Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Texas Governor Greg Abbott takes the lead in the Lap Dog Award

In Texas we don't take kindly to a brown nose, an ass kisser, a boot licker, a suck ass, or an obedient lap dog. Unfortunately our own Governor, Greg Abbott, has stooped to a level of ass kissing never seen before. He is currently beating out Pedro Bush who kissed Trump's ass only be be crapped on when Trump endorsed his opponent, Ken Paxton.

Moments after the results of the Arizona audit was announced, showing, once again, that Biden won the election and no election fraud was found, Trump instructed Abbott to start a similar audit here in Texas. Like Arizona, this will cost Texans about $6 Million. $6 million that could be put towards law enforcement, or infastructure. Instead like the ass kissing lap dog Abbott is, we will pay $6 million to one of Abbott's buddies to perform an audit of the election which will show, once again, no election fraud.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Lapdogs we don’t need these days, as Abbott’s embarrassing acquiescence reminds us. As long as one of our major political parties is in thrall to a would-be demagogue, democracy is in danger. Instead of yapping lap dogs, we need the political equivalent of the majestic Great Pyrenees, loyal canines that protect Hill Country sheep and goats from coyotes. Our political Great Pyrenees would stand firm for the rule of law, for an abiding trust in the democratic process, for America itself.

It's embarrassing living in Texas. Texans never used to adore liars, cheaters, brown nosers and obedient lap dogs.  Until now.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Movie Review: Cry Macho

Clint Eastwood's newest movie, Cry Macho, should have been named "Bore me to death Macho". That was just plain god awful. As someone who considers themself fairly macho, I was no match for this film. I latest just 42 minutes.

The acting, script, plot, and just about everything else was just plain awful. It wasn't a waste of talent because there was none. Dwight Yoakam, the father who hired Eastwood to return his son from Mexico, was having a difficult time acting like he was an actor. Eastwood is just a shell of the actor he used to be, old, slow, looking confused. I'm surprised he was able to remember his lines. The boy's acting was overshadowed by his rooster, a cock fighter, which could easily get an academy award nomination for "Cast member that didn't suck in a movie".

The script was worthy of a B movie. The plot predictable, although I didn't see it completely through, I would guess Eastwood saved the boy and his large cock, fell in love with him, and adopted him as his own son he never had. Whether this is a correct or not really doesn't matter since I will not be watching another minute of it.

Do yourself a favor. Wait till this movie is available at Redbox. Find a free coupon. Rent it. Give it to your neighbors. When they are watching it, steal their lawnmower. At least you will get something out of it.

Texas Constitutional Amendment: Allowing churches to spread COVID

You would think a place of worship would be more concerned about the safety of their sheep than the right to fleece them of their money.

On November 2 there will be an election to decide amendments to the Texas Constitution. Proposition Number 3 will appear on the ballot as

The constitutional amendment to prohibit this state or a political subdivision of this state from prohibiting or limiting religious services of religious organizations during a time of an uncontrollable infectious disease.

Ok. That's not exactly the wording but it is clear that the republicans in office did not like the lock downs that affected the collection of money at church services during the COVID crisis. I can't remember when a state or political subdivision has ever had to instruct a church to do something in order to protect the general population. Now with a constitutional amendment churches can gather even during an infectious outbreak, allowing the sheep to infect others in their family and friends circles.

If we ever had another pandemic, or if we can't seem to shake the current one, there are members of churches who actually believe that gathering together to pray will provide protection. Science has proven otherwise.

It's sad that our elected officials from a state that has lost over 64,000 Texans to COVID can's seem to grow the fuck up and do what is right.

Thursday, September 09, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Texas Governor, calls for mandatory vasectomies for young men

Sept 9, 2021

Governor's office in it's desire to eliminate rapists from Texas calls for free vasectomies for men.

