Sunday, October 23, 2016

While the Republicans are groping for their moral compass....

You get the idea. It starts tomorrow, Oct 24th, in Texas. Go do it. Let's make history. Again.

Thanks Nyssa for the pic!

The modern day witch hunts by Trump and the Republican Party

The end of the tour of the Salem Witch Museum, in Salem Massachusetts, ends with a wall about modern day witch hunts. The museum could have added the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

In 1692 18 men and women were hung  and 1 was crushed to death after they were found guilty of witchcraft.  The Museum, although a tad cheesy, was well worth the $11 admission especially the discussion about modern day witch hunts. These hunts had an instigator, a trigger, and a target such as Hitler, WWII, and the Jews. Joe McCarthy is another example with members of Hollywood being the target as Communists.

Today Donald Trump and Republican Party have engaged in another modern day witch hunt with Trump using the economy to target immigrants. The Republican Party has used "family values" [sick] not [sic] to target the gay community.  Trump has also turned his foaming at the mouth supporters at the media claiming they have "rigged" the elections.

Maybe the wall of the Museum should add the Republican Party and Trump as another example of modern day witch hunts.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Desperate Devon duplicating Donald

The Harris County Republican Party has a new Trump slogan: When we go low, we go lower. Case in point Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson. From KPRC:

"When they get a liberal, pro-choice lesbian district attorney, I wonder how many cases they'll have problems with, with her," Anderson could be heard saying.

It's amazing what a 7 point deficit to your challenger can do to a candidate running under the Republican brand. As with most, Devon has chosen to dive down into charted waters that has worked in the past for other Republicans by attacking ones religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Unfortunately for Devon, her endorsed candidate for President, Donald Trump, has ruined that strategy for most down ballot candidates except for those running in deep, dark, bloodshot, red districts like CD36, Brian Babin. Devon isn't running in CD36.

Devon has yet to realize the office of District Attorney represents all citizens of Harris County, not just the white, straight, Christians. Devon, as with her entire party, should concede this election, take the time to blindly grope around the floor to find their moral compass and come back when they can act like human beings.

If they need to know how to grope, they can ask their leader.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Local Texas Congressman, Brian Babin, on Trump's "Nasty Women"

Sometimes a campaign manager needs to pull the candidate aside and say "Keep your *&^damn mouth shut". This is one of those cases. From CNN:

"I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she's being nasty," Babin replied. 

Babin is a Trump supporting Congressman from Texas. No surprises here. He has continued the work of his predecessor and one time Congressman, Steve Stockman. He seems to think his office is suppose to be a mouth piece for the alt-right doing nothing but claim the President is a Muslim, his policies have destroyed America, guns are going to be taken away....eventually, and every other white-wing conspiracy theory you can think of. All the while his constituents lose jobs from NASA facilities that  have relocated to Colorado, Florida, and Alabama. His hatred for Obama has overpowered his love for his district and for his job.

Lucky for Babin he lives in an iron clad, deep red, district created by the tea party bowel movement of 2010. Unfortunately for those of us in the district, Bitch will become Babin's new Black in 2017.

And we will continue to pay for his *&^damn mouth.

Eric Dick, the Houston Chronicle is on to you.

It really doesn't take much. From the Houston Chronicle:

Eric Dick, a Republican perennial candidate, did not articulate a coherent view of his goals for the department or the means by which he would reach these goals. He doesn't display the collaborative temperament necessary to serve on a board and improve it. His lack of consistency is also troubling. During the primary, he favored consolidating the department into the local independent school districts. At the most recent screening, his priority was abolishing Houston Independent School District.

Dick has run for a number of positions as a Republican and like his idol, Donald, he is a perfect Republican. Simple minded. Incoherent. Lacks temperament. And, like Trump, he can't help himself being a dick about everything. Literally.

One of these days he and his party will realize that running for office isn't a damn game. The Harris County Department of Education actually saves taxpayers money and assists districts to achieve their education goals. Dick's simple minded "I'm running to abolish the position" might be catchy but it is simply wrong. And it's probably something he didn't mention to the Houston Chronicle screening board.

Dick ought to stick to suing insurance companies.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump wins the coveted endorsement of the Waxahachie Daily Light (Circulation 4,787)

No Place but Texas. Literally. From the Waxahachie Daily Light:
Any other choice for President of the United States would be an irresponsible and dangerous one.
That was all I could stand or understand. The WDL serves Waxahachie Texas, population of about 33,000. The racial makeup of the city is 70.45% White, 17.10% African American, 0.76% Native American, 0.40% Asian, 9.33% from other races, and 1.96% from two or more races. Waxahachie is located about 30 miles south of Dallas. While the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star Telegram choose to endorse Hillary Clinton, as well as all major newspapers in Texas, the WDL stuck with Trump like a Texas sized love bug on the windshield of a pick em up truck.
Although we cannot endorse Trumps "grab her by the p***Y" remark, or his comments about Hispanics, Blacks, Gays, Jews, or making fun of the disabled, we believe he will be a sound, caring President for all white males.
Actually they didn't say that but I am sure they, like most Republicans, were thinking it. The WDL did say:
While Mr. Trump hasn’t always been the candidate we believe best represents the conservative movement in America, we do know that Hillary Clinton embodies the kind of risk this country can ill afford ... particularly given the damage of the last eight painful, destructive years.
As you know the last eight, painful, destructive years includes taking away 300 million guns, throwing our economy into a unemployment death spiral, jailing of those who exercise their 1st Amendment rights, persecuting those of the Christian faith, starting needless endless wars, and turning our streets into those of a 3rd world country with no running water, or bath soap.

