Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: Texas Senate Candidates

I'll update as necessary but the major players are here. There are a few fringe candidates on both sides. I'm not posting any of their report values.

MJ Hegar leads the pack by a 2-1 margin raising over $1Million, followed by Edwards, West and Ramirez.

MJ Hegar$1,029,038$481,087$595,433
Amanda Edwards$557,430$219,645$337,785
Royce West$549,708$172,926$376,782
Cristina Ramirez$459,442$233,953$225,489
Chris Bell$206,629$84,894$111,734
John Cornyn$13,478,993$5,605,326$19,785,448

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Not Raising Campaign Cash: Sema Hernandez

As I have said many times in the past:
Running for office is not a game. The position has a direct impact on people's lives whether it is timely trash collection or providing a safe neighborhood with our police and our fire fighters. Don't cheapen the office by running just for the sake of running and distracting from those who have a clear understanding of what they are doing and are qualified to run.
And let me add...if you can't follow the laws, you shouldn't be running to make the laws. Case in point, Sema Hernandez running for United States Senate in Texas. I have searched the Federal Election Commission's website for her filings for both 2018 and 2020 with no luck. I found Congressman O'Rourkes who raised over $80 Million for his race in 2018. Sema's reports are no where to be found. I have reached out many times and have not received a response.

Not filing reports is against the law. If Sema has filed they are well hidden. If she hasn't she should stop with this game and quit. Besides not having any experience to be running for office, she doesn't seem interested in following the laws of the Federal Elections Commission. Hopefully any organization that intends to invite her to participate in a debate will reconsider until her reports are found.

Raising Campaign Cash: Texas CD22 Candidates

UPDATE: Sri almost out raises all other candidates combined running for CD22!

UPDATE: Sri out raises his primary opponents 8-1 with $817,139. Reed raised $114k, Moore $112K. As expected, Kathaleen Wall put $600,048 of her own money into her campaign. Harris raised $211,000 including a $120,000 loan.

I'm expecting Kathaleen Wall to file with a few million of her own money. She ran in the republican primary in CD2 with $6 Million of her own money. She came in 3rd place. The three who have filed already have not been very successful. Most are using their own money or depending upon in-kind donations. Chevalier received about $6700 in donations with one being $4000, $1300 over the limit.

Look for more updates soon.

Kulkarni, Sri817,139299,219$545,687$0
Moore Nyanza$112,311$102,863$9,447$16,469
Reed Derrick$114,137$60,268$53,868$0
Chevalier, Keli$23,269$27,972$0$4,000
Walz, Thaddeus$14,030$2,837$11,192$13,460
Haggard, Douglas$5,000$0$5,000$5,000
Hinton, Mathew$0$0$0$0
Steele, Howard$42,061$42,061$120$42,181
Miller, Diana$0$0$0$0
Phan, Shandon$0$0$0$0
Harris Hoss$211,247$1,320$209,926$120,000
Kathaleen Wall$601,048$137,435$463,612$600,048

Raising Campaign Cash: Eric Dick

From the Houston Chronicle
Dick is pulling a Buzbee.

Eric Dick is on the Harris County Department of Education and as predicted has made a fool out of himself and his fellow republicans. He filed a complaint against fellow board member and fellow republican, Mike Wolfe, for sexual harassment. Dick also filed an ethics complaint against Wolfe for not reporting a $28,000 loan from Dick. Dick really doesn't play well with others. See Dick speak:

The investigation clearly shows that Mike Wolfe is a pervert. He should resign immediately. If he refuses, I beg the County Attorney to file a law suit to remove him. It is unacceptable to serve as an elected official when you sexually harassed someone." - Eric Dick

Now see Dick run for Houston City Council and like Buzbee can't raise money. In his latest report Dick raised only $1,435 but he loaned himself $75,000 as well as spent $93,248 out of his own pocket. It's a pattern for Dick. In 2015 he spent $74,652 out of his own pocket in his race for Houston City Council. His $75,000 investment didn't work out very well. He lost.

Like Buzbee he is financing his campaign with $168,2348 out of his own pocket trying to win a seat he is not qualified to hold especially when there is an extremely well qualified, enthusiastic, candidate in the same race. 

BTW the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association has endorsed Dick. They don't know dick.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Why are you even running for COH City Council?

If you are considering running for office, you might want to find a treasurer that knows the laws or at the very least understand that you have to report how much money you raised and how much money you spent. It's so easy, a caveman can do it.

There are a number of candidates who must think running for office is a game especially some running for Mayor. Naoufal Houjami, Victoria Romero, Johnny Taylor, Roy Vasquez, and Derrick Broze haven't filed their reports yet. Demetria Smith has filed a report with zero funds raised, spent, and COH. None of these candidates understand the seriousness of running for Mayor of the 4th largest city in the United States. They haven't been invited to debates and rightfully so. They are not viable candidates.