Austin, Texas (Sept 9, 2021) – After signing a historic ban on abortions in Texas with no exemptions for rape or incest, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has stated it will rid Texas of all rapists. As a part of this new policy Governor Abbott is calling for mandatory and free vasectomies for men over the age of 18 years old.

According to Governor Abbott “Rape is a crime, and Texas will work tirelessly to make sure we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets. So goal no. 1 in the state of Texas is to eliminate rape so that no woman, no person, will be a victim of rape,” 

The State of Texas is ranked #1 in number of rapes with over 14,000 over the last year alone. To help women who have been raped Abbott claimed that providing free vasectomies for men would prevent these unwanted pregnancies. 

Abbott is feeling backlash from both sides of the aisle but he claims he intends to press forward. "Let me be clear to those opposing my plan, I intend to fight for Texas women and will beat off the opposition with both hands!"

Friday, September 03, 2021

Raising Campaign Cash from Buc-ee's

When you stop at Buc-ee's to take a dump or stuff your face with beaver nuts, just remember some of your money is going in the toilet. 

According to the Texas Ethics Committee the owner of Buc-ee's, Arch Alpin, has donated $1,676,000 since 2015 mostly to republican candidates and elected officials including $375,000 to Dan Patrick and $1,025,000 to Greg Abbott.

$1,671,000 went to republicans and $5,000 went to a single Democrat. 

When you take a dump at Bucee's you are supporting Greg Abbott

I've written about the donations to Greg Abbott and others by the owner of Bucee's, Arch Aplin. From When you stop at Bucee's for beaver nuts

Aplin's biggest donations went to Greg Abbott for $575,000 and Dan Patrick for $250,000.

In 2021 alone, just the first 6 months, Arch Aplin (Beaver Aplin, Arch Aplin III) has donated $485,000 to republicans in Texas including another $250,000 to Greg Abbott, the guy who brought you permit less carry and restricting women's rights. So the next time you are taking a dump at Bucee's just remember where your money is being donated to if you buy beaver nuts.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

What candidates should be saying on guns

Candidates need to get their gdamn talking points down. Aim for the heart because they have lost their minds. Here are my thoughts on guns.

After 27 Texans were killed in a Sutherland Springs church, 23 killed in a Walmart in El Paso, 10 kids killed in Santa Fe, and 7 were killed in a shopping center in Odessa, what did Greg Abbott do to protect your family? He passed open carry, then he passed permit less carry allowing anyone to walk around with a loaded weapon in public.

Walking around in public with loaded firearms is NOT normal and the only way to restore Texas to the great state it once was is to start by removing Greg Abbott from office. It all starts on November 8, 2022. Nothing will change, when it comes to responsible gun owner ship, until Greg Abbott is thrown out of office.

Texas used to be a state that valued conservative, responsible, gun ownership. We were taught not to play with guns, don't talk about the guns you own, don't show them off, and pull them out only when you intend to use them. It was never a conservative value to use guns as a way to intimidate or to walk around dressed like GI Joe carrying a loaded assault weapon in public. 

Abbott's idea of permit less gun ownership is NOT a conservative value. It's not responsible gun ownership. Under Abbott's law gang members could walk down your streets with loaded guns and there is nothing you could do about it. Nothing. The police are not allowed to question whether they have had training, or a license to carry, because under Abbott's law they do not have to have training or a license to carry.

Under Abbott's law even a felon, a mentally ill individual, or a domestic abuser could walk into a Walmart with a loaded assault rifle and the police cannot ask if they are a felon, a mentally ill individual, or a domestic abuser unless they have threaten or shot someone. This is NOT normal.

Abbott's law was opposed by every law enforcement agency across the state. It begs the question "What idiot thought of this idea?". That idiot is Greg Abbott. That idiot talks about law and order and backing the blue yet literally puts more guns on the street, in the open. 

It's time to restore common sense to gun safety by taking Abbott out of office. It starts with you. Only you. On November 8 you must do something different, for a change.