Yep. This is Texas. We do things bigger in Texas. Like make shit up.

Harris County Republican Party dumps Trump

Donald Trump has become the leader of whiners and it is showing here in the 3rd largest county in the country with Trump supporters following his lead. From the Houston Chronicle:

"We have gotten no guidance," said Jeana Blackford, a local leader of pro-Trump activists. "I've been doing this for 30 years, and we've never seen this. It's absurd."

Not quite sure what kind of guidance they want. Should they target women to support the GOP, Groper of Pussies? Maybe campaign in Latino neighborhoods with "Build the Wall" signs? Attend a service at a Mosque? Attend fundraisers for the disabled? Pass out flyers at the Pride Parade? Or maybe target their base of dirty old white men? Which ever direction they take it will be pretty hard to get young women to the phonebank or knock on doors. (or Hispanics, or Muslims, or the parents of the disabled, or the Gay community. Or even the dirty old white men)

The Harris County Republican Party has been pretty quiet. Their website has no mention of their nominee for President, Donald Trump or any other candidate for that matter. Candidates for office have avoided Trump like a dirty diaper at a luncheon. In previous years the Chair would flood the internet  with "Keep Texas Dead", "Keep our bathrooms safe", and "Insert your catchy phrase here" emails. In dark, deep, red Clear Lake, there are few signs in support of Trump probably because they are afraid of the women who live in the very same household. Not even the local State Representative is proud enough of Donald Trump to place a sign in his yard. As with Harris County, Clear Lake is dead.

If the polls hold up there will be some interesting meetings following the election. Lots of finger pointing and probably fist flying. Remember this is the new face of the GOP, the WARTs. (White. Angry. Racist, Teabaggers)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A guide on how to vote illegally to "rig" the election against Trump

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to get ahead of the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump. According to Trump via CNN:
"Remember, we are competing in a rigged election," Trump said at a Wisconsin rally Monday night. "They even want to try and rig the election at the polling booths, where so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is all too common."
Most, if not all, Republican candidates are disputing his claims, especially since many of them are actually in charge of the voting process. The facts are pretty clear on voter fraud but as Homer Simpson says "Facts smacks. You can prove anything with facts." But just in case a non-American wants to help "rig" the election here is how you can do it.

  1. Cross the border. If necessary contact the Democratic Party to hop on board the Rigged Election Bus.
  2. Search the voting rolls for an active voter in the precinct/county you want to rig the election
  3. Get a fake ID at a flea market with the address and name of the active voter
  4. Vote in the election by providing your fake ID. Tell them the electronic strip does not work so they will look you up manually.
  5. Hope that the person you are imitating has not voted already. If that is the case, run.
  6. Vote then return to your country of origin.
According to Trump hundreds of illegal voters are being bused in by the Democratic Party. That is about as likely as Trump winning more than 1% of the African American vote. It just ain't happening. Only an idiot and Texas Governor Greg Abbott thinks it is actually happening.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This is the new Republican Party you belong to

I've said it before:
He is a WART. White. Angry. Racist. Teabagger. The GOP should look at the man in the mirror and criticize themselves for creating Trump.

For those who still consider themselves republicans, this is who you have become. It started back in 2009 with a sitting Congressman yelling "You Lie" at the President of the United States during a State of the Union Address. This wasn't conservative. This was disrespectful. Instead of escorting him out of the building, removing him from his committee assignments, and demanding a public apology the Republican Party condoned it. They encouraged it. They fed off of it.

It has been all downhill since. Questioning President Obama's citizenship, making racist comments towards Hispanics, Blacks, and every minority, making inappropriate comments towards women, and taking lying to a level never seen before. Then came Donald Trump who became a perfect representation of the current Republican Party.

This isn't the party of Reagan or Lincoln anymore. It isn't the party of Bush, or McCain or any sane Republican. This is the party of racism. The party of lies. The party of dishonesty. The party of misogyny. It is the party of deplorable filth who tolerate racism and those who lie just like they did in 2009.

This is the new face of the Republican Party. WARTs and all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stan Stanart taunts the US Court of Appeals on Voter ID

The Harris County County Clerk, Stan Stanart, supports a racist running for President and like Trump he is a jackass.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, a very conservative court, struck down the voter ID requirements that Stanart has adored and fought for many years.The full court ruled the requirement violated the Voting Rights Act making it harder to vote by many.

In previous elections a voter must be registered to vote and prove they lived at the location on their registration. A voter registration card, a form of ID, a utility bill were examples of proof. Stanart and his republican buddies decided a picture ID was required in order to fend off the millions of illegal voters that were throwing the elections their way. The fact that illegal voting actually exists is about a likely as Trump telling the truth for a full day. It ain't happening. But republicans, and Trump, don't fancy the truth. Or facts.

So Stanart still advertises on the County Website that a "Voter ID" is required, when in fact, a picture ID is NOT required to vote. Stanart is a jackass.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

She called Trump a racist on national TV and he did nothing

She "tells it like it is".

Last night in front of up to 100 million viewers Secretary Clinton called Donald Trump a racist and he just stood there. Just like a racist.

Let's don't sugar coat this any longer. Donald Trump tried to put the racist birther issue to bed last night and failed, "bigly". In 2011 he had the opportunity to quietly end the issue after the President provided his birth certificate, but he didn't and continued his racist attack on the President for another  5 years. In late 2016 he again had the opportunity to declare the President an American citizen and apologize. He chose not to. In return Hillary called him, to his face, exactly what he is. A racist. And the great loud mouth, bully just stood there and took it.

