tony Tinderholdt

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Former Clear Lake Congressman, Steve Stockman, seeks pardon

Steve Stockman was elected to congress to serve in Texas Congressional District 9. He served 1 term. He returned 16 years later and won in the newly created district 36. He served one term and then was convicted on 23 of 24 felony counts. He is serving a 10 year sentence in federal prison.

Stockman is now asking for a pardon from Trump due to the Coronavirus hoax. If Stockman was still in office he would probably be leading the effort  against the Coronavirus response by our elected officials. He would probably be posting pictures of himself at church with his minions. He would probably be walking around with an AR15 strapped to his back at the grocery store. This is who he is. He is a felon. He is an asshole. A perfect candidate for a pardon.

Just an FYI. From a previous post:
Stockman represented the Clear Lake area for 2 years and was nothing but a jackass. He accomplished nothing. His entire 2 years was devoted to making wise ass comments on twitter, questioning Obama's place of birth, and gun nuttery.
He doesn't deserve a pardon which is probably why he will get one. 

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Fort Bend Sheriff Tony Nehls support of racist Wall. (Kathaleen Wall)

Click pic for dog whistle video
Ask Judge Ed Emmett what happens when you stand with a racist and keep your mouth shut.

Kathaleen Wall is a candidate endorsed by Governor Abbott, spending her own money to win a seat in Congress, and has recently sent out a racist ad concerning the Coronavirus. She is in a runoff in CD22 against Fort Bend Sheriff Tony Nehls.

When your opponent, or someone you know, says something that is racially dividing or just plain racist, you have two options. 1) Denounce it. Say it is wrong. Say the statement does not represent you, your campaign, or the party. or 2) Stay quiet as if you agree.

Judge Emmett stayed quiet while his leader made racist comments over and over again. He lost his job in 2018. Nehls has been quiet. Not a peep out of him. Zero. Zip. Nada. The Texas Democratic Party as well as the Democratic nominee for CD22 has not been quiet. From a press conference:
From Donald Trump to John Cornyn to Kathaleen Wall, Republicans everywhere have taken to racist dog-whistles to distract from their mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis. This racist rhetoric is dangerous to our Texas AAPI community, the fastest growing community in the state, and has already caused a “spike in prejudice” against Asian Americans
It's as if Tony Nehls, Greg Abbott, John Cornyn, and the entire Republican Party agrees with racist Walls. It's who they are. It's what they have become.