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Now everyone in Texas can carry a loaded gun in public! Everyone.

 Cripps. MS-13. Proud Boys. Everyone means everyone. Thank you Dennis Paul and Greg Abbott for putting guns on the street with Permitless Carry legislation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Texas Republican Party issues statement on racist comments by Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick

In response to the racist comments made by Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick switching the blame for the COVID outbreak in Texas from Mexicans to African Americans the Texas Republican Party has issued the following statement:

Monday, August 23, 2021

A FAQ on the permitless carry of loaded firearms

On Sept 1, 2021 Texas becomes another state that has passed "Constitutional carry", which means anyone can carry a loaded pistol or rifle in public much like the Cartel does in Sinaloa Mexico. In plain, easy to understand, semi literate English, what does this mean for you, your family, and your neighborhood? Here is a FAQ to help you understand what Governor Abbott has passed.

If you have further questions contact State Representative Dennis Paul in Clear Lake. He is one of the sponsors of the bill. (281) 488-8900

Can I carry a gun in public? Yes. 

Does it have to be concealed? No. Open carry means just that, carry it in the open for all to see.

Can it be loaded? Yes.

Do I have to have training? No.

Do I have to have a license to carry? No.

Can I carry even if I am a felon? Sort of. Keep reading.

Can I carry a loaded assault weapon into a restaurant or store like Walmart? Depends. The store or restaurant must post a carefully written sign prohibiting open carry of firearms. If they have that sign, put your gun away or go eat somewhere else.

Someone is walking around in my neighborhood dressed up like GI Joe carrying a loaded assault weapon. Should I call the police? You can but why? He is exercising his Governor given rights to carry. There is nothing a police officer can do.

Ok, but shouldn't I call the police just to make sure he is not a threat? You can but what do you want the police to do? Police are not allowed to question the individual. They are not allowed to ask if they have a permit, a license, or training because they are not required to have a permit, a license, or training.

Ok, but what if he is a felon? How would you know? The police can't ask the individual if they are legally prohibited from carrying a firearm. If the individual is breaking the law by threatening someone or shooting someone then the police can take action. So wait till you or your family members are threatened or shot before calling the police.

So, if I see a gang member walking around my neighborhood with loaded weapons I can't assume he is armed and dangerous? You can assume all you want. Governor Abbott gave everyone, including gang members, the right to carry loaded weapons. Bloods, Cripps, Aryan Brotherhood, Proud Boys, MS13 all have the right to carry a loaded weapon in public.

Well, at least they can't walk around carrying machetes. Actually that is not true. A few years ago Governor Abbott signed a bill to allow citizens to carry swords, knives, and machetes in the open. 

What idiots thought of this idea? You know the answer to that.

Welcome to Texas. Bitch.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Back to School! Back to the ER.

Thanks to Greg Abbott for his incredible leadership at our time of need. Good luck to all of our teachers, parents, and students. Let's hope your thoughts and prayers can overcome science and protect you, your family, and friends from spreading COVID.


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Group sues Texas Senator Ted Cruz for defamation of character


Austin Texas. After learning of Ted Cruz sending his children to a private $30,000/year school which requires masks for all students, teachers, and the administration, the following Texas organization has issued the following statement:

The State of Texas has a proud history of being a bunch of hypocrites including Christians claiming to endorse the "sanctity of marriage" yet have been married and remarried multiple times and politicians claiming to be Christians yet endorsing separating children from their parents. But no one, let us stress, no one is more of a Texas sized hypocrite than Ted Cruz. No one is more of a sniveling coward like Ted Cruz. His hypocrisy makes true hypocrites silly.

Because of this, the members of Society of Hypocrites of Texas (SHIT) have decided to file suit against Ted Cruz for defamation of character. The hypocrites of our state such as every Republican and most Christians are ashamed of his hypocrisy. It make our members look bad.

Let us be very clear. We are not going to take this shit from Ted Cruz.