Just like the racist he is.

I'm done with this guy and anyone who supports him. If someone can support a racist like Trump, then maybe they too are racist. It is just that simple. There is no middle ground anymore. Secretary Clinton called Trump a racist on national TV and he had no defense.

Where will his racism take him? Who will he attack next? Latinos? Jews? Asian-Americans? Muslims?


Monday, September 26, 2016

Houston Chronicle sours on the Harris County Tea Party

The Harris County Tea Party lost three major endorsements from the Houston Chronicle.

From The Isiah Factor
Following in the footsteps of Donald Trump, the Harris County DA, Devon Anderson, Sheriff Ron Hickman, and Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan, have lost the endorsement of the Houston Chronicle. Unlike Trump who is was correctly described as "erratic temperament, his dodgy business practices, his racism, his Putin-like strongman inclinations and faux-populist demagoguery, his contempt for the rule of law, his ignorance" Anderson, Hickman, and Sullivan shouldn't be held to a bar that low although all have shortcomings enough to call for a change in leadership.

Anderson and Hickman turned the tide when they incorrectly blamed Black Lives Matter for contributing to the senseless death of a White deputy by a Black man. They used their joint press conference to jump to an incorrect and unsubstantiated conclusion to appease their predominantly and growing racist base. The horrible death of a law enforcement officer was made worse with a botched investigation. Both have many other deficiencies in their policies, their results, and their character which prompted a change in heart by the Chronicle. This was a contributing factor.

Sullivan, on the other hand, is a mystery. I'm not a political fan of Sullivan, but I give him some credit for some of his results. Some. The Chronicle focused on his opposition to making it easier to register to vote. That alone seems to disqualify Sullivan in the eyes of the Chronicle. They have a very good point.

Personally it bothers the hell out of me that Sullivan seemed to showboat in front of the TV cameras showing up at a local bakery to collect back taxes. It looked like an election stunt. It smelled like an election stunt and it probably was an election stunt. This is a job a Constable who could have easily and should have performed without staging the event with cameras rolling. Eitherway, he lost the endorsement of the Chronicle.

The Houston Chronicle has endorsed Kim Ogg for District Attorney, Ed Gonzales for Sheriff, and Ann Bennett for Tax Assessor. All are excellent choices.

No indictmet for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller

No Place But Texas.

We do things bigger in Texas. We have bigger idiots elected to office. Loud mouth, racist, assholes. That is Sid Miller. Miller enjoys posting anti-Muslim statements on social media. He enjoys making racist comments towards our President. He enjoys rubbing it in our face by appointing Ted Nugent as his treasurer. Sid Miller is a Texas sized asshole. He will be lucky to get an endorsement from the Waco Tribune in the future. (But don't be surprised if the Waco Tribune endorses him)

Recently he got lucky with the Texas Department of Public Safety refusing to file charges for Miller spending tax dollars for a "Jesus shot". From the Austin Statesman:

Miller reimbursed the state more than $1,000. He declined to say whether he got the injection.

The memo says Miller returned an additional nearly $500 since. It also says he calls the cost of the trips “relatively small” and says Texas has been refunded “all the money.”

Yes he returned the money AFTER he got caught. For that no charges will be filed. It is the same treatment any everyday citizen of Texas should expect if they robbed a bank and returned the money after being caught. Yeah. Go try that.

Maybe Miller did something more illegal by hiding his spending behind a credit card. From a previous post:
Miller has been dogged by this use of tax payers money for personal trips and possibly for using his campaign money for the same. He will soon have to explain the $34,000 paid to Marriott VISA. Hopefully he did not charge his expenses to his credit card then took the receipts to the Comptrollers Office for reimbursement. That could be a felony. He might want to talk with former State Representative Joe Driver about that.

Lucky for Miller Texas republicans are a basket of deplorables. He would get elected if even if he is a loud mouth, racist, asshole. And he is.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A media's guide. How Donald Trump can win the debate.

Is there hope for the media? Probably not.

It's pretty clear the media has set the bar below sea level for Donald Trump's performance on Monday at the first of three scheduled debates. For almost a year they've given Trump unlimited free coverage for his many political screw ups as if it deserved to be considered news or presidential.

They created the monster and have set the bar at  a historic low to continue to provide cover for their screw up. He will not be held to a Clinton standard or a standard for anyone running for even the office of Animal Control Commissioner in Dupont County.  According to the media here is what Trump must do to win the debate:

Don't faint. Seriously, just stay awake for 90 minutes on the stage. Don't hyperventilate because you lack the knowledge on key issues such as the Constitution, the Legislation process, the separation of powers, foreign affairs (not your own), the economy, race relations, math, or common sense.

Don't lose control of your bodily functions. You will have to come out from behind the podium eventually and microphones will pick up any uncontrolled body functions. Go to the bathroom before taking the stage.

Don't lose your cool. Hillary Clinton will run circles around you when it comes to intelligence and issues that candidates for President should be knowledgeable of. When it comes to these issues you are as dumb as a bag of shiny rocks. Remember, you are not the sharpest bowling ball in the tool shed. Act like one and don't lose your cool.

Be yourself. You are an asshole. Act like one. It has worked for you in the primaries. It will work for you in the debates. Give us the opportunity to praise you for being exactly what you are. An asshole.

So there you have it. The bar has been set for you to win. Don't faint. Don't fart. Don't get flustered. And most of all be yourself, an asshole. You will be the media's winner of the debate.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Texas Bathroom bill. What the hell do you have to lose?