Larry Blackmon, Yolanda Flores, Jim Honey, Jose Gonzalez, Javier Gonzalez, Jennifer Laney, Jason Rowe, and Ralph Garcia have not filed. Brad Batteau has filed a zero report. 

Sam Cleveland, running for District E has raised only $5682 with $352 COH.

In the At Large Position 1 race Georgia Provost raisted $4850 with only $468 COH.  Larry Blackmon and Yolanda Flores didn't file. 

In Position 2 Emily Detoto raised $234 for a campaign that requires $100,000 or more in a competitive race. Mike Griffin "run everywhere, every time" raised only $600. Jim Honey didn't file.

In Position 3 Janaeya Carmouche raised $3,975 and Marcel McClinton raised $14,787. These are surprising numbers only because Carmouche has talent and Marcel does not (yet). I expected more, and less.

In Postion 4 Ericka McCrutcheon loaned herself $34,000. James Joseph raised $94K but $58K was an in-kind donation from a campaign firm. James has talent. Maybe he just needs a new campaign firm. Christel Bastida raised only $1103. Javier Gonzalez, Jennifer Laney, and Jason Rowe didn't file.

In Postion 5 every candidate had poor fundraising totals except for Sallie Alcorn. Eric Dick raised only $1,435, loaned himself $75,000, and spent $93K out of his own pocket. Much like Buzbee he is attempting to buy a seat at the table. Brad Batteau who runs for something every year raised $0. Michell Bonton raised only $200 but loaned herself $20,000. Ralph Garcia didn't file.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Raising Campaign Cash: COH Candidates (Oct 7)

One more update coming. Figures are for the period ending Sept 30, 2019.

Notes: Tony Buzbee raised $0 in the quarter with an outstanding loan of $10,000,000.

King loaned himself $200,000. He has $410,000 of his own money invested in this run for office.

Council Member Knox raised only $32K while his opponent raised $81,000.

Kubosh also raised just $40k and has a $276,000 outstanding loan.

Eric Dick loaned himself $75,000 and spent $93K of his own money. (more about Dick later).

The report by James Joseph is confusing. He filed on 9/9/2019. Of the $94k raised, $58k is an in kind donation.

Waiting for Lovell.

Sylvester Turner (inc)$1,618,015$733,324$2,235,523$0
Tony Buzbee$4,167,503$0$3,475,058$8,000,000
Bill King$263,448$281,829$550,022$410,000
Sue Lovell
Dwight Boykins$80,900$153,790$19,100$0
Kendall Baker$3,919$0$16,340$20,000
Naoufal HoujamiDidn’t File
Victoria RomeroDidn’t File
Johnny TaylorDidn’t File
Roy VasquezDidn’t File
Derrick BrozeDidn’t File
Demetria Smith$0$0$0$0
Chris Brown (inc)$274,291$100,990$61,079$75,000
*Orland Sanchez$23,651$30,057$23,651
District E
Dave Martin (inc)$147,952$8,150$20,389$0
Sam Cleveland$352$5,682$5,330$0
Position 1
Mike Knox (inc)$24,990$32,188$35,540$0
Raj Salhotra$180,947$81,218$67,748$0
Georgia Provost$468$4,850$4,775$0
Larry BlackmonDidn’t File
Yolanda FloresDidn’t File
Position 2
David Robinson (inc)$255,938$52,008$48,267$0
Willie Davis$8,832$20,665$29,110$3,000
Emily Detoto$439$234$3,124$500
Mike Griffin$872$600$650$0
Jim HoneyDidn’t File
Position 3
Michael Kubosh (inc)$122,678$40,035$39,076$276,000
Janaeya Carmouche$708$3,975$7,156$0
Marcel McClinton$4,895$14,787$18,577$0
Jose GonzalezDidn’t File
Position 4
Nick Hellyar$32,763$49,871$36,372$0
Bill Baldwin$52,074$110,394$38,562$0
Anthony Dolcefino$7,112$15,355$9,002$0
Letitia Plummer$32,139$9,834$23,490$0
**James Joseph$36,250$94,450$84,425$0
Ericka McCrutcheon$150$3,146$23,305$34,000
Christel Bastida$750$1,103$51$200
Tiko Hausman$2,098$5,845$8,654$0
Javier GonzalezDidn’t File
Jennifer LaneyDidn’t File
Jason RoweDidn’t File
Position 5
Sallie Alcorn$258,320$71,421$66,284$0
Catherine Flowers$2,157$8,015$12,471$2,987
Ashton Woods$2,167$9,791$7,624$0
Marvin McNeese$3,305$9,705$13,305$30,000
Eric Dick$1,435$1,435$93,248$75,000
Brad Batteau$0$0$0$0
Sonia Rivera$802$2,335$1,732$0
Michelle Bonton$20,000$200$10,005$20,000
Ralph GarciaDidn’t File