Texas has become a basket full of ignorance following a basket of full of deplorables such as Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick. In 2017 they intend to pass a North Carolina style bathroom bill, one that would be embraced by the ignorant and denounced by the business community. What the hell do you have to lose? A lot.

NCAA Final Four. San Antonio will be hosting the 2018 Final Four. The NCAA has been very clear with North Carolina and their HB2 and has pulled the ACC football championship from their neutral site. Expect the Final Four to be moved from San Antonio. The economic impact is $75 Million.

NCAA FCS Football Championship. Frisco is scheduled to host the championship game through 2020. There are many states that would love to have this game. Frisco's venue is great! The event is top notch. I have been twice. Expect it to be moved. The economic impact is $6.5 million.

NCAA Texas/Oklahoma game. This is a yearly event with Arlington hosting it as a neutral site. Expect the NCAA to move it to another neutral site.

NCAA Texas A&M/Arkansas game. Jerry Jones might want to get on the phone and talk with his buddy Abbott because this game is gone too.

NCAA BCS Championship. Arlington played host to the 2015 playoff game. These games roam throughout the United States and other states would love to host the event. Texas will not host again. The economic impact was $10 Million.

NFL Super Bowl. Houston will host its 2nd Super Bowl in 2017. And their last. It's a great venue and one that will be lost in the Abbott/Patrick bathroom stall.

NBA All Star game. Houston has also hosted the NBA All Star game. Once again, it will be their last.

 Abbott and Patrick will be pushing hard to pass their coveted bathroom bill. And it will cost us.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Gilbert Pena. The stump of Texas House District 144.

At the very least you can sit on furniture. On the other hand a stump is usually to low to sit on and too high to mow over. It just gets in the way. That is State Representative Gilbert Pena.

Pena is running for re-election in House District 144 in the Pasadena area. It's a 49.7/50.3 Republican/Democrat district and is one of the few drawn by the Republican legislature that is competitive unlike neighboring HD129. In HD129 a Democrat couldn't win even if the incumbent State Representative was caught with a goat. It's just that dead red of a district. HD144 is at least competitive.

Unfortunately Pena has been nothing but a stump for HD144. He won the seat in 2014 against Mary Ann Perez by just a handful of votes. Gilbert hasn't raised much money, most from special interest groups. Of the $15,000 raised only $2670 is from individuals. He only has $13,000 cash on hand.

His record in the Legislature isn't much to brag about either. He authored 55 bills, 32 of them were of the kind of "Congratulating so and so for doing so and so". Of the remaining 23, only 2 were signed by the Governor. One "Expressing support for the placement of a monument to Lorenzo de Zavala on the grounds of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission building." and another  "Petitioning Congress to provide funding for repairs to the Battleship Texas." All the others never had a hearing or were left pending in committee.

Mary Ann is challenging him again this year. The residents of HD144 should do themselves a favor and have the stump removed.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is considering banning pre-dispute arbitration clauses.

It's time to put an end to the kangaroo courts. you have till Monday at midnight to submit comments on the subject. From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last year issued a detailed report on arbitration clauses, and it has proposed a rule covering many financial products and services — including bank accounts — that would bar arbitration requirements that preclude consumers from joining in class-action cases. 

You can submit comments online by Monday the 22nd at this link and the CFPB has published tips on submitting comments. All comments are public record. I submitted the following. Feel free to cut and paste if you agree. The New York Times also wrote an excellent article on the subject.

As a consumer activist in Texas, I have witnessed some of the worst abuses in mandatory binding arbitration especially with the home building industry. I understand the home builders will not be affected by this regulation but the experiences and abuses are relevant nevertheless. I am in favor for the following reasons:

1) Not one individual, attorney, or anyone commenting on this regulation can claim arbitration is faster, cheaper, or better than our time honored court system because at the time of signing the agreement no one knows the details of the future dispute. How can anyone defend arbitration when they do not know how much the dispute is about? It is literally impossible to do so. As we have learned here in Texas the rules of arbitration can vary based upon the monetary value of the dispute. Consumers expect their day in court and many believe their complaint will be heard by an arbitrator, someone they can talk to and present their case to. Unfortunately consumers are not aware that some arbitration companies will only have a "desk review" with documents provided through the mail. Others are not aware that the arbitration will be heard by multiple arbitrators and a substantial cost. At the time of signing the arbitration clause these details cannot be disclosed because the details of the future dispute is not known by either party.

2) Consumers are too ignorant to know what they are signing. As someone who has followed this issue for 2 decades I continue to learn new problems with arbitration by attending hearings and listening to attorneys. To this day I am still ignorant of the impacts of signing these agreements. The vast majority of consumers have absolutely know idea what arbitration only that it is suppose to be "faster, cheaper, and better" as claimed by the proponents of arbitration.

3) The use of mandatory arbitration is an abuse of not only the ignorant, but of the elderly. Many are not aware of the details and do not have the time to research.

4) The legal decision to opt for arbitration and/or mediation is a decision best left to an attorney. Most consumers do not know that the use of arbitration as an alternative to a civil trial has been mired in controversy for decades. A simple Google search results in pages of articles. They may incorrectly believe that arbitration is faster, better, and cheaper yet studies after studies show otherwise. Few consumers will understand they are giving up their rights to the 7th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States without first consulting with an attorney at the time of a dispute. The arbitration clauses are full of legal loopholes that an average consumer could not adequately understand. The selection of arbitration as an alternative to a civil trial is a legal decision that should not be made by consumers ignorant of the law and it’s consequences.

5) Arbitration and mediation are already available to consumers if they so choose. The right to arbitration and/or mediation is already available to the consumer and their attorney. If they have a dispute they can always opt for arbitration upon advice from their attorney. It is clear why industries want to have this abusive clause buried into a contract at the time of signing without knowing the details of the future dispute. The only reason is because they know this is abusive and will benefit themselves and is far from being fair.

6) As you are aware the choice of arbitration has been removed by the industry. Since most every organization has this mandatory clause, there is no longer a choice. Consumers can not simply go to a different vendor. Much like the home building industry most every builder has the clause. Buyers must give up their American Constitutional rights in order to by the American dream.

7) We pay taxes for our court system. We should have the right to use that system when a dispute arises. This is truly taxation without representation.

8) The consumer will always be at a financial disadvantage to the corporations. They have enough money to fight consumers every step of the way. They corporations do not need any more help by allowing arbitration clauses.

9) Most consumers are not aware that the right to a trial is protected by the 7th Amendment of the Constitution. If they had a choice at signing they would NEVER give this right up.

10) Realize that in the mid-90's the auto dealers lobbied congress to ban the use of mandatory arbitraition between auto dealers and auto manufacturers because it was not fair to the dealers. Unfortunately the dealers have left the clause in the consumer contract. The CFPB should review this and rule accordingly. If it is good enough for the dealers it should be good enough for the consumers.

I urge you to pass this regulation and ban the use of mandatory arbitration.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

In Texas Trump locks down the old white vote

Jill "Franken" Stein still hovers under 2%.

The polling results issued by Public Policy Polling showing Donald Trump being trounced even in Texas means only one thing: There is room for growth for the Trump campaign.

As expected Trump has secured the old white vote by 63-33 but loses the young vote by 60-35. Lucky for Trump the "millennials" are too busy planning their next rally instead of registering to vote while the old white folks are driving around town looking for a polling station even when there isn't an election.

Trump has clearly lost the non-white vote by a whopping 73-21 points which means we have 21% of non-white voters with their heads up their butts. 27% of Texas Hispanics join the 21%. That is 7 points above the national polling which is embarrassing. I've got a pretty low opinion of the 27%. Actually I have a pretty low opinion of anyone who would support Trump for President:
Trump has to be the worst candidate to run for President of the United States in the history of the country. He has no experience in government and can't remember what he learned in high school.  He has no experience in the legislation process. He has no experience in foreign affairs. He has no experience with the military. He has little common sense when it comes to social issues.

And he has limited knowledge of the Constitution, something that would benefit a President when running the Government, and dealing with the legislation process, foreign affairs, use of the military, and social issues. And yet 19% of Hispanics still support Trump.
The polling pretty much confirms that the typical Trump voter is ignorant or just plain Palin stupid. I would lean towards Palin stupid. They would believe anything. Seriously.
More specifically 40% of Trump voters think that ACORN, which hasn't existed in years, will steal the election for Clinton to only 20% who don't think it will, and only 20% who are unsure.  

40% of Texas Trump supporters still believe in ACORN. Yes ACORN. As the saying goes those Texas nuts don't fall far from the forest they can't see for the trees. You can read the entire polling results here.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Local Congressman Brian Babin endorses Donald Trump?

It's not easy getting an answer from Babin.

Brian Babin replaced the right wing, rabid dog, Steve Stockman in CD 36 although he uses his newsletters to bash the President as much as Stockman did. Maybe that is one of the reasons his constituents at NASA have been getting the short end of the stick, losing integration facilities, training facilities, and even one of the three shuttles. But securing and protecting those facilities and jobs would have required bipartisan support from the POTUS and  those who question his birthright. That didn't happen and it probably wont happen in the future.

Babin and his local buddies, Congressman Pete Olson, and Congressman Randy Weber are pretty much Teabag buddies. They have no idea what "bipartisan" means. They have worked hard to alienate their districts from Washington and so we lose out.

So far I have not heard back from either Congressman on whether they are endorsing Donald Trump. I think it is a safe bet that they will be glad to stand on stage with him when he comes to Texas. Trump will probably have rallies here for a number of reasons. 1) He doesn't realize that he doesn't need to come here. Texas is teabag country. No need to waste campaign money here. 2) It's becoming obvious every time he opens his pie hole that he needs to come here to protect Teabag country.

I'll keep waiting for a response from the three stooges. Until then put them down as endorsing the WART of the GOP. (White. Angry. Racist. Teabagger)

Friday, August 05, 2016

Can you trust Trump with your kids?

Michael J. Morell former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2010 to 2013, skewed Donald Trump in an OP-ED in the New York Times "I ran the CIA now I'm Endorsing Hillary Clinton"

Donald J. Trump is not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security....Mr. Trump has no experience on national security. Even more important, the character traits he has exhibited during the primary season suggest he would be a poor, even dangerous, commander in chief.

Trusting Trump with national security as Commander in Chief is like trusting a convicted child molester with the keys to a daycare. It's simply is not a sane idea. But even if you were comfortable with handing the launch codes to a thinned skinned tweeter in chief how about handing the security of your own personal life to him?

Are you comfortable with handing over your retirement account? (if you even have one) Or better yet, how about handing over your parents retirement account to Trump? Or your neighbors? Or your friends? Are you comfortable with handing over your family's health care insurance to someone who is so rich he doesn't need insurance?

The list could go on and on, health care, education, the economy, national security, civil rights, race relations, immigration, environmental protection, etc etc. Trump isn't mentally fit to be President. He's probably not even mentally fit.

Trump's base of low information, flatheaded, knuckle draggers, can't think past "he tells it like it is". Many of his own party members in the House and Senate have given up on him putting country before party, but then again there is Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain.

Maybe Ryan and McCain are no longer fit to serve.

Monday, August 01, 2016

A vote for Jill Stein is not a wasted vote.....

Remember, there is no I in voting.

A vote for Jill Stein, the Green Party Presidential nominee, is not a wasted vote. It's much worse.

The voting process isn't for self gratification. Voting is for us, as in "US", our country. You vote to make a decision on the best candidate to protect you, your family, your friends and your country. You may not like your vote, but this is not a game. This isn't voting for the Jr/Sr Prom queen or king. This is a serious obligation.

There is one certain outcome of this election: Stein will not be President. So your vote for her is a vote against everything you stand for. Your vote could deny healthcare to millions of Americans. Your vote is against your friends who are disabled and against their parents who care for them. It's a vote against fixing our broken campaign finance laws. Your vote will be against your friends and family members in the gay community. Your vote will solidify and justify the hate towards our fellow Muslim Americans. Your vote will be against our fellow human beings, the immigrants in our country.

Your vote will be against everything you morally stand and fight for. With Trump as President the changes to your country could last for decades, possibly longer then your lifetime. Your vote will be one for the history books, one you can carry to your last day, and one that will affect millions.

Our candidate isn't perfect. No candidate is. An election is always about choosing the best of the candidates that have a chance to win. Stein isn't winning. The choice is clear. This election should not be about you waking up in the closet after election day hoping to God your vote did not contribute to the betrayal of your family, friends, and country.

So if you must hold your nose when voting, do so. But do so because you must.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 1&2 of the GOP Hatefest

WARTs. They are White. Angry. Racist. Teabaggers. They are the new face of the party of Lincoln and Reagan. Both would be embarrassed. I'm embarrassed for my real Republican friends.

On the first day of the RNC Hatefest it took only a few hours before they called Secretary Clinton a bitch. It went downhill from there with speaker after speaker spewing their hatred towards Clinton and every non-white person in the audience. They were even able to politicize the opening prayer. Lets highlight the low points. (There are too many for this post.)

Scott Baio. The first night was a "Who's Who of Who the hell is that?" night. Scott Baio is an unemployed actor best known as Chachi of Happy Days which ran in the mid 70's. Before taking the GOP stage as a keynote speaker he called Secretary Clinton the C word. It just doesnt get any worse than this. As someone tweeted "Try calling someone's mother a C*** to their face and see how many teeth you have left."

Antonio Sabato, Jr. Another out of work actor spewed enough hate calling Obama a Muslim and claiming he is "on the other side". Listen here.

Rudy Guilliani. They man may need a new set of meds. Calling for a White America. His speech was only missing foaming at the mouth. He reminded me of the old man in the 1984 commercial.

Ben Carson. Compared Secretary Clinton to lucifer. Seriously. lucifer. The brain surgeon has lost part of his brain, the part that regulates common sense and decency.

Chris Christie. Christie has a bone to pick (after he sucked the last morsel of meat off of it) After being snubbed as the Vice President pick he took his vengeance out on Secretary Clinton. He churned up the hate in the convention with chants of "Jail her" leaving the delegates foaming at the mouth with pure hatred for Clinton.

Lou Holtze. He was the coach of the Fightin' Irish yet had the balls to say “I don’t want to celebrate your holidays, I sure as hell don’t want to cheer for your soccer team,”. I guess he doesn't celebrate St Patrick's Day and Ireland doesn't play soccer or rugby.

The Delegates. They truly are WARTs on the face of the new GOP. I dont think there is a single Reagan Republican left in the party. They have been replaced with unhinged delegates ready to unleash their pent up hatred for Clinton,  immigrants, non-Christians, Muslims, Gays, Teachers, Civil Service employees, Blacks, and other non-WARTs. This is a scary bunch of people and I hope they do not represent the majority of voting Americans.

Day 3 and 4 will unleash more hate.

Friday, July 15, 2016

19% of Hispanics support the #TrumpTrainWreck

I'm embarrassed. According to a survey by Univision:
The former secretary of state holds 67% of the intended vote among Hispanic registered voters nationwide, while Trump has 19%...

19%!!!! Trump's mean spirited and unconstitutional approach to immigration  has as much chance of becoming law as Sander's call for a single payer healthcare system. It isn't going to happen but it won't stop him from fanning the flames of hatred towards immigrants, those who look like Hispanics, much like Hitler did towards Jews. And gays. Blacks. Non-Christians. The disabled. You get the point.  Yet 19% of Hispanics, targeted by Trump, still support Trump.

Trump has to be the worst candidate to run for President of the United States in the history of the country. He has no experience in government and can't remember what he learned in high school.  He has no experience in the legislation process. He has no experience in foreign affairs. He has no experience with the military. He has little common sense when it comes to social issues.

And he has limited knowledge of the Constitution, something that would benefit a President when running the Government, and dealing with the legislation process, foreign affairs, use of the military, and social issues. And yet 19% of Hispanics still support Trump.

Luckily Hispanics, as a whole, do not vote and hopefully the 19% are too stupid to realize they have to register and actually take time to go vote.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Recap of the TX Dept of Insurance hearing on Arbitration

It's worse than you think.

Yesterday the Texas Dept of Insurance conducted a "discussion" concerning the use of mandatory binding arbitration clauses in home insurance contracts. In my opinion the consumers of Texas won the discussion but the decision will not be made any time soon.

Farm Bureau insurance has asked TDI to allow them to offer a mandatory binding arbitration clause that would require policy holders to take their claims to a private justice system instead of a civil court as guaranteed by the 7th amendment of the Constitution. In exchange the policy holder would receive a discount in their premium.

Key points
There was about 7 hours of discussion in a very crowded room. Here are some key points. 
  • The industry tried to pass legislation last session to allow them to use arbitration but the bills failed. Now they are trying an end around hoping the Commissioner will bite. 
  • The representative from The Center for Economic Justice claimed the arbitration clause to be used by Farm Bureau was discriminatory against Hispanics in the counties of south Texas. He seemed to have data to prove his claims. 
  • The main concern was that most consumers do not understand exactly what they are signing. After listening to the entire day of testimony I am convinced that consumers have absolutely no idea what they are agreeing to. There are enough loopholes in the example language submitted by Farm Bureau to confuse the vast majority of consumers and even some attorneys.
  • The other concerns about arbitration was discussed including the hidden costs, the secrecy of the proceedings, the bias of the arbitrators, and the fact that arbitration has been mired in controversy for decades. (Do a google search!)
  • As with the home builders, the insurance industry claimed arbitration was "overly" fair which drew a chuckle. They claimed it was faster, better, cheaper but gave no supportting evidence. 
  • The president of Conflict Solutions of Texas, the arbitration firm that would benefit from adoption of this clause and selected by Farm Bureau was in favor of the clause. Imagine that. 
  • No consumers voiced their support for the arbitration clause. 
  • Consumers voiced their opinions against arbitration. 
  • Consumers urged TDI to focus their resources on lowering premiums instead of auctioning off our Constitutional rights. 
  • Many attorneys believe TDI does not have the authority to allow one company to offer this change. It would require a rule change which requires a different process. 

For the consumers
Consumers of Texas have a very respectable organization fighting to protect them from consumer scams like Arbitration, that being Texas Watch. Texas Watch is the premier consumer organization in Texas and did a great job in presenting the case against the arbitration clause.

There were only 4 consumers who spoke but were powerful because they paid the bills, would be most affected by the change, and could speak from a consumer perspective. Other consumer organizations included Home Owners for Better Building represented by Janet Ahmad who is well versed in the abuse of arbitration by the home building industry. Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Center for Economic Justice, Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, Policyholders of Texas and a group representing attorney who represents both sides. All were opposed to the arbitration clause for many reasons.

For the insurance industry
Those in favor of the arbitration clause included Farm Bureau, the company who instigated the change, a couple of insurance company attorneys, a front group for the insurance industry the Texas Coalition for Affordable Insuranc Solutions and the President of Conflict Solutions of Texas.  Conflict Solutions is the arbitration firm Farm Bureau would use if allowed.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Trump's plan for Social Security via AARP

AARP invited the candidates for president to discuss their positions on Social Security. Trump's comments were about as common sense as a plan to require workers to wear extra long ties in a fan manufacturing company. You can read the entire response here. Let me summarize his plan:

What will you do to make Social Security financially sound for future generations?
  • Create an economy that is robust and growing
  • Tax breaks for corporations
  • Tax breaks for millionaires
  • Repeal Dodd-Frank and the Affordable Care Act
  • Reduce the size of the federal workforce
  • Immigration reform

What specific plans do you have to ensure that Social Security provides adequate benefits to meet the needs of future retirees?
  • As was stated above, I will work with Congress to ensure we have a pro-growth agenda in place. 
Older Trump supporters should be very relieved. :)

Farm Bureau changes their position on arbitration in home insurance contracts

You can't make this stuff up. (and I didn't)

Yesterday the Texas Department of Insurance Companies issued a revised "example" language by the Farm Bureau concerning their proposed use of mandatory binding arbitration in their home contracts. Today that revision is gone.

According to the example language provided by Farm Bureau, in exchange for a discount on a homeowners premium, Farm Bureau will pick the arbitration firm, the terms of the arbitration, and will limit discovery. This is what Texas Watch has called a Kangaroo Court. Previously the example had only Conflict Solutions of Texas as their arbitration company of choice. Yesterday they added the grand daddy of all arbitration companies, the American Arbitration Association. Today the AAA have been removed.

In the words of Donald Trump "What the hell is going on?".

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is behind the hearing and use of arbitration. Consumers did not request this change, they are too ignorant on the issue. The consumer organizations did not request this change, they are too educated on the issue. The insurance industry is the only organization that will benefit from the use of this option.

And now just days before the hearing they are changing their proposed language. As we have seen in the home building industry what they say is only valid on the day they say it. If you don't like it, wait for tomorrow.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hearing on the use of Arbitration with the Texas Department of Insurance Companies

Texas insurance companies have asked the Texas Department of Insurance to allow them to entice consumers with mandatory binding arbitration in exchange for a discount on their premiums. Instead of focusing their limited resources on lowering record high premiums for homeowners, the TDI will  focus on helping the insurance industry prey upon consumers looking for a break.

Selecting an alternative dispute resolution is a legal matter and should be performed only after consulting with an attorney. Consumers should not make this decision and the TDI should not allow the industry to prey upon those who are looking for a reduction in premiums.

From the TDI:

Docket No. 2788 - Notice of Public Meeting 

Location: William P. Hobby Jr. State Office Building  
333 Guadalupe, Room 100 
Austin, TX
July 06, 2016 
9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
The commissioner of insurance will hold a public meeting to receive written and oral comments relating to mandatory mediation-arbitration endorsements. The endorsement would be attached to a homeowners policy at the policyholder's option, with a premium discount.
If you wish to provide written comments, please provide two copies no later than 5 p.m., Central time, July 6, 2016. Send one copy by email to, or by mail to the Texas Department of Insurance, Office of the Chief Clerk, Mail Code 113-2A, P.O. Box 149104, Austin, Texas 78714-9104. Send the other copy to Marilyn Hamilton by email at, or by mail to the Texas Department of Insurance, Property and Casualty Lines Office, Mail Code 104-PC, P.O. Box 149104, Austin, Texas 78714-9104.

Indicates that event is scheduled to be available by a live broadcast Link to Live Webcast [Link to audio will be live shortly before the meeting begins.].

For more information contact:

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spending Campaign Cash: Donald Trump

Thanks for the tip Joseph!

I've written a number of times about Spending Campaign Cash for Texas elected officials. I've found officials who spent their donors money on $1500 boots, cows (really), gas for their own business, mattresses, authentic western wear, antique books, and more. It was an eye opener. Now lets look at what Donald Trump has spent his donors money on.

After looking at the list below, you have to be an incredible idiot to give this man any money. He spent over $200,000 on his "Make America White Again" hats and nearly $700,000 on tshirts, mugs and sticker. Campaign 101 says hats, tshirts, and crap like that are loser buys. He has spent over a $1Million on air travel to battle ground states like California [sic]. Well wasted money on a state he will never win.

Maybe he needs to spend a bit more than $5000 on signs. After all, signs win elections. Big donors look at this crap. They want to make sure their money will be used appropriately or they will quit giving money.

AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   135,363.04
BANK FEES   1,400.00
BROADBAND SERVICES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   5,410.02
BUS RENTAL [AMEX: SB23.599732]   17,394.00
CATERING SERVICES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   2,260.85
COLLATERAL: HATS   207,868.13
COLLATERAL: SIGNS [AMEX: SB23.599732]   5,093.55
DELIVERY SERVICES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   21,473.95
EQUIPMENT RENTAL [AMEX: SB23.599732]   44,212.94
EVENT ENTRY FEE   22,225.00
EVENT ENTRY FEE [AMEX: SB23.599732]   3,500.00
EVENT STAGING EXPENSE [AMEX: SB23.599732]   9,445.65
FACILITY RENTAL   265,358.70
FACILITY RENTAL [AMEX: SB23.599732]   42,426.42
IN-KIND: PAYROLL   10,594.90
INSURANCE   54,750.00
LEGAL CONSULTING [AMEX: SB23.599732]   868.85
LICENSING FEES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   5,425.00
MARKETING SERVICES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   1,592.91
MEETING EXPENSE: MEALS [AMEX: SB23.599732]   632.64
MERCHANT FEES   108,643.69
OFFICE SUPPLIES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   18,988.71
OFFICE SUPPLIES [LOCETTA: SB23.600220]   568.31
ONLINE ADVERTISING [AMEX: SB23.599732]   79,717.60
PAYROLL   346,614.68
PLACED MEDIA   150,000.00
PRINTING & DESIGN SERVICES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   23,587.92
REFUND: OFFICE SUPPLIES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   -348.00
REFUND: TRAVEL: AIR [AMEX: SB23.599732]   -8,550.62
REFUND: TRAVEL: LODGING [AMEX: SB23.599732]   -8,007.28
RENT   19,600.00
SECURITY SERVICES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   600.00
SOFTWARE [AMEX: SB23.599732]   22,721.29
STORAGE SERVICES [AMEX: SB23.599732]   1,199.77
TRAVEL: AIR   838,774.65
TRAVEL: AIR [AMEX: SB23.599732]   129,420.64
TRAVEL: AIR [MATEJOV: SB23.600223   595.00
TRAVEL: AIR [TRUMP JR: SB23.600239]   3,085.50
TRAVEL: AIR [TRUMP, ERIC: SB23.600241]   7,890.44
TRAVEL: AIR [TRUMP, ERIC: SB23.600242]   2,155.50
TRAVEL: CAR RENTAL [AMEX: SB23.599732]   97,065.39
TRAVEL: CAR RENTAL [MCDANIEL: SB23.600226]   347.17
TRAVEL: CAR RENTAL [PUGHE: SB23.600232]   679.78
TRAVEL: LODGING [AMEX: SB23.599732]   249,932.87
TRAVEL: LODGING [TRUMP, ERIC: SB23.600242]   782.00
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [COOK: SB23.600200]   206.43
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [FOX: SB23.600206]   4,269.45
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [GALDES: SB23.600207]   294.52
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [KEATING: SB23.600213]   3,133.75
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [KOBACH: SB23.600218]   299.00
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [LLOYD: SB23.600219]   1,626.10
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [LOCETTA: SB23.600220]   512.41
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [PLAYFORTH: SB23.600229]   819.44
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [PUGHE: SB23.600232]   784.70
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [SMITH:SB23.600235]   2,528.91
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [WALTERS:SB23.600243]   888.85
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [WISENBAKER: SB23.600247]   255.94
TRAVEL: MILEAGE [WOLLET: SB23.600249]   648.11
TRAVEL: RAIL [AMEX: SB23.599732]   5,696.00
UTILITIES   367.48
WEB ADVERTISING [AMEX: SB23.599732]   35,